Russian Finance Ministry

258 of the Code, according to the Ministry of Finance (letter of 02/09/2009, the 03-03-06/2/18), rules of depreciation of 10% of the tenant not distributed. Speaking of work to restore the leased premises, you must pay attention to the position of the Russian Finance Ministry, which appeared late last year, which deals with repairs of premises leased from individuals and entrepreneurs. According to Russian Ministry of Finance (letter dated August 12, 2008 03-03-06/1/462) the cost of repair of non-residential premises rented by a private entrepreneur may not take into account the costs for tax purposes, income organizations, due to the fact that the fixed assets owned by individual entrepreneurs, not related to depreciable fixed assets. This position is quite controversial, since the adoption of costs in order to calculate the income tax is necessary, first of all economic justification (ie, the fact of using the premises for business purposes) and the documentary evidence (ie, a contract (Registered in the prescribed manner, if necessary), the act of reception and transmission facilities, acts, or other original documents on which the expenses are accounted for). In this case the Tax Code status of the counterparty does not set as a criterion for the recognition of expenses for tax accounting.

However, because this position is the case, organizations need to be prepared for disputes with tax authorities during the tax control measures. Speaking on the costs of restoration, plant and equipment, we can not dwell on documenting expenses. The need for paperwork proving the conduct of repair work and, above all, the punch list indicated in paragraph 69 of the Guidelines for Accounting of fixed assets, approved by Order of the Ministry of Finance from 13.10.2003 91n (as amended on 27.11.2006).

Benjamin Art

Benjamin in ' ' The work of art in the age of its reprodutibilidade tcnica' ' I distinguished the art between its ' ' value of culto' ' its ' ' value of exposio' '. For such Benjamin analysis it uses the aura concept, that stops it is the absolute singularity of a being. For Benjamin the decline of the aura if must ' ' diffusion and increasing intensity of the movements of the masses modernas' '. For it the work of art has in the authenticity ties to intern between its unit and its durability to it, and the modern masses desire that the things are ' ' more prximas' ' therefore wants ' ' to surpass the only character of all the facts by means of its reprodutibilidade' '. The art was created to become the holy ghost next and imanente, religious origin, giving it aurtica quality. Such quality remained same later that it left of being part of the religion. Its critical ' ' gira' ' around the new modality of if reproducing art, ' ' the reproduction technique, that allows the existence of the artistic object in series and that in certain cases as the photograph, the record and the cinema it becomes impossible to distinguish original and cpia' ' , on the other hand art considered this way them of reproduction a form of that more people have access it. It wanted the democratization of the culture, of form if to use of the medias criticizes to allow it would revolutionize. If the aura ' ' it is the absolute singularity of a being – natural or artistic -, its condition of unit nico' ' if it loses from the moment that the workmanships had obeyed the rules of the capitalist market, being thus, do not possess democratizador character. The capitalism took the work of art if to become merchandise, a distraction and a leisure for lucrative ends, taking the workmanship the loss of the aura.

Country Travel

Belgium – country of the Kingdom, located in the western part of Europe. The main and most of the population are Flemish and Walloons. Belgium is divided into three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. It was officially adopted bilingualism of the country and flomandskoyazychnogo frantsuzoyazychnogo population, but only in Brussels. The remaining nationalities such as German-speaking (eg 1%), guaranteed by law authorities. The form of governance in Belgium – constitutional monarchy. Belgium is one of the largest manufacturers of metal products and textiles in Europe.

Antwerp – the world center of diamond trade. Yet it is called the diamond capital of Europe. It is a city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, as well as the economic center of world importance. Antwerp port – the second largest port in Europe. The population of Belgium is about 11 million people. Cultural life concentrated within the linguistic communities and diasporas. In Belgium, there is no nation-wide television, newspapers and other media. Belgium is famous for its cuisine.

There are several gourmet the kitchen, brought in a very prestigious and influential gastronomic guide Michelin Guide. Belgian food, as well as Belgium itself is a mixture of Germanic and Latin influences. The Belgians have earned a reputation fans of wafers and chips. Besides the beautiful buildings and many museums, you will be pleasantly surprised by the national delicacy – hot corrugated, special Belgian waffles. Also country is famous for its production of beer, which has more than 500 brands. Some of them are already in 400-500 years. It is widely known throughout the world marks the Belgian chocolate and pralines (chocolates with fillings species), such as Callebaut, Cote d'Or, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Guylian, and Godiva. The main souvenir, exported from Belgium is the chocolate, the tourists are trying to take him in huge amounts. Still it is possible to buy and bring back a souvenir fondue. This is a special utensils to melt chocolate, but it can dip fruit, cheese, cookies. It is also famous for Belgium and for its carpets. The most prestigious and high-quality carpets in the world are from Iran, Belgium and Turkey. Another wonderful souvenir of a long memory can become famous Belgian lace world-famous and unique Belgian tapestries. They are sold in every corner of Belgium. Coffee and chocolate masterpieces are born in Belgium in Antwerp and Belgium are the symbol of impeccable quality, as well as masterpieces of art and diamonds. Belgium faithfully remembers founder Francis Rombouts. Rombouts Coffee Company is one of the symbols of Belgium. Head office and factory in roasting coffee company located in Antwerp Rombouts. In This company has been operating for four generations of family Rombouts. For a unique taste of coffee and excellent quality products, the company received the highest award Rombouts – the title of Official Purveyor to the Court of His Majesty the King of the Belgians and special emblem. Belgium became a country of one of the founders of the European Union. In Brussels, the headquarters of NATO and European Union government. Tourism in Belgium is quite popular. The largest share of tourists in Belgian tourists are coming to the location of countries. This is mainly France, Germany, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands and other countries. On the cultural history of the Belgian tourists can tell you more Bruges Ghent and Antwerp. After a cold and prim British, French, heat and open the Dutch the Belgians at a party you least feel like a foreigner.

Droemer Knaur Verlag

An exciting German urban fantasy novel after the slightly different guides for the modern geek ‘ don’t worry, beam! -Better live with Star Wars and Star Trek’ by Andrea Bottlinger and Christian Humberg, debut novel Aeternum as of now Andrea Bottlinger’ available in the Droemer Knaur Verlag. The scene this urban fantasy novel is the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Content: Without any warning, the large square one day collapses leaving a huge crater, which reaches into the deepest catacombs of the capital. Not only the city leaders are mystified that parties warring for a long time the demons and angels can not explain, who could be responsible for the collapse. To find out, the young Mage Amanda, who is in the service of a demon, and the wingless Angels sent Jul beneath the Earth. While the two not only closer, they discover a secret that threatens the existence of our world…’ Info: During the Leipzig book fair she found Reading by Andrea Bottlinger to aeternum’ on the island of fantasy read great appeal. The writer Andrea Bottlinger has courage. “She not spills in her novel debut aeternum, her oddness, and right: can collapse the Alexanderplatz square and Alex, all at the same time intelligent dismantled the common image of God…” ( the book is now in printed form and as an eBook from April 2 in trading available. Book details: 576 pages, format: 19 x 13.5 x 4.2 cm ISBN – 10: 3426511797 ISBN-13: 978-3426511794 ASIN: B00AAAFWU8 paperback: 12.99 eBook: 10.99

President Dutra

The gotten values of the fretico level are compared with data of the monitoramento carried through during the period of February of 1980 until April of 1982 (War 1986). 1,4 DEGRADATION OF the WAY IN the REGION OF 1.4.1 IRECE Localization and Characterization of the Region microregion of Irec consists in the economic region n 11 of the state of the Bahia, and bes situated enters 1012? 1220? of South Latitude and 4120? 4317? of Longitude West, in the Northwest of the State, total inserted in the Half-barren one. Figure 01 – Source: I KNOW, 1996. The region bes situated in the State of the Bahia, the mesorregio Center-North of the territory of the State, called Microregion de Irec, codified with number 135, and meets inserted in the Chapada Northern Diamantina in the right edge of the Lake of Sobradinho. Geographically the georeferenciada localization points out the region of the campus in the central part of the State of the Bahia between the coordinates 956' 1228' of south latitude and 4047' 4253' of longitude west enclosing the cities of Irec? city headquarters – Golden America, Bar of the Mendes, You sprout of Macabas, Heathen of the Gold, Ibipeba, Ibitit, Ipupiara, Itaguau of the Bahia, Golden Joo, Jussara, Lapo, Are Gabriel, Xique-Xique, High Adobe, Cafarnaun, Canarana, Central office, President Dutra, and Uiba, which is, total or, partially inserted in the hidrogrficas basins of the rivers Green and Alligator. The rivers Green and Alligator are affluent of the right edge of the river San Francisco, being that its hidrogrficas basins enclose in its totality, the Sanfranciscana Depression, Plateau of Irec and the Chapada Diamantina, corresponding to a 18,150 surface of approximately km (Bahia, 1995). Figure 02 – Source: Committee of Basin Hidrogrfica of the Rivers Green and Jacar (CBHVJ). Having as reference the capital of the State, Salvador, reaches Irec for the BR-324 until the city of Fair of Santana, following for highways BA-052 (Road of the Beans).


YARACUY Yaracuy derives its name from the voices “Yara-Yarai” which America’s source means “water grab” and Cui-Cu-i “,” over there “so Yaracuy means TAKE AWAY FROM WATER. The previews Yaracuy written history begins in 1530, over German Nicolas Federman, Weltz lieutenant governor. In relation to the jurisdiction belzaresca trip, called it a Valle de Las Damas, because the Indians found that they are beautiful and slender. During the colonial period, consisted showtimes of the Province of Caracas. The Constitution of 1811, I link to Barquisimeto, in the constitution adopted on June 23, 1824 is awarded to the Province of Carabobo by the May 29, 1832 went back to the province of Barquisimeto on 15 March 1855, was first given as PERSONERIA own Yaracuy Province, composed of the counties of San tickets. Felipe, Yaritagua and Nirgua capital Dominica San Felipe, was the second national entity to be identified by the name of state with the advent of the Federal War and this in 1859, but officially it is only with the triumph of the revolution den 1864. By filing the Plenipotentiary Conference of 1879 the State reduction step to integrate the State with North West and Flacon Barquisimeto, but this came only territorial division until 1881 that became known Gran Estado Lara, Barquisimeto subdivided into sections and Section Yaracuy. In the early 1892’s recovery to lose their autonomy 28 December of that same Visit Movie year, in which I will rejoin Barquisimeto. On April 22, 1899, the Congress resolves for movie information twenty federal states, which include the State Yaracuy incorporandosele Nirgua locality, which then belonged to Carabobo since then there have been more changes and Yaracuy enjoys full autonomy. The stocks that make up the Yaracuy are: SAN FELIPE MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY Bol var Municipality AR STIDES BASTIDAS BRUZUAL INDEPENDENCE MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY Cocorote Jos Antonio P ez MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY OF TRINIDAD MANUEL MONGE Nirgua MUNICIPALITY SUCRE PE A MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY MUNICIPALITY Urachiche VEROES Cultural diversity is present in the Earth Magica Yaracuyana CUSTOMS The population has very simple and ingenious ways, from its picturesque dialect in everyday life to the popular games.


When a consulting one is put under a distance of letters of the tarot, often the tarotista asks to himYou want to know everything? , with the intention to hide to him to the misfortunes, if something very negative exposed in the distance. They allow the consulting one to choose, itself it is going to receive the good news, or if it is preparation to see the reality, so what naipes of announces it to the tarot. In the personnel, always I want to know everything, because it seems to me an attitude coward not to confront the bad thing that the life has to us provided, because although we do not want it to know, will happen anyway. It is like the attitude of the ostrich, that hides the head in an Earth well, thinking that of that way it hides all their body and is safe from its enemies. The best thing is to find out the worries that can wait to us in the future, because of that way we will be better preparations to confront what it comes. Do not create you who the victims of the Titanic had wanted to know a pair of hours before what she hoped to them, and thus to be better preparations? The tarot always suggests scenes. We must remember that the decisions we, the human beings take, thanks to a divine gift that is called Free Will. We decided what we will do in last case, and that is what us it makes authentically free.

The tarot can orient to us, about the ways most advisable, or less difficult, but the one will be the traveller that chooses what destiny to take. One of the arcane ones of the feared tarot more is the Death. It is possible to emphasize that the true name of this archetype is the Transformation. The death in himself is part of the life, of the cyclical process of the life of all the Earth human beings. Until this notion one is confirmed by the basic principles of the conservation of energy: nothing is lost, everything becomes. The existing matter and the energy in the Universe are constant from the beginning, from Big Bang.

Simply, everything is become, is changing, is changing of state, physical form. The death is not the aim, does not stop the believers at least. But it is the beginning of another stage. Inclusively, in the tarot, the Death not always talks about necessarily the death of a relative or a loved being, or to our own death. Simply it announces that it is the aim of a stage, something to us important is going to happen in our lives, and the tarot comes up to us with this. The things cannot continue like until now, the tarot comes up to us. It is in us knowing how to adapt to us to this change with intelligence, being tried to capitalize all the experiences, until the refusals, and extracting a learning of all the situations. The tarot warns to us that a new chapter in our lives is abre. You are preparation?

National Commission

Six million immigrants in the world are smaller of 4 years. Many are victims of kidnappings, deals with people and segregation. Near 17,000 juniors, all of them Mexican and Central American immigrants who traveled single, were repatriates the year last, according to informed east Monday the National Commission into Human rights (CNDH) into Mexico, whose president, Raul Plascencia, noticed that east type of migration has grown. According to Plascencia explained, in 2010 the migratory authorities of the country registered near 14,000 " events of repatriation of not accompanied Mexican minors from the United States, original in its majority of the states of Oaxaca, Michoacn, Guerrero, Sonora and Puebla". In addition, in that year almost 3,000 foreign minors were detected that they traveled single within the national territory, who were given back to their countries of origin, in their majority of Central America, but also of the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. The president of the CNDH presented these data during Forum the International on nonaccompanied or separated children, children and migrant adolescents of its family, inaugurated east Monday in City of Mexico and that will conclude the next Wednesday.

The appointment, that reunites to international experts in the Museum Memory and Tolerance, was summoned by the CNDH, the Organization the International for Migraciones (OIM), the High Commissioner of United Nations for the Refugees in Mexico (ACNUR) and Bottom of United Nations for the Childhood (Unicef), among others. Plascencia said that before this panorama in Mexico, the CNDH fortifies their programs of vulnerable attention to groups s to investigate possible violations to the rights of the juniors, that go from the kidnapping, deals with people, discrimination, I mistreat, segregation, until the loss of the life. In recent days a Salvadoran girl of eight years who was transferred by dealers of people from El Salvador to the United States was violated and left in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. The minor was rescued by the Mexican police and given to its grandmother, who took finally it to the USA. In the Forum one inquired into which in the world there are 214 million immigrants, of whom 11 million have of 15 to 19 years, 9 million from 10 to 14, 7 million of 5 to 9 years, and 6 million of zero to 4 years. Source of the news: The USA repatriated in 2010 17,000 Central American and Mexican children who traveled single