Google AdSense

How to make money on AdSense? Part 4. Continue their experiments with the possibility of earning on Google AdSense. Previous parts of this vebseriala 🙂 You can read on my blog. I had to dig pretty on the Internet in search of useful information. K Unfortunately nothing really valuable is not found. An incredible number of training courses mostly banal rewrite support site or scam Google with "left" screenshots of superzarabotkah. The last such course, which I came across in his quest is MoneyMaster.

I do not want to say that it is bad policy, it is really a lot of useful information for beginners. This course is desirable. But! If you decide to make on this course, you will find many months of work, before you earn the first $ 1,000. 1.Tot same question remains unanswered, why apply the technology earnings for $ X if you earn DAY $ 2X? That is 2 times more than the course itself. I think the answer is clear and hedgehog :-)) 2.

Why Buy good feedback about the course for $ 5, you've heard that Mercedes would buy ratings on their cars? No? That's right, a good thing in this matter does not need. 3. With the screen writer also punctured, the game called 'Find the 10 differences'. If you look closely look at the skins, the catch will find. If he put a normal screens, with small numbers, it would IMHO attaches great importance to the product itself. This suggests that the author has decided to earn extra money for product information, not revealing the secrets of his earnings if he really has this income. which I sincerely doubt it. In general, the repeat rate is really useful. BUT for the experienced, Moneymaker, I do not recommend this day care, in good sense of the word. A little left of topic. In the last part already written about the paradox that the sites with a minimum attendance generate more revenue than the site with the attendance of 500-700. This trend continues for a week. And the reason topics sites. Highly visited the site entertaining subjects, and the price per click is rarely different from 0.01. The site with the theme of Internet business cost per click is less than 0.1 is rare. That is an average of 10 times. Conclusion:. Earn Adsense en You can, if stamped mini sites in batches. But this kind of business I do not personally very like, only on a trial basis. I will be experimenting with an increase in visitors. Made a few more sites in English, but there is still the result is zero, they are not yet indexed. We'll have to wait … PS: Yes, I almost forgot, if you need quality information to make money on the Internet, promoting sites, etc. Read online magazine Business Today, there assembled only qualitative information. Good luck and success!

African Economic Forum

This report carried through for the organization DATE (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Afrique) and of the ONE presented in Berlin and London pointed that the industrialized countries had paid only 7 billion the 21,5 billion extra-promise dollar to the continent up to 2010 during the cupola carried through in 2005 in Gleneagles, the Esccia. Wing greaters and minors This situation is caused mainly by France and Italy, the responsible ones for the delay of 80% of the payment. While Germany had paid 31% of the engaged amount. The minister German of the development, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, declared as he had fiance’, the aid to the development was of 0,51% of the GIP in 2010 and increasing for 0,7% of the GIP up to 2015. Being in 2008, the index did not exceed 0.38% of the GIP, corresponding the 13,9 billion dollar. Also it had countries that they had surpassed the commitment waked up in Gleneagles, as the Japan, that already paid 150% of the promised amount, and Canada, with 206%.

Compared with the effort of G8 in raising the 50 billion dollar per year to the aid for the development in 2010 that they had failed in virtue of the partner-economic difficult situation of some countries of the African continent. Gravity of the misery the high one price of raw materials led to a light economic growth in Africa in last five years. The Gross domestic product (the GIP) of some countries to the south of the Saara increased more of 6% per year or. The valuation of the oil, metals and other mineral wealth in the world-wide market fulled the safes of many countries. However, world-wide the economic and financial crisis ended this progress. The foods encarecem each time more, while the prices of raw materials diminuam. Taking the foreign investors to leave of region proprietors of small companies to loan. Harming of dramatical form the public budgets of the majority of African countries.

Inestimable feeding Impagveis foods O Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI) approximately foresee a growth of 1.5% for the countries of the south of the Saara. It is not to toa, therefore, that many young Africans abandon its countries and decide to search the luck in Europe. As if it was not enough to high prices of foods, the financial crisis made to fall the raw material price still more. According to FMI, the paid value for raw materials this year 30% will have to be inferior 2008 prices. This drastically affects the developing countries in Africa, therefore many they depend on the raw material exportation. Dependence of the exterior a great aid for many Africans always comes from the money proceeding from resident relatives in the exterior. During many years, these resident Africans in ocidente order for Africa billions of euros, contributing of a form or another one for the combat to the poverty. But the economic crisis harmed the African workers to suspend these transferences. For occasion of the opening of World-wide the Economic Frum in the City of the Handle, in the South Africa, the former-secretary-generality of the ONU, Kofi Annan, remembered exactly that Africa continues depending on economic aid, that it it withholds the potential to develop itself as a continent exporter alimentary and energy.

The Exchange

It can be affirmed that the learning happens for an inlaid natural process of affectivity, relation and motivation. Thus, to learn &#039 is essential; ' poder' ' to make it, what it make reference to reference to the capacities, the knowledge, strategies to the necessary dexterities, for this &#039 is necessary; ' querer' ' to make it, to have the enough disposal, intention and the motivation. To have good pertaining to school results the pupils need to place as much voluntariedade as ability, what he leads to the necessity to integrate the psychological aspects in such a way, as the motivacionais. The motivation is a process that if of the one in the interior of the citizen, being, however, closely on to the exchange relations that the same establish with the way, mainly, its professors and colleagues. In the pertaining to school situations, the interest is indispensable so that the pupil has reasons of action in the direction to assume itself of the knowledge. The motivation is a factor that must be questioned in the context of the education having great importance in the analysis of the educative process. The motivation is presented as the dynamic aspect of the action: it is what it takes the subject to one to act, that is, it takes what it to initiate an action, to guide it in function of certain objectives, to decide its persecution and its term. The motivation is, therefore, the process that mobilizes the organism for the action, from a relation established between the environment, the necessity and the object of satisfaction. This means that, in the base of the motivation, it is always an organism that presents a necessity, a desire, an intention, an interest, a will or a predisposition to act. The motivation is also enclosed the environment that stimulates the organism and that it offers the satisfaction object.