Northern England

Even the Arsenal captain did not want to break with his club. FC Barcelona maintains its offer in EUR 30 million, but they ask for more. On Sunday, the gunners put heading to Asia to make the preseason. The catalan midfielder Cesc Fabregas has not exercised with his team on the first day of training from Arsenal and has made an individual in the gym work, as had already agreed to the player with the club, while he is still negotiating his possible move to Barcelona, according to sources close to the midfielder. Start of the preseason in the Arsenal is a fact and Cesc progress remains unsigned, which is creating a situation of some instability, since the player does not want to declare in absentia, as even the captain and because it is a symbol for the hobby gunner, according to the same sources.

Arsenal gives account on its Web site of the first training in the town of London Coleny, but does not refer to the situation of Fabregas, who does not appear in any of the nineteen photographs that it has posted on its website regarding the preparatory session. CESC Fabregas makes time which has a contract with Barcelona and is at the expense of which the catalan club and Arsenal closed an agreement, although the quantities offered both parties do not seem even close. Barca’s is nothing more than the 30 million euros and the English is clearly superior. The even Arsenal captain did not want to break with his club, but the current situation seems to indicate that the player wants that Arsenal reached an agreement for the transfer, Stud that will come in the amount that will be clean, because the English club signed the player when he was in the quarry of the boat and had only paid a testimonial by training rights money. Next Sunday, Arsenal will depart toward Asia to start your stay in pre-season, a period that has an advertisement which is included in the catalan player, who hopes to then has finalized his departure to FC Barcelona. On the other hand, Arsenal has today confirmed that its Gael Clichy player It has been signed by Manchester City, once the entity of Northern England did this Monday. Source of the news: Cesc Fabregas not trained with Arsenal and works alone in the gym

The Elite

Our parents, only to teach us the truth of life that they know more, have lived their own, have seen each and concluded that the best out there who would pay more, and nothing else to do. Here we strive, as young chicks – wet behind the ears in the direction in which they showed us. Completely forgetting all about the dream not so long ago. And on that road, it turns out, survives whoever resourceful, agile, opportunistic, one that has there is no sanctity in the soul, or principle, call it what you want.

Here is a literary Ukrainian is the word that fully combines all the qualities listed above, pdlabuzniki, that’s who they are. The remaining are those who so brazenly was pushed to the side going to look for ways to easily and thus the life they will have a much more modest, and they carry themselves will be like a person who does not respect all that is happening here. They are called the people gray mass, or simply losers. Although at the beginning of their lives, they were much cleaner for the soul of those who then overtook and is now called the elite of society. But there are people on the characteristics are similar to the “gray mass” that is less ambitious, less zealous in the direction of that shown to us by our ancestors. These are the people with capital from the outset that stand behind my father’s broad back, while studying in the institute, which gave their father, but who still pulls no dead dream.

Here they are then, as time and engaged in its implementation, when the Pope is not there. They just and reach the last stage, that separated them from their dreams. And those people – fans, of course, though, are not going to forget that, despite the thorny path starvation and lack of understanding, even the closest, all – did find their dream. So let’s change, people in the direction of your dreams! And those of us who have children, I let two of them, we will not cover them oxygen their homilies, and provide a choice in their future profession by itself, then we are for it again and again say thank you, you’ll see!

Capital News

When Chavez is news, not expect something good. Not surprisingly, whatever you do, after so many years of madness at the front of the power. It is clear that the law of Chavez, i.e. the willingness of Chavez, which by most outrageous resulting, becomes law prevails in Venezuela. Chavez does what he wants, but not what you need and is for this reason that the economic context of Venezuela continues complicating doing that the economic crisis is inevitable. The only thing missing for anticipating is when will occur. When we speak of oil in Venezuela, inevitably associate it with the State giant Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), but around it there are several companies which, the State oil company relies on to produce. On these, Chavez has cast the eye.

As commented them in an article in the month of February, product of the strong fall in the price of oil and an administration that leaves much to be desired, PDVSA had accumulated a substantial debt with companies providing vital services that the State oil company could develop its activity. Chavez continues in campaign while oil revenues in danger. Actually, the problem faced by PDVSA is worrisome and difficult to resolve. An average economic consultant had recommended a thorough analysis of the company to carry out a series of far-reaching reforms aimed at improving its production efficiency, together with other measures to increase the country’s oil reserves, to ensure that the petroleum sector continues to be the fundamental source of foreign exchange for the country. According to Capital News, PDVSA is closer to bankruptcy. The company keeps makeup a more than US $24,000 million liability and has serious financial problems for which has resorted to the savings of employees giving dubious guarantee bonds for US $2.5 billion (for sample, PDVSA bonds maturing in 2027 are traded at 38.6% of its value).

Determine Price

The second level, is the competition of the market, may have in selling clothes for ladies and a huge market, and that constantly demand the products that I sell, but the huge movement also creates more competition, so it is important that the publication of a notice of my products highlight among the majority. To make a product highlight between these 2 factors I have to take into account the offer that makes plays important role in this: the price: the price is an important factor, a too high price can lose interest instantly towards the publication, a price too low, can make doubt of the quality or the condition of the product. Values in relation to the market should be even smaller in small difference, there are traders who with only down a few cents, easily capture the attention of the customer, this is the basis of the 0.99 offers the product quality: product quality is very well seen by buyers, with products, the buyer takes into account the strength and durability of the sameIf we talk about services, who wants contractual references to works done that allow to give security to receive a quality service. Costs of Shipping: The shipping cost is also an important factor, it is constant to view ads of products where pay shipping the product with capital that had destined for discounts. Others taking advantage of direct delivery. WARRANTIES: In the supply of a product or service, every buyer takes very seriously the conditions which the seller offers, hence the constant ads how satisfaction guaranteed or we do return. Royalties: Royalties or discounts are a great attraction, perhaps clothing that I sells accompanied by a set of bracelets, that would have a low cost will also be catapult to a sale, sales of combos are an excellent choice, when the sum of the value of 2 products have a huge attraction.

Make an attractive offer is important to buy and sell in any area of the website, whether through free ads, pay per click or social networking systems, these factors should be placed around the table of product display. Continuation of: an effective ad can make a difference II reading Determine what you want to the public. III reading direct the ad to a target audience.

Fashion Salon

Fashion Bogota will be taken between 16 and 21 February 2010. He arrives at the Colombian capital the fashion Salon II, platform will be developed within the framework of the second edition of the international week of the fashion of Bogota, project organized by the International Center for business and exhibitions of Bogota, Corferias, in partnership with the circle of fashion de Colombia S.A., the Asociacion Colombiana of industrial of footwearLeather and articles thereof, ACICAM; the Mayor of Bogota, the National Federation of merchants, FENALCO, and the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, SENA.Edition II of the fashion show is an event of mixed character organized by Corferias, which shows the latest trends in fashion and gathers in a same space to the (producers and distributors) apparel sector with the large distribution sector and market butiquero of Colombia. In its second version, the fashion show will present the new proposals for autumn winter 2010 2011.By second consecutive year, the fashion show will become a short-term alternative to the manufacturing sector, which, according to figures provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, Bogota only reaches 60% offer both the concentration of the domestic market and has 14,000 companies dedicated to this type of production.This trade fair is projected as the ideal scenario for the launch, promotion and marketing of new products and innovations, making it an excellent tool for the finest professionals of the clothing industry and related. Similarly, is a space that, through the sum of efforts, strategies, communication and investment among others, seeks to promote and realize business opportunities and consolidate itself as well as a contest of high category for the sector of clothing industry in Colombia..

Mendoza Practice

To enjoy our holiday in Mendoza, we are opting for natural environments, all perfect for the practice of extreme sports or with high levels of demand in terms of physical dexterity. The mountain and the River are beautifully combined to offer us the most surprising and challenging scenarios. The kayak is a browsing activity that consists of using a designed boat for one person, called kayak, descend waters down in mountain rivers. To navigate, it is necessary to keep the kayak in balance, avoiding rocks and performing maneuvers to circumvent the gaps formed by the erosion of the River in the stones. Unlike rafting, river kayaking is a discipline that requires some prior knowledge of the River in which it will sail. In the region of Cuyo, is possible to practice kayak in the River Atuel San Rafael, in the Tunuyan River, in Valle de Uco, in the rio Grande, in Malargue and, of course, in the Mendoza River. To learn this fascinating sport, we must take classes or do a course with responsible and experienced instructors. They may teach us the basic techniques of rowing and manoeuvrability, as well as the necessary security measures to deal with any adverse situation.

It is important to know the tactics for handling the kayak in the proper. Why the crew of each boat just starting are accompanied by instructors in the itinerary. The existence of numerous lakes in the province of Mendoza makes possible the practice of the kayak on cross. Although it is similar to river kayaking, which is used in water mirrors is longer, and the calm waters of the dam allow the occupant to enjoy beautiful landscapes in the stillness of nature. In the province of Mendoza, you can practice this sport in incredible places located to the South, such as Los Reyunos, El Nihuil and Valle Grande, among others. Near of the city of Mendoza, the Potrerillos dam offers its beauty for practicing kayak in cross, only 60 km away from the Centre of the capital city. The Cuyo rivers invite us to visit them and enjoy the unique experience they have to give us. The descent by kayak by a course of mountain water is, without a doubt a leap in quality in our vacation in Mendoza.

Buenos Aires

Three days in Buenos Aires and of which I am not for nothing repentant. It had a debt with Argentina: I was two or three times in Mendoza, he knew Bariloche and Cordoba, I traveled by land until the Uruguay, but I was missing its capital, Buenos Aires. Road to the hotel I found a mouth of jug with the obelisk, heart of the city and crossing of the avenues Corrientes, July 9. Here the nightlife is concentrated, it seemed a small Broadway that lights up at night with New York air. The city has a European air, wide avenues such as El Libertador adorned with parks and monuments that give it a Parisian touch.

I took a breath to see me at the crossroads of Florida walks with Lavalle. In the morning I visited the Plaza de Mayo, I contemplated about the Casa Rosada and went to the Cathedral to look at the mausoleum of General San Martin. Later I visited the neighborhood of La Boca and Caminito stroll. I prostitutes in Puerto Madero, port brick buildings that transformed them into blocks of barbecues and less to tourists. At night I went to a tango show, I walked by the music of Gardel and Piazzolla, gave me a lesson in bandoneon. At the afternoon went through in boat the delta del Tigre, an adventure in the middle of the creeks and Islands of the Rio de la Plata in that area, fortunately I had Sun. The next day he took the flight back with the feeling of having spent three unforgettable days. Best regards.