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Post Text and Main Content > of the cruise industry always seeks to offer the best trips at the best places. Therefore, they mobilized their fleets looking for those places where joining some interesting scales and a perfect weather made the unique cruise experience. Little by little is coming to corners more exotic and away from the planet and is very interesting for a cruise addict know and meet in parts of the world are moving the ships and dates change from one area to another to exploit those repositioning trips that offer cruise travel to some pretty amazing prices. Cruise seasons could be classified in the following areas: Alaska high and optimum season to explore Alaska routes are between June and August. The temperatures are quite pleasant and to retire the ice it is possible to gain access to many areas of wild nature, as the great glaciers. The off-season would be located only in the months of May and September. Bermuda high season is It would be between the months of June and August. On these dates the temperatures are almost tropical, and the temperature of the water is high, perfect for water activities or excursions to the beach.

The off-season would be between the months of April and may and between September October. Canada New England although it seems a contradiction in terms, in Canada the high season would between the months of September and October, coinciding with the change of color of the trees, a spectacle in itself same well deserves a cruise. I especially recommend those who depart from New York and it makes the route to Quebec. The off-season would be between the months of July and August. Caribbean Caribbean is the place where most cruise ships are concentrated by nautical mile. Having a good weather almost all year round (excluding storms station) high season coincides with times of holidays of the United States (large consumers of cruises in the Caribbean).

Han Quadripole

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Czech Republic

This intervention by NATO in the former Yugoslavia, the occupation of Kosovo (Serbian province’s ethnic Albanian majority), the creation of a shield anti-missile on the territory of Poland and the Czech Republic and, therefore, joined the rush of Washington for hosting in the Alliance to two border countries Ukraine and Georgia located in the most sensitive confines for the defense of Russia. But there is more: the ultra-conservative circles of Washington not concealing his interest in facilitating the desrusificacion of the former Soviet provinces that boast a high percentage of people of Russian origin. It is the case of the Baltic States, but also of countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, where the percentage of Russian-speaking exceeds, in most cases, 5-10% of the population. Moscow is committed to defending the interests of these populations, which allows you to promote a so-called nationalist sentiment to facilitate the expansion of the zone of influence of the Federation. The thirst for greatness has little to do, however, with the nostalgia of the monolithic Soviet Union. In reality, Russian leaders want to regain the coveted reputation of the era of the tsars, the Russia that codeaba, without complexes, with the great colonial empires of the 19th century: Germany, France, or England. To understand the feelings of the Muscovite politicians, the kremlinologos should review history textbooks.

While Europeans continue to think in the most effective way of encircling the Russian bear, the hypothetical Chinese ally does not seem very prone to join the tactic of the tongs. Beijing has, in effect, their own strategic problems, call these Taiwan or Tibet. Without forgetting, of course, the fledgling but highly disturbing fundamentalist threat in most provinces Muslim. At the moment, the success of the encirclement of Russia seems unlikely. However, the Kremlin leaders warn their Western partners: make No mistake to choose its allies. Bet on the enemies of Russia would be a historic mistake. It remains to be see whether West is able to interpret and internalize the message.

British Labour Government

Pinochet was arrested in London on October 17, 1998. The former dictator of Chile between 1973 and 1990 was accused of having overthrown one of the oldest American democracies and have murdered and tortured thousands. His 18 months of arrest in England caused a series of changes in world politics before human rights. After the end of the cold war in 1991 West needed to shed its image of having flirted with anti-Communist tyrants to legitimize his new strategy of global political and economic liberalization. His case served as the example for subsequent extradition of other dictators like Milosevic (Serbia), Taylor (Sierra Leone) and Fujimori (Peru). However, Pinochet not stayed imprisoned in United Kingdom or was extradited to Spain where begged him. Bush and Thatcher pressed for his release and the British Labour Government agreed to do so. The paradox is that London or Washington who sooner or later have invaded countries to arrest dictators (from Iraq to Panama), freed which had in House. Even today USA is hard against regimes that, although they were elected, they accuse of dictatorial (such as Venezuela) but is silent before autocracies that supply you oil (such as the Arabs, the Gulf of banana or of Turkmenistan).

Twitter Customers

For Techrigy SM2, this meant the Elimination of calls in cold and the bases of customers increased by 840 per cent in just one year. Twitteres is a great resource to meet demand, but also for management of products, the customer service and distribution of brand you can use Twitter to generate demand. Search for mentions of your brand or organization (including misspelled forms), terms the industry phrases, look for mentions of competitors and then look for a need expressed in relation to your product to find those who are possibly potential customers. But this is not all, look at what people are saying about their products, in order to help the administration of your product, services and required support. Share content that improves your brand and back into his more human organization or more customer-centric. The alignment of sales and marketing can improve the amount of demand and supply the same alignment of sales and marketing are often a struggle for many organizations.

Merchandisers can improve their relationship with sales to analyze the demographics and behavior of prospects. This can allow vendors focus on most qualified prospective customers and keep them informed of the activities of the organization. Doing this you will achieve that customers are not left stagnant only in sales, but continue through the pipeline. Create specific social media campaigns for each country. Develop a marketing strategy using social media based on the geographical objectives of the organization. For example, 140 million people are online in China, but some pages like Facebooky Twitter are prohibited. On the other hand, England is the country where used more Twitter.

Looking at these examples it is important to note that not all social media are being used in the same way, why it is important well analyze the markets and decide which are the ways more effective to act on each of them. Perform marketing as a seller merchandisers want to be seen as sellers but not in the way that they have to move from place to place, but they want that their e-mails are seen as that they are written by sellers. These e-mails from sellers are sent with tricks and personalized, segmented form as sent from my Blackberry or adding misspelled words to the e-mails. This seeks to draw the customer’s attention and demonstrate that the company is making effort to offer a personalized attention. Many people are in disagreement with this method, but also many people ensures this avoiding messages is deleted immediately by customers and prospects are received. Regardless of that as successful are their marketing strategies, this account of this Conference can help them evaluate methodologies that are being used in your organization.

Many Illusions

Editor’s Note: Comes a new South American countries union (and Mercosur?) with so diverse and complicated goals as the cultural, social, economic and political union also achieve social inclusion, civic participation, strengthen democracy Horacio woman is asking questions, and Horacio does not know what to say, if they want to know, keep reading can leave us their comments in UNASUR is born with many illusions Buenos Aires 26 May 2008 Friday, soon as I got to my house, my wife received me with the following question: what is this of the UNASUR? I honestly didn’t know what reply I already I have answers to certain questions that she made me frequently as why cannot spend more money, I have messy clothes, who ate such a thing and other topics related to the home, but what is the UNASUR, I actually left without answers. The truth is that the past Friday, 12 countries of South America signed the Treaty constitutive of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which will have broad objectives, among which are the following: build participatory and consensual, way a space of integration and union in the cultural, social, economic and political between their peoples, giving priority to political dialogue, social policies, education, energy, infrastructure, finance and the environment, among others, with a view to eliminating socioeconomic inequality, achieving social inclusion and citizen participation, strengthen democracy and reduce asymmetries in the framework of strengthening the sovereignty and independence of States. UNASUR is formed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. And so they have an idea of the importance of the block, I can tell you that it encompasses 388 million people with a global GDP of US $1.9 trillion (that is, about 3.5 % of world GDP). How will the UNASUR conform? The first thing that must be said is that it will, deliberative organs, a Council of Heads of State and Government, a Foreign Affairs Council and a Council of delegates.

The Current

In debates, workshops on the topic of leadership, Professor of managerial topics of the graduate of Faces of the UC., concerning quality and productivity program, noted, the personification of the real leader or development agent must combine knowledge and professionalism with human quality, as M. Desiato, emphasized an interest note, which indicates that: recovery of a strong institutional framework passes through the formation of a number of capable professional politicians and, of course, honest; men connoisseurs not only politics but also the economy, sociology, gifted of a healthy sense of reality and flexible when dealing with the pluralism of our collective (the national, 24/02/2002). In relation to the above above it is possible to say that, as regards the political environment, the Government of the current President of Venezuela, Hugo r. Chavez f., this must not neglect that you deteriorate which involves a participatory leadership, a leadership, which secure the union and not division, a democratic leadership, that unifies criteria, which not incidentally to which economic weaknesses are manifest, financial, cultural, educational, managerial, among others; We need a consistent team, with ethics, values, moral knowledge, able to unify efforts towards goals where everyone is committed, more, with the goal of building a socialism that ensures changes, justice, equity, transformation, development, participation, without affecting anyone else, all this on pro give Venezuela that course necessary to rewrite it in a real power that can be if actually manifests the will to collaborate and define programs that guarantee results. Is needed to encourage more the union, cooperation with various actors and national sectors in order to avoid contradictions, often manifested, even in officials who constitute his team, as very well knows the President in connection with the Venezuelan managerial aspect, both public and private sector, as participants, indicate the fundamental leadership weakness lies in demotivation and devaluation of the human resource to highlight the professional quality in detriment of human quality, promote individualism and economic profit sustained by falter and bureaucratic social welfare systems, which operate without a vision and shared a true strategic planning mission.


In recent years, the use of round prehomogenized yard has increasingly been promoted.The round preblending of the yard is the yard which has been used more, it has the following characteristics: (1) raw materials is sent to the yard Centre by conveyor (a) of the mineral processing equipment, 360 degree rotation around the center boom belt conveyor stacker. The conveyor has a long history, the ancient Chinese drum car and carrying water overturned, is the prototype of modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor. Material conveyor handling machinery, continuous delivery of materials in certain lines, also known as continuous conveyor. The conveyor can be horizontal, inclined conveyor, and also space can be composed of the transfer line, the transfer is typically fixed line. Conveyor transport capacity, long distance, which can also be completed at the same time the number of process operations in the transportation process, so a wide range of application.(2) bridge scraper reclaimer reclaimer complete this work, One end of the bridge joins yard center column, on the other end of the erection stockpile peripheral circular orbit with 360 degree maneuver.

Remove the raw materials by the scraper to the yard at the bottom of the discharge port, the discharge belt conveyor by a trench away. (3) Round yard generally use 3 120 degree operating method, that is 1/3 volume of the ongoing round yard stockyard operations; 1/3 volume of the ongoing reclaiming operation; 1/3 of the heap as to reserve material, There are actually 2/3 of the stockpile as a reclaimer stockpile (but not impact crusher). Therefore, the capacity of 2/3 of the circular yard effective capacity. Generally the same reserves the round yard can be 30% smaller footprint than rectangular yard. (4) changes in the the circular yard divided into three (3 1200) method of operation, the eradication of the material in the heap of the transition zone and the end of the cone, round yard windrow formation of a ring never disconnected. The round yard continuous operates to the plan view of FIG.

(5) vertical and tilt layer combined stacker herringbone. (6) pre-homogenizing effect of continuous operation method in the the round yard of application, further improve and expand the effective volume of the utilization of the yard, to further promote the application of the round yard. Other yards applications. in the cement industry is small, for example: Lying on library-style yard, built crane library type, with the bridge Paternosters viscous materials reclaimer; yard with a slit-shaped warehouse at the bottom of the impeller reclaimer reclaimer, and so on.

The Wall Street Journal

After the first failed attempt, the Congress of the United States.UU. He is again debating the approval of rescue megaplan. Already surpassed it successfully the first litmus test that was the Chamber of senators (74 votes to 25) and Friday will go for revenge in the House of representatives. One of the first to celebrate the good news was neither more nor less than George Bush. The London newspaper Financial Times saved the following words of the President of the United States.UU., once approved the plan in the Senate: applaud the Senate for its strong vote of both parties for the financial rescue plan. Bush added: the American people expect and our economy demands, the House pass this good Bill this week and send it to my desk.

But contrary to what Bush said, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal yesterday showed the manifestation of American citizens against the approval of the rescue plan. They had gathered 23,000 signatures against This plan in just two days. Many Americans angry with the possibility that their taxes will be used to save the financial system initiated contacts with some senators to avoid the initiative to flourish. For the Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama understood that, in case of reaching the Presidency, it was best that this rescue plan will materialize to thus avoid having to take the mandate of a country in ruins. Therefore, you could see it in recent days taking an active part in achieving the project to prosper as soon as possible. The problem with Obama was how not to upset voters after supporting the use of their taxes to the rescue plan for financial institutions. Is for this reason that rehearsed the following declarations: this is not simply to save a few banks () is to prevent falling the crisis into a catastrophe this is not a crisis on Wall Street, is a crisis of the American people can disagree respectfully with the project but is of course this is what we have to do.

The Seventh Art In London

If you plan to visit London and some of its places of interest, such as the Chelsea cinema, it could well plan your visit to make the most of the next film festival. It is the best way to enjoy the tourist attractions and sightseeing in London. The 2010 London Film Festival offers visitors a variety of movies for all tastes and in different languages, for those who feel one special attraction for French, Spanish, English cinema, among others. The program contains films which deal with different subjects, from sentimental tears up Facebook, passing through international cities like Shanghai. Movies in a great number of places, including the Curzon Mayfair cinema will be exhibited during the event.

Cinema enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see a selection of new British films, such as Mandelson: The Real PM?, about the politician of the Labor Party Peter Mandelson; Patagonia, from director Marc Evans; Edge, for those who like the drama; The Arbor, for the fans of documentary type films; and Fire in Babylo, for lovers of history in films, among others. For more information about what to see and do in London, see the London tourist guide. In terms of international tenders, moviegoers have much to choose from. The films shown include I Wish I Knew of Jia Zhangke and Caroline Kamya Imani, as well as a captivating account of the impact of social media on Catfish. While in the capital, be sure not to miss the sights most famous as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London with its famous Crown jewels, dungeons, and where it is said that sometimes seen walking to the Queen Ana Bolena, beheaded in 1536 by order of King Enrique VIII. Nor leave to visit the flea market of Candem Town, where you can enjoy a nice afternoon doing shopping and enjoy the rare and diverse store that offers this renowned place in London. Original author and source of the article