Few tips for microwave utensils should be of special glass (glass-ceramic) and ceramic without metal jewelry. Additional information is available at free mail. At minimum power heating products are more uniform temperature in the center of the furnace is always lower than at the edges, so food must have a thick part closer to the edges. In the microwave oven can heat canned food directly into a metal pot, they need to pass in a special container. But the heat in a glass jar You can, but be sure to remove the cover. When baked products, use only a special foil for the microwave. And try to foil does not touch the walls of the stove – it can spark. Layers of fat in the meat accelerate cooking meals and fat on the surface, on the contrary, slows down.

Catching juice also increases the cooking time, if in a hurry, it should be removed. Dishes, taken out of the microwave oven can reach up to readiness at room temperature. To do this, close the dishes with foil and leave for 10 – 15 minutes. Please save time hot sandwiches – for 1 min. Omelette – 1 – 1.5 min. Soups with fish or meat – 15 – 20 min.

Sliced potatoes – for 6 – 8 min. Oatmeal porridge or semolina – for 3 – 6 min. Fish Baked – 10 – 15 min. Meat stew (slices) – 10 – 12 min.

Your Collection Of Whiskey

You dream up a collection of spirits, so that a bar or tavern was attractive and looked like museum halls? Fill it with rarities, to settle a couple of unique "items." To do this, navigate to species diversity, and brands. Information to master – the sea, because the history of alcohol has the millennium. Each drink will give you not only a delicious taste strong, but also some amazing stories. Meet the national liquor of various countries. What do you know about Calvados and tarasun? Forming a decent collection of alcohol, be guided by elite drinks.

So you can feel involved in the the best thing humanity has reached the preparation of alcoholic beverages, to succumb to the magic of this quality, charm rich taste. And – do not be afraid dependency! Elite drinks and so good that they do not drink too much, enjoying and trying new types. Uncork a bottle collector – a real feast. For some indicators, you will learn that the drink – an elite or premium? It is important, several points: country of manufacture, time of exposure, the well-known brand, and last but not least – the price. First the geography.

Not be expected to produce the best absinthe in Japan, and Mezcal – in Finland. Everyone knows that home Cognac – France, America is responsible for the whiskey, England – for gin, vodka and the best – in France and Russia. The method of storage, time of exposure, sometimes hand-made alcoholic drink is not just an elite, but his every bottle – famous. During this meet-known brands. Therefore, guided by the most famous manufacturers of cognac, whiskey or order a drink, who decided to try it today. Such producers are improved over the centuries in production, often supports the family tradition. Who else but they know a lot about an elite drink. Of course, this product simply will not be able to "buy on the cheap" – elite drinks are always expensive. It remains only to establish the authenticity of the bottle. Over time, you'll feel comfortable, featuring a piece from a fake copy. Do not forget that this connoisseur and gourmet features – the ability to drink. After all, for each beverage require special conditions, a suitable case, utensils and a way of drinking. Make your collection varied. Even if you prefer only hard liquor, you have a huge selection. Pick up some kinds of vodka, collection brandy, add brandy, gin and grappa. So you can easily to each festive (or not) the occasion to choose the right drink, any of the guests will find themselves something interesting in your bar. Ability to navigate in the elite beverages from around the world will make your bar appealing, tour impresses him. In order to pass for a real connoisseur and handyman, equip your bar all that is needed for mixing cocktails. On the basis of strong drink, they are especially popular.

International Olympic Committee

'Secretary General made great diplomatic efforts to to persuade the G8 leaders need to recognize the central role of the United Nations and its Commission on Climate Change as the main forum for negotiations on climate change '- said in a statement Press Service of the un. Participants in the summit pledged to seriously consider the decisions taken by the European Union, Canada and Japan which include a reduction of at least half of global emissions by 2050. However, there is no universal indicator was not adopted. un Secretary-General notes that the specific obligations for each country should be determined by 2009. 2014 Winter Olympic Games In mid-summer, it became known that the Russian resort city of Sochi Olympic Winter Games will be held in 2014, said the head of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge. Sochi won the final victory over South Korean Phenchhanom by a margin of four votes.

Winter Olympics Games will be held in Russia for the first time. Trash island in the Pacific Ocean weighs three and a half million tons of mass of the giant trash 'Island', located in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of North America, consisting mainly of plastic, topped in October 2007, three and a half million tons, said the Coast of California commission. 'Island' is growing rapidly from about 1950 through the features of the North Pacific current systems, whose center, where and gets all the rubbish, relatively stationary. Scientists estimate that at present 'Island' by 80 per cent consists of plastic, its area – more than a million square kilometers. Badly decomposed in the nature of plastic causes great harm to the oceanic flora and fauna. Day shipwrecks main theme of environmental autumn and winter 2007, Russia became the 'Day of shipwrecks. " Storm on Nov. 11 has caused an unprecedented emergency incident Black and Azov Seas – one day sank five ships, including three cargo ship with sulfur and a tanker with fuel oil, four vessel ran aground. Wind speed in the Kerch Strait that connects the Black and Azov seas, reaching during this historic storm, 32 meters per second, and the excitement of the sea – six or seven points. To date, officials report that the clearing of the Kerch Strait are over, but we all understand that the consequences this disaster will be eliminated only after many years.

Capital Port Old Region

This agreement a little forgotten by history, received name from Treat to Madrid, and was Important for Brazil, therefore all region North and Center-West of the country, at that time belonged to Spain. Oliveira (2002) in accordance with says that the treat one to Tordesilhas, the region where if they locate the valleys of the Guapor, Mamor and Madeira, they belonged to Spain, to put, the So Paulo bandeirantes had busy this region in century XVIII, from 1734, where they had established you vary populations in the neighborhoods of garimpos of gold, despertando interest in the Portuguese Crown for the definitive ownership of the land, what it occurred in 1748 with the creation of the captainship of the Mato Grosso. Thus with the treated one to Madrid, the Portuguese had been able with the region, that had a colossal extension, enclosing the area where today this situated been o of the Mato Grosso of the South, Mato Grosso and almost all the area that currently constitutes the state of Rondnia. Thus he had a race for the population of the right edge of the valleys of the Guapor, Mamor and Madeira. e your knowledge. The current rondoniense territory started to be busy for the Europeans from 1723, with the foundation of the Village De Santo Antonio, for the Jesuit Priest Sampayo Joo in the neighborhoods of the waterfall of the same name to the right edge of the river Wood, and with the gold discovery in 1744, in the river corumbiara, tributary of the edge of the right of the river Guapor, for the So Paulo bandeirantes Antonio de Almeida Moraes and Tristo of the Stammering Wedge (OLIVEIRA, 2002, P.42) the village of Saint Antonio, years later was called Saint Antonio of the River Wood, (currently the place constitutes a quarter ofthe Capital Port Old). On the povoamento of the region, we cannot forget us Dom Antonio Rolim de Moura, who according to Lopes (2005, P.16) ' ' in the year of 1749 it arrived of fluvial boat, in the mouth of the river Sepotuba with the river Paraguay, little above of where today is the city of Cceres? MT' '.

Independence Corruption

In this year of 2011 complete Brazil 189 years of independence of Portugal having in this tried period good situations and many not so good. In these almost two hundred years the country passed of a peripheral nation and without no expression of the economic point of view, social politician and for a country that is ready to be one of the protagonists of the world-wide economy in the next years. It is a country that left of being agrarian to have an industry respected with the job of technologies of most advanced and with the sector of services representing two teros of the GIP and also using technologies and highly qualified hand of workmanship. But our people is living better in all the country? The respect to the people has been practised in our country? The morality in the management of the public resources has been practised systematically in all the country? Since the announcement of independence, Brazil offered improvement of life to its people, exactly having faced periods of turbulences as the dictatorships Vargas and Militar, to have suffered diverse economic crises, the lack of private capital to alavancar an independent economic growth of the foreign capital and the constant problems of external indebtedness leading to many constaints for which the country passed. Still that the State did not hear the critical ones and invested heavily in the creation of industries that could lead to the development at the same time where it made possible the installation of some industries of foreign capital well. This, together with the private internal capitals and other actions of economic policy, provided to the end of the years 1990 terms a strong and respected economy. But the structural problems as the high inflation, the dependence of the foreign capital and the external debt had been basic factors that had taken to the retardation and the magnitude of our development.

FSC Paper

Costumamos to consider the recycled paper as the best alternative to paradiminuir the ambient impact, but with the dissemination of papelproveniente of manejadas areas sustainable famous white stamp FSC opapel certifyd has obtained to equalize the impact ambientalatravs of the sustainable manejamento of the substance cousin and arrives umponto where it is practically equal. In accordance with Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, director of the Bracelpa, the white paper deorigem certified are equivalent to the recycled paper, in terms deimpacto ambient, therefore both have origin in planted forests. Thinking about this, the Bagnews company, launched in Brazil, a bag depapel reutilizvel Kraft, reciclvel, biodegradvel and with spaces parapublicidade, that start to be distributed gratuitously paracomerciantes of the region of Amaro Saint, South zone of the So Paulo capital. The objective of the partners is to talk back in Brazil the carried through experience> nEspanha, where the project was launched has three years and must reach onmero of 100 million distributed bags.The Brazilian project gained apoioda City hall of So Paulo, that included the initiative in the campaign ' ' Euno I am of plstico' ' , that it has the objective to reduce the consumption plastic deembalagens. More information can be found in the daprpria site company in the address.