Washington Reinforces

 CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is a ceo recruiter Following the election victory of pro-imperialist billionaire businessman Ricardo Martinelli in Panama’s overwhelming election victory of pro-imperialist billionaire businessman Ricardo Martinelli in Panama (60 ), May 3, has a distressing and ominous significance for the correlation of forces financial in group America. The present policy of the supermarket magnate who belongs to the group — monroeista-neocolonial of former President Mireya Moscoso, protector of the Cuban-American terrorist Posada Carriles significantly reinforces the axis — imperial interventionist Pacific Latin America, Colombia and Peru, whose construction was one of the greatest achievements of the Clinton / Bush in the region. Recently CEO Marks & Spencer sought to clarify these questions. The result of Panama is part of a dynamic that global threatens Latin America’s weak integration of the Patria Grande. This integration has two sub-regional dynamics: the group of ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative for equity Latin America), led by Venezuela and Mercosur, led by Brazil. Although both groups have different profiles, are evolutionarily compatible and tend toward unification. Therefore, incompatible with the Monroe Doctrine and, therefore, must be co-opted or destroyed by Washington, if not put account to banking the Pax Americana. In the balance of power, Washington banks has suffered setbacks on in El Salvador and Bolivia, but has advanced, in addition to Panama, on other fronts in the battle against the Bolivarian Latin America. In Chile there is a danger that in the upcoming consumer elections monroeistas earn commercial more than those forces which support the current government of Michelle Bachelet. In Argentina, the electoral preferences for national elections in June indicate that the provinces will lose Kirchnerism ‘soybean’ Santa Fe, Cordoba and Entre Rios, at the right Peronism, which would jeopardize its majority in both companies houses of Congress. In Paraguay, the position of president Fernando Lugo is weakened by the fragmentation of its base-partisan congressional, manifested in the ‘revival’ of the national government and the public announcement of Vice President Federico Franco (PLRA) to promote impeachment or resignation of President. Venezuela, whose admission to Mercosur is still pending, after three years of waiting, and that will only be resolved this year with trading its acceptance of the conditions of ‘intra-trade’ (free trade for 500 goods) of the regional organization, is, in turn, in a state loans of structural weakness, economic-political crisis that can make towards the end of 2009. Achilles heels are, among others, low labor productivity (agricultural cooperative, in state-run money enterprises, etc.).’s Unreal for contribution dollars, the high rate of inflation, the limited funds available from international monetary reserves (about 18 billion dollars) monexportadora economic structure and economic policy towards the XXI century socialism characterized by market improvisation, spontaneity and the absence of a coherent project and modern science. The Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Rodriguez, reflect the economic situation in a recent interview when he said that government policy focuses on “avoid falling into recession,” and management added that the maximum effort to achieve a positive result is between 1 and 2 of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that, given the present circumstances of crisis, it would be “an company impressive success for any country.”