Within societies there are a number of entities and organizations that drive constant movement of economic resources, but among all these is a group that has a greater presence for their great contribution and the field in which it operates and is the bank that as both public entities, private or mixed, largely involved in various activities related to money, as is the management and execution of thousands of claims that are constantly driving the movement of money between different hands, allowing development at many levels of society, to such an extent that may be working because of the public authorities is to manage money or to meet expenses through large loans. No doubt the figure of the bank has a large role in the world today, so it is appropriate to know its scope and all it represents in the development of a society. As a starting point, mention the basics that means talking about a bank, ie the entity that is dedicated to working through money, which is constantly receiving deposits of different people, who see an excellent bank for the proper handling of money, but these deposits do not stay there, since these are the medium that enables the bank to perform the various loans and credits to the person requesting such service, they receive a profit on account of the operations, allowing them to repay the depositors with interest. For a bank to operate within this classification, must be organized following certain laws governing their actions in a special way, in relation to money management at both deposits and loans, weaving and the activity of financial intermediation. Either way, the figure of bank deposits is driven by, for without these it would be impossible for a bank to do one of its main activities and to generate higher profits, which are loans and credit the various presentations, as to some extent the deposits are a usurae loan that the bank made, so is the capital of the bank which provides loans for individuals, companies or public entities that request, so the figure of the bank repays the trust through some interest. From everything I have seen can be distinguished two main activities of the bank, which are: The recruitment, is the means or set of transactions which the bank manages to receive and collect money from different users, and uptake is a person when that materializes through the deposits, either through a checking account, savings account or fixed deposits. The placement, means the introduction into circulation of money, so it is an active time with loans and credits to accommodate the entry of money into the economy.

White Paper

Have you ever seen a blank book? It seems that I spend a joke, but it is not. I want this image, which in itself is strange. All books are written, with figures, photos or without them, written in different languages, with print runs of hundreds or thousands, of colors and varied sizes, in short. But a blank book … no! When the human being is born and begins its path of development, are exposed to many factors, some good and some not so. It's like a blank book that begins to be written. "The author" becomes "the authors", ie, many impregnate their "knowledge" and "preferences" about the life of one, and I do not mean any harm but sometimes a tendency prevails over one of the family.

I wonder if that is correct. I know that little is helpless and needs protection, food, care, etc. But that kind of "molding" often persists over time. A certain age, you think that is already formed and that has everything you need to go to the battle of life. But certainly not true. What's more, one will learn throughout their lives, often at the expense of suffering, needs, as well as joy and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, what's done is done and no one can "erase." It is as personal history, which we always take a lesson. And besides, the book blank what we fill our "leaves", personal experiences. As always I think, looking at the past must be for two reasons: to remember the good and pleasure of life experience and, to capitalize on the present, that is, not making errors again soon. We all have our "white book", some well kept, some irresponsible manner, some leafy, well-written and content worthy of being "read" others with very few pages or pages without "content." At a certain point in our lives, we take the pen in our hands and we become hopeless authors and fans of our own lives. What kind of authors are? What kind of authors want to be? .

Web Companies

Statistically, 97 out of 100 people trying to make money on the Internet will end up earning nothing, and of those 97, many will lose money. Yes, it’s a sad statistic, but unfortunately is quite rough. At Lindt Chocolates you will find additional information. Although there are a lot of reasons for this, which may include knowledge, experience (which is not the same), capital and other things, there is one that, from my point of view, it is so important put first. I mean to have a plan. Many of us start this subject by chance. In my case, I won a few dollars at a temporary location that I shared some pictures. If he could win there without throw you win, why not try to make serious money? Like many others, spent time spinning. Fortunately, my taste for statistics made me look for a plan almost from the beginning.

Over time, I have seen my progress compared to many others who have retired and I think having a plan can make a difference. When you have a plan goes something like this: Brincos of system to system. When there is no plan, there is no consistency. Spend a magic system to another without much thought. After all, if you hear nice, why not try? I have nothing to prevent it. Lack of apparent progress. “I want to make money online” is the initial thought. Choose something, you start working on it and see what happens.

Within a month, you find one that sounds good and raisins to this. As no progress or you can take your plan, you do not know how. You end up sending everything to the devil. Lack of knowledge. Without a plan, how can you know that I need? “I want to make money online” does not say you need, how long, how much or how you’re going to win. If you do not know what you do, you can hardly succeed. By making a plan, know what you know and can not fix it. Unplanned expenses. You see a magic system. You like. Looks good. Advent, I thought. Then it is to be paid hosting, PPC or something else. It tells you to buy this and that. If you have not planned, is likely to spend more than you thought or you can face. So plans. It need not be a book with thousands of activities, with a well-ordered sheet of what you need and what you have. Your goals (which I hope you have) can shape your plan for themselves. Make a plan, albeit general: he who fails to make a plan, plan to fail.

Black Gold Sports

I was fortunate to see live the moment in which our Black Maria Isabel Urrutia lifted 110 kg in snatch those in their third and final attempt for which he was 132.5 kilograms, or rather, that we were worth, all the Colombians The first gold medal in more than sixty years of participation in the Olympics. At first those who do not understand or "J" Sport of normal weight we wanted the joy of black at the end of their participation, since the end of the games it was the millennium and she was there waving our tricolor, which in itself is cause for pride. But no. For even more details, read what Author says on the issue. His joy was because she knew it had gotten on the podium of the winners, which was to be on the rise awards ceremony in one of these three steps from where would the world at his feet. The black rose their hands, dancing and smiling from ear to ear as he walked to his dressing room.

Then followed a few minutes of calm, of expectation, during which television commentators risked a sentence not triumphalist. Then came the box on the screen information of the classification in which "inexplicably" appeared Urrutia of Colombia in the first place. In those moments is when we all be happy here, live here, to say that we're foreigners. Just what the Black Urrutia had a taste not only of patriotism, of triumph among the best in the world of sports pride, but a lesson, teaching, and spiritual strength humide. Karouchkov Gantcho coach, whom he owes much of this rewarding victory, we should not forget that he was the architect to lower weight, when asked what it was that called the attention of our Black Large (capital "because the merits), said: "Initially it was its texture and strength, but after I met her, what convinced me most was his personality, his mental strength, security conditions and the faith itself …" It is quite certain that never again see the rising weights in a contest or Olympics because, as she herself said, in his career as a weightlifter and won it all, managed all the awards and won all the honors.

But Maria Isabel Urrutia forever leaves us several lessons. From it we learned that not always the luxury of delegations and the millions of income are the key factors to win. Scandals, the "chicanery", the screen and the swagger serve only to appear more often on television. She showed us that in the midst of poverty, ignoring tosudamente permanent lack of support and history behind one of only economic constraints, it may be the best in the world. To the best of the best one only needs to be spontaneous annealing humility as such and, finally, above all the laurels, awards, medals or awards is the love of family and country. All that makes Maria Isabel Urrutia is not only a Black Gold or a true Olympic champion, but a simple model of life.

Fantastic Architecture.

Florence, city of art par excellence, the birthplace birthplace of the Renaissance to the late fourteenth century and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosts every year thousands of tourists who left speechless as to admire the artistic treasures of the Academy Gallery with the David of Michelangelo, the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and all other medieval and Renaissance architectural works. Anyway, Florence art and beauty emanates whatever activity you want to perform: relax?, “Take pictures? o enjoy your historic hotel? After walking in the center of Florence’s Duomo Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi and all other attractions of the Tuscan capital, a good choice to relax in a quiet place without too many tourists and a friendly atmosphere . San Miniato, Le Cascine, the Giardino di Boboli Giardino Bobolino and are places that lend themselves to relaxation – San Miniato is a quiet place just behind the wall that separates the Monte Alle Croci area, where stands the church of San Miniato. Crossing the Gate of San Miniato and turning right, you’ll find yourself on a hill behind the medieval city wall. You will appreciate the tranquility, you will not find many people and paving the road will narrow and you will drive, skirting the wall, to a point overlooking the beautiful houses and olive groves of the famous Tuscan countryside. – Le Cascine is only 15-20 minutes walk from downtown. Walking along the Arno River arrive to a road around Florence. Across the road, find a quanto miles of parks, that leaving the noise of the city will seem a place as idyllic. Florence’s Fantastic Architecture.

Green Card Marriage

At present it is presenting a phenomenon known as a marriage of convenience, a situation in which a foreigner looking on many occasions over the Internet or through networks that work with this fraud, a partner who is a citizen of the state where you want to get citizenship to simulate a normal marriage. This marriage of convenience has taken a lot of strength in European countries, but more in Spain, this because many immigrants come to this country illegally, leaving behind all his life, mother, father, brothers, until his couple and their children – to achieve a good capital gain economic and answer for their families in countries with fewer job opportunities, and as we have some economic stability, greater possibilities for capital support, but there is a latent danger be deported to their countries of origin, taken as a measure to ensure their stay in the country you currently reside and move to a legal status through marriage fraud convenience.

So foreigners seeking via the Internet, an acquaintance or through a network to work with the so-called marriage of convenience to get a couple to pay for the fictional marriage and a way to legalize their status to enjoy the advantages of being a national of the state in which it resides, having the freedom to move without problem in the country where he acquired a new nationality, may come and go as they wish. Thus the form of marriage of convenience is the tool most used by immigrants seeking citizenship quickly, thus reducing the terms and conditions for obtaining citizenship normally, as in situations in which marriages are not made of abroad convenience requires that the increased requirements for obtaining citizenship, as it is to stay and be a resident for more than – usually in the Spanish case-10 years in Spanish territory, but being bound by the marriage of convenience the terms of residence is reduced to a year, which is much more likely be because normally foreigners are deported long before the due deadline, unlike when there is a link to by law as is the marriage of convenience.

But countries that have a high volume of foreigners have taken steps to prevent this scam at the continuing marriage of convenience, so to grant or permit to conduct the marriage is taken as a preventive measure to conduct individual hearings detect as much as those who wish to pursue a marriage in a transparent manner and those who seek to make a marriage of convenience, in such hearings as it seeks to compare both subjects are known, making certain questions to each one separately and and establish how likely it is that is a real union or a marriage of convenience, but this happens often long and despite the efforts of countries to avoid carrying out this type of simulation, the marriage of convenience – continues to increase the number of foreigners become part of the country in which they reside, which is achieved through the marriage of convenience to give in exchange for the payment of money.


Caterina Iazzi require universities to the great challenges that are presented according to the dynamics of current scenarios, have teachers who are really identified with his role, to promote the knowledge they give way to motivate participants, students, generate new knowledge, up to properly use their talents towards a paradigm of modern education that will benefit their learning, their training can not be the teacher in knowledge of the past, isolated from the reality that the world presents , requiring those who are able to make way for the changes that are needed according to the specialty that each student has selected for its performance. Teachers are needed vision, commitment, innovative, creative, researchers, fully committed to generating motivational incentives that encourage the learning of professionals who claim the modern stage. Read additional details here: George Osborne. It needs another kind of dialogue with the student, not forcing them to repeat knowledge, to be a recording of all textual knowledge those teachers often require, so that students can choose to achieve qualifications, kills the initiative, creativity of views that are derived from shared, what the student has been inferred, understood. Is to draw the talent, the human capital sabiendosele motivate student may bring new knowledge, make way for the results actually encourage their growth and allows the teacher to interpret the feelings, learning what is encouraging. The teacher at the present time, must be proactive, a true leader in education, be fully identified with all the tools of the knowledge society now demands. Be fully committed to representing the research, to go before the reality of national problems, all those obstacles that arise and affect the country's development, education, its progress, the specialty that is offered.

Caicos Islands Countries

Recent member Caribbean Community, Turks and Caicos Islands are a dependent territory of the British crown and part of the Commonwealth. The official language is English and its currency the dollar americano.Estan located in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the Bahamas and north of the Dominican Republic, near Haiti.El name turcosa a was awarded through a cactus Turkish Fez way, and the term a means a caicosa archipielagoa Islands aborigen.Las language, the treasure This archipelago is made up of forty islands with 400 km of coastline, but only eight of them are populated, making a 30.000 habitantes.Las eight islands are organized into two groups. The first contains, firstly, Major Caicos Islands, among which stands out for its importance Providenciales and on the other, Juvenile Caicos Islands. Second, the Turks, who are Salt Cay and Grand Island and Grand Turk Turco.Providenciales concentrate most many activities for tourists. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out George Osborne. The first, known as a Provoa , offers access through its International Airport.

There is the Grace Bay beach paradise, unique in the world thanks to an extensive coral reef tames the waters within its borders, excellent for underwater crossings. The area is renowned diving, recognized as an ideal destination for ello.La second, Grand Turk, is known for its cultural and historical value, then there is the capital, Cockbum Town, whose architecture is due to old buildings , and the National Museum plasma colonization Turks and Caicos. The rest of the islands also have a diverse flora and fauna and interesting, as well as fishing and Dishes significativa.Hoteles exoticism as to hotels, for those looking for options outside the range of Hotel Grand Tourist, affordable apartments can be rented also located in sonadas.Aunque beaches who can stay in one of the 400 rooms Beaches Resort & Spa ( located on the shores of Bay Grate should not quit, or in the Chalk Sound area, exclusive private villas. Francesca Segal has similar goals. All have restaurants and bars lujo.En gastronomic issues, the conc is the traditional local food, a dish that contains meat from farm-raised conch. There is also great variety of seafood such as oysters and lobsters, which are traditionally combined with rice and drinking maiz.Para can always count on the rum, along with juice or grenadine. Other sites to consider for tourists include The Hole, the Island of the Iguanas, Juba Point Lake, the bird sanctuary of French Cay, National Park, among others. — Rodolfo Lima specialist..

London Hotels

Before the astonishment of HotelChatter (a Web specialized in hotels), London has a new proposal in the hotel category: " rough luxury" , that in Spanish would come to say something like " the luxury cutre". The image that sells the Rough Lux Hotel is something that is defined to itself like " half luxury, miserly half. Something of luxury in a miserly sector of London. Lindt Chocolates insists that this is the case. A portion of cutrez in London more lujoso". This it is located in the zone of the English capital where are the cheaper hotels in London. The certain thing is that for the majority of the people, the combination of the luxurious decoration – miserly he is not so pleasant, but as long as it counts on sheets and skillful cleanings, a new alternative could be made an exception and be tried. Of course, the prices are a little outside himself, by one night of lodging in this hotel, the tariff is of 135 pounds (almost 160 Euros), is a little exaggerated, if we took into account that we will be in a room with the shared bath. Of course, many hotels in London exist, thus that the people who prefer a traditional lodging, have infinity of options. The Rough Luxe Hotel, comprises of a hotel chain that includes the hotel, restaurants, bookstores and spaces for events..


It was a challenge: less than 24 hours in London, and my sister (is the optimist of the family) wanted to see it all. I had English courses in England a few years earlier and I know the city quite well, but for her it was his long-awaited first visit. Would we have time? The race starts leave the luggage in our hotel, in the beautiful suburb of Chelsea, at 12. I started our trial visit. First we took the subway up to Westminster, visited the Abbey and we could contemplate the majestic Big Ben. From there we walked to Trafalgar Square. Tourism-express did not allow us to contemplate the wonders of the National Gallery, this should be for another visit.

We again walk to Buckingham Palace and we could admire the Palace. We made fast food in English version, a fish and chips on the street, and again took the subway. In a question-answer forum Author was the first to reply. We enjoyed one of their most ancient and mythical stops: Bank. Output were at the heart of the City, the financial center English, were able to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and walk up the tower and the London Bridge. Culture, tradition and shopping, the English in London had dinner on a terrace at Covern Garden, next to the London opera.

This typical taste, with its markets and its artists street square was the best way to spend a pleasant evening. From there, another mythical stop, Picadilly Circus and its famous lights. The next morning we were able to stroll through Hyde Park and pass famous stores Harrods before catch our flight to Madrid. Is it possible? Yes. You can get as a young man, having desire, mastering English in London. But we have pending a more leisurely visit. The city deserves it.