Fantastic Architecture.

Florence, city of art par excellence, the birthplace birthplace of the Renaissance to the late fourteenth century and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hosts every year thousands of tourists who left speechless as to admire the artistic treasures of the Academy Gallery with the David of Michelangelo, the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and all other medieval and Renaissance architectural works. Anyway, Florence art and beauty emanates whatever activity you want to perform: relax?, “Take pictures? o enjoy your historic hotel? After walking in the center of Florence’s Duomo Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, Uffizi and all other attractions of the Tuscan capital, a good choice to relax in a quiet place without too many tourists and a friendly atmosphere . San Miniato, Le Cascine, the Giardino di Boboli Giardino Bobolino and are places that lend themselves to relaxation – San Miniato is a quiet place just behind the wall that separates the Monte Alle Croci area, where stands the church of San Miniato. Crossing the Gate of San Miniato and turning right, you’ll find yourself on a hill behind the medieval city wall. You will appreciate the tranquility, you will not find many people and paving the road will narrow and you will drive, skirting the wall, to a point overlooking the beautiful houses and olive groves of the famous Tuscan countryside. – Le Cascine is only 15-20 minutes walk from downtown. Walking along the Arno River arrive to a road around Florence. Across the road, find a quanto miles of parks, that leaving the noise of the city will seem a place as idyllic. Florence’s Fantastic Architecture.