Little Scotland

This winter, the agency "Travel!" Offers tours to Barbados. During the two-week tour, you can enjoy the bright Caribbean sun, lush tropics, turquoise sea and excellent service hotels in Barbados. You an unforgettable beach holiday on the coast, "Tropical England" at the best prices! "Little Scotland" – a figurative name of Barbados, where every Briton feels like home. Holidays in Barbados will introduce you with an unusual culture: here the whole life is arranged in the UK – tea at five o'clock in the morning, cricket, riding and golf. Continue to learn more with: candy bar soho. Despite this, the soul of every native inhabitant of the island – the Caribbean.

One of the characters have become holiday in Barbados Colorful Caribbean festivals and shows. Fans will appreciate the famous entertainment show Tropical Roots & Rhythms, which can only be seen here. Your holiday in Barbados will be even brighter if the alternate beach and sightseeing holiday. Visit Saint James (city platinum), Holetown and Space Town (city history), Oystins (city orchids) and home Barbadian tourism – the city of Christ Church. In those cities, preserve the rich heritage of the first Europeans, settled on the island. In the Hole-Town and Space Town, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tropical coastline, visit the gardens of orchids, take an exciting jeep safari on banana plantations. Francesca Segal is open to suggestions. Map Barbados is literally dotted with the names of natural parks and reserves.

The capital of Barbados – Bridgetown city. This is England in miniature. Other attractions include Bridgetown – a small area (an exact copy of Trafalgar) Nelson's Column, an English manor Tyrol Cot and old English mansions. Today, they are offices of major British companies. Bridgetown's famous symbol of the plant is still running from the mill "Morgan Lewis", which is associated with many ancient legends. The west coast of Barbados is famous for its beautiful places for scuba diving. A vacation in the east, south or north of the island, you can make an exciting Tours by helicopter, ride, rent a boat and go fishing. While on holiday in Barbados, you can also do all kinds of sports and water sports. Haute cuisine does not leave Barbados impress even demanding gourmets. Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum. Here you can taste many varieties of this strong drink, and feel all its variety of flavors. Tours to Barbados will leave the most vivid experience even for experienced travelers. Explore the pleasure, treat yourself to rest in one of the most exciting islands in the Caribbean!

Latin America Files

The delinquency grows every day but and it appeals to different forms, to procure itself of the instruments that it requires to complete his acts of plundering, by different Latin American cities. Many expert police think that in some zones of the capitals, for being very gotten depressed it is not possible that the youthful, street delinquents, of highways, have in their power sidearms. One thinks that they do not happen to have some machetes, knives, fender guards, broken bottles. Nevertheless the delinquents are worth nowadays of different means, incredible, but that in the long run they are very ultiles to him to his purposes. Thus we have a weapon, a revolver has a cost of 300 dollars, but the current one, and in the black market they sell it to you to 100 dollars, used, filed I number, etc. But, although this a that price, are delinquents who do not have nor that to commit assaults. The poverty is very great in the Latin American countries, in the tugurizadas zones. But that, is not an impediment for the delinquents, who nowadays have hechado hand to their knowledge of winch, and manage to turn a toy into weapon of truth.

Thus we have a pistol of that they sell in the streets the traveling ones, that are of toy, replicas of one pietro beretta, nowadays are very solicitd by gang members, vague dedicated to the robbery, drug addicts, who recursean themselves at daybreak. They buy them they really transform and them into arms. If . it does not create? Then we showed to him here since they do. Polciia Peruvian is deteniudo to several gang members of the cones of Lima carrying these arms.

One is modified pistols of toy. But the delinquents do not remain there, also now improvise better to assault people, passer-by. Usually they are able an old car to make taxi.