Urban Culture

One gives credit that the urban culture, literally speaking, is characterized for the partner-cultural and individualistic disorganization. It is known, however, that the urban social culture did not move total, but the requirements of the modern world were only adaptaram. However, in Brazil, the phenomena as paternalista and the clientelismo to adaptarem it of course the world urban-industrial, coexisting the impersonal relations. The relation between master and customer aims at the interest in getting valued goods, favors and protection politics, that the position of both the parts can favor to the other. It is there that a type of dependent capitalism inhabits, where ' ' tradicional' ' ' ' moderno' ' if they articulate and they develop a new type of society under form different, however combined. Another type of survival observed in the countries of Latin America is the use of the reciprocity. This functions of form to benefit the relations of exchange of goods and services between equal.

This method is well different of the relation master/customer, where master uses itself of its relatives and known to create a means of production. In a reciprocity net (between equal) the exchange depends very on the sociability between the family-member-neighbors who are used inside interchange of it reciprocal. They are some of them: information, working aid, loans, services and moral support. However, in what customer says respect to the relations master/, the net possesss a mechanism that is used by any enterprising member to reach its ends and to reach the collective progress of the group. However, if it does not have to think that the reciprocity is only concentrated in the low classrooms. The high classrooms also are used of reciprocity mechanisms. No longer Brazil observes it importance of such methods as the celebrity ' ' panelinha' ' ' ' Q.I.' ' (Who Indicates as well as), that sufficiently they are used by the middle class to obtain job in public or private nets, for the resolution of problems.

These relationships are of great importance for the classroom average. The results indicate that, in contrast of what it thought, the forecast of that the urbanization ' ' it would weaken the bows of kinships and it would be the decline of the meaning social of famlia' ' , it was not marked. Different of what it was foreseen, the familiar bows had inside become stronger with the urbanization, being an institution of great importance and meaning in Latin America, playing great functions of the social structure. Exactly that the processes of urbanization and industrialization have occurred, the relations between master-customer and of reciprocity did not weaken. The exchange of information, the mutual aid and the moral support, continue being half to establish extensive bows between each one of these two types of nets.


The coureiro-caladista industry of the Valley of the Bells is based on small average companies manufacturers of feminine leather footwear, having in its return other companies who compose the productive chain. Around this structure a organizacional structure with 6 industrial associations, 2 professional associations, 1 company was formed organizer of events, 4 technological centers for the specialized rendering of services and training of man power, beyond the schools techniques and existing schools of superior level in the region. In Votuporanga? SP, exists an established productive structure in small average producing companies of furniture, and the specialization of the companies in specific stages of the production process is sufficiently common. The grouping calls attention for the organization and the participation on local organizations the industry. Shared programs of certification of quality and programs of implantation of centers of technologies and qualification of man power exist in the region. From then on strong potential for the generation of positive externalidades was created, to leave mainly of the cooperation process that if establishes enters the participant agents of the process. Between the cited examples, one perceives that they are centered in the regions south and Southeastern, what it characterizes that to develop the competitiveness, the MPEs need a set of specific territorial assets.

Then it is not only enough to stimulate implantation of accumulations, but concomitantly to offer assets that potencializem the production and the commercialization of this production. The heterogeneidades regions make with that to be to have success in a strategy of accumulations, the solutions must be differentiated by territory, also involving of differentiated form the involved actors. The State must act as a market regulator, without in it intervening, to stimulate other partners; to develop the human and social capital; to stimulate the associativismo, to desburocratizar, to reduce the taxation, and finally, to democratize the access to the credit and other competitive advantages.

China And Russia

Two decades back both were the majors communist powers. In order to overcome his economic stagnation Moscow it was liberalizing his political system and Peking was abriendo its market, but without resigning to the dictatorship of the unique party. The first way lead to that the Kremlin lost all partners of the Warsaw Pact, who went to NATO or the EU, and to that the Soviet Union was divided in 15 republics, decaying its economy in much more of 50%. The second way maintained to the plan and the monopoly of the power of a communist party that went returning best the encouraging one of the capitalist growth in the world. Peking, like before Moscow, administers to several national minorities. However, these do not have many recent independentistas traditions, China is more homogenous (92% of its inhabitants have) and Peking has obtained that from Dalai Lama to their separated Taiwan refuses to raise to split itself of China..

Brazil Publishing

40) A liberal State has the thesis of the freedom and the individualism, being the active and passvel citizen to impose its values, desires and to long for growth in the way where it lives. For a democratic State if it defends the thesis of the igualitria democracy, with the imposition of that the society is seen as a whole, active agency and with formularization politics and economic igualitria. To have a formal democracy in Brazil is as to defend a forged Civil Constitution to a Liberal system that does not take care of the necessities of an equal society before the law. They are to be able economic politicians and formulated to take care of to an old ideal bourgeois, of whom they are the possessors of the partner-economic power in the country and that they are far from being the majority in the Capitalist system that needs the formal freedom and of the tyranny of that withholds the power.

Maximum Lainversionen Brazil

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Amnesty International

The two main global organizations pro human rights are Amnesty International (well-known by its own translation in each language) and Human Right Watch (that everywhere its name in English uses). AI was based on 1961 in Great Britain and gained Nobel to La Paz in 1977. HRW was created in the USA in 1978 to watch that Moscow fulfills the agreements humanitarian of Helsinki. AI finances with collections and has more than 2 million members anywhere in the world. HRW is based on the USA and private bottoms. If within the first impellers of AI she were people ligature to the communist movement or pro nuclear disarmament, HRW always was ligature to groups that asked to fortify the military power before the Comunism. While the AI reports concentrate more in concrete facts, those of HRW have more political developments. The USA has questioned some information of AI but it has used several of HRW to justify his armed interventions in the ex- Yugoslavia or Iraq.

While rightist they question to AI of being antiwestern, leftist they label to HRW as being an arm of the guerreristas western. HRW is part of a network of organisms that gear with the strategy of democratic interventionism, which promotes warlike incursions of the USA in countries to those who it requests to democratise . .