Partner Or Customer

Partner or Customer? Perhaps inside of the enterprise way to know to choose the reply for is question is the key for the healthful survival of a company since the final result of the products or services that we deliver depends on as we enxergamos those that we contract. Perceiving the differences When we have partners the priority it is to always satisfy the confidence deposited in the assumed searching to extend the bows and if possible commitment to become them still more strong. When we commit some imperfection with a partner () the first one to feel discomfort we are we ourselves, therefore to arranhar the deposited confidence is the last thing that we want if this to occur repetidamente can until destroying a partnership, leading damages many irreparable times, without counting that with certainty it goes to re-echo negative in the way that we will be involved either personal or enterprise it. When we have customers the priority and to make the service or to deliver the product ready e, to only wait to receive for what it was made and to break pra another one. & ldquo; It seems until way promiscuo& rdquo; , but customer is independent customer of the activity branch. When we commit some imperfection with a customer we deal with justifying in them soon & ldquo; we go to improve our services or produtos& rdquo; , & ldquo; we offer discounting in next entregas& rdquo; until we invite for a lunch trying to brighten up the climate. But when we disconnect the telephone still we complain after all that the customer is demanding excessively and that the quality of our services and products do not deserve such judgment, & ldquo; in them we are the best ones in what fazemos& rdquo;. If amount is its focus you has customers, now if quality will be the focus you has partners the problem of if thinking in amount it is that the variation of the mood of that contracts in them depends on the performance of our products in its internal process and the risk that we are making it and its mark to run.

Personal Loan

Personal loans can be classified into two groups according to their time in that it takes to get the money and requires the institution guarantees to ensure recovery of the loan. You can also distinguish different types of loans, taking into account the interest rate applied to them which can be fixed, variable and mixed. CONSUMER CREDIT OR PERSONAL LOAN Capital provided: $ 3,000 Amortization period: 1 year * APR: Between 7'06% and 10'04% Monthly: Between 260 and EUR 264 Total interest payable: From 116 euros and 172 euros funded Capital : 12,000 Repayment term: 5 years APR: Between 7'06% and 10'04% Monthly fee: 238 euros and 252 euros Total interest payable: Between 2277 and 3312 euros * APR: Annual Percentage Rate. Includes all costs to be paid on the loan (nominal interest, appraisal fees and opening, life insurance, etc.).. Please note: Some banks offer a single type of loan, regardless of use that will give the amount requested, and have no provision for education, buying a car or reforms. The interest rate in each case will therefore depend on the person seeking the loan and your banking history. CAR LOAN OR CREDIT funded Capital: 12,000 Repayment term: 5 years APR: Between 8'06 and 9'84% Monthly: between EUR 244 and EUR 254 Total interest payable: Between 2620 and 3241 euros euros Please note : Look, in addition to the bank or savings bank at the dealership where you go to buy the vehicle. Sometimes linked to financial companies that offer their clients loans with favorable interest rate than some banks.

Private Capitalizaton

For such, an analysis through documents of the company was carried through in order to get viable information to demonstrate to the readers through tables, graphs and texts. 3 ENTERPRISE ANALYSIS IN the SCOPE OF the PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE In the modern model of management, the companies opt to a transformation in the processes, techniques and technologies to identify and to capitalize the challenges of the current market. As general data of the National Federacy of the Private Capitalizaton and Insurance companies, are evidenced almost 40 a thousand deaths transit in it Brazilian, what it is equivalent 3.4% of the total of deaths and considered the second bigger cause of deaths in Brazil. Following the same line of reasoning, the Union of the Industry of Repairing of Vehicles and Accessories of the State of So Paulo (Sindirepa), it tells that lack of maintenance of vehicles is one of the factors most important of causes of accidents. The data show that 48% of the accidents in urban perimeter and 14% in the roads, are caused by bad been of conservation. According to Program of Reduction of Accidents in the Roads (IT STOPS), the traffic accidents in Brazil are as the bigger problem for the Brazilian government, losing only for the malnutrition.

Being thus, Brazil spends 5 billion on average of dollar per year with accidents of I transit. This factor occurs due some problems that could be corrected not to cause accidents or vehicle in additions, before exactly to arrive until its destination. To prevent these types of problems, the companies and the drivers must carry through one check list in the vehicle, and then to make the preventive maintenance, what she would reduce the indesejados expenses. Following the same line of reasoning, in accordance with Potential company RH has three basic costs that they cannot pass unobserved in the companies whom they deal with transports: Fuel, a time that, if to supply I propagate it in a rank me the quality can cause future problems in the engine, generating an unnecessary expense; Tires, that stop preventing accidents or even though to damage equipment and parts of the trucks, it is important to prevent to recapar them; Maintenance, that is directly on to the transport, therefore if a vehicle will not be in good conditions to transit will be able to break and consequently to cause one accident, providing damage and expenses for the company.

The Angora Cats

Angora cats are also known as the Angora Turks because they take their name from the capital of Turkey, Ankara, formerly called Angora. It is an older breeds of cats, however until now revives interest in these cats. Due to its beauty and intelligence. Angora cats have become favorites of lover of cats. It is said the first Angora cat that was in Europe was brought from Turkey by some Italians in the early 17TH century.

Angora cats found in variety of colors, but the traditional color is white with blue or yellow eyes. One of the main features of this breed is the SLH. By introducing Angora cats to Europe, caused great sensation because the Europeans were already accustomed to the farm of shorthair cats, and the Angora acquired so much value that they were presented to important nobles and aristocrats. Angora cats were treated with respect and were very popular among the European rich, mainly from the French court which was specially encaprichada with these cats of SLH. A. end of the 19th century Angora cats breeders began to cross them with other cats and the result was very successful because hatchlings were even more elegant, but the consequences of these crosses carried Turkish Angora cats to be displaced from their privileged position among the European elite. They were gradually becoming more scarce to the point that the race of Angora cats was on the verge of extinction and copies pure, almost no were for this reason, the Turks that they felt proud of his Angora cats, organized breeding programs in zoos in several cities of the country.

Severe measures were taken to protect the white Angora cats, including export was prohibited, but foreigners always found the way to circumvent the law and remove illegally copies pure Angora cats. In the mid-1950s, some American breeders were able to get some Angora cats cigars, thus becoming the founders of the American and European breeds of Angora cats. Even today Angora cats are still importing from its native Turkey, the white Angoras being the first to be recognized. Just as with other races, the offspring of white Angora cats tend to suffer from diseases of deafness to be crossed with other white Angora cats. Turkish Angora cats are cats active and outgoing, very sociable and open to people. They demonstrate your intelligence when stakeholders are really something, and like most felines, Angora cats are so curious that they quickly learn to recognize and open the doors of the cabinets, anything that is new for them must be first examined and smelled to fund. The character of Angora cats is by nature adventurous and playful, they highly valued the balls and in general any toy. Unlike other cats, the Angora Turks enjoy the company of people and can become affectionate with some determined. And as well as demonstrate your affection for your favorite person with soft meows, they expect to be paid, are very demanding, and jealous and dislike loneliness. A curious fact about the Angora cats is that they can learn to go with belt and some even up to return balls, paper balls and other toys without having to teach them. Care to be taken with Angora cats are not as demanding as with other races, your hair does not usually become entangled, are neat cats and as the majority does not need more than a weekly brushing session.