Private Capitalizaton

For such, an analysis through documents of the company was carried through in order to get viable information to demonstrate to the readers through tables, graphs and texts. 3 ENTERPRISE ANALYSIS IN the SCOPE OF the PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE In the modern model of management, the companies opt to a transformation in the processes, techniques and technologies to identify and to capitalize the challenges of the current market. As general data of the National Federacy of the Private Capitalizaton and Insurance companies, are evidenced almost 40 a thousand deaths transit in it Brazilian, what it is equivalent 3.4% of the total of deaths and considered the second bigger cause of deaths in Brazil. Following the same line of reasoning, the Union of the Industry of Repairing of Vehicles and Accessories of the State of So Paulo (Sindirepa), it tells that lack of maintenance of vehicles is one of the factors most important of causes of accidents. The data show that 48% of the accidents in urban perimeter and 14% in the roads, are caused by bad been of conservation. According to Program of Reduction of Accidents in the Roads (IT STOPS), the traffic accidents in Brazil are as the bigger problem for the Brazilian government, losing only for the malnutrition.

Being thus, Brazil spends 5 billion on average of dollar per year with accidents of I transit. This factor occurs due some problems that could be corrected not to cause accidents or vehicle in additions, before exactly to arrive until its destination. To prevent these types of problems, the companies and the drivers must carry through one check list in the vehicle, and then to make the preventive maintenance, what she would reduce the indesejados expenses. Following the same line of reasoning, in accordance with Potential company RH has three basic costs that they cannot pass unobserved in the companies whom they deal with transports: Fuel, a time that, if to supply I propagate it in a rank me the quality can cause future problems in the engine, generating an unnecessary expense; Tires, that stop preventing accidents or even though to damage equipment and parts of the trucks, it is important to prevent to recapar them; Maintenance, that is directly on to the transport, therefore if a vehicle will not be in good conditions to transit will be able to break and consequently to cause one accident, providing damage and expenses for the company.