What Was The Year 2007

People around the world worried about global warming and warmer winters, and environmentalists have Russian professional day and protested against the new nuclear power plants. We offer a recall of certain events that occurred in the past year. Anomalous winter 2007 New Year's Eve Otgulyav 2006-2007, the Russians worried the lack of snow in January in the European part of the country and the unprecedented warmth. In Moscow, January temperatures often rise above 8 degrees Celsius, weather forecasters and meteorologists Russian only shake their heads, waiting for trouble. Moreover, the first linked the unusual warmth with a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the second – with anticyclones. Physicians, in turn, noted the increasing number of suicides, allegations of blood pressure, headaches and alcohol psychosis and recommended immediately contact their doctors. In Odessa, for the first hundred and forty years Snowdrops bloom that threatened to become a symbol of Odessa winter.

Following the snowdrops blossomed and fragrant viburnum, and lilacs, and hellebore Caucasian. Odessa botanists were at a loss how to behave in plants Later, as the unprecedented nature of the processes occurring in nature, made them extremely cautious forecasts. As for the 'Northern Capital', Saint-Petersburg, in the first week of January, it was a flood, it was the first in 2007 year and 302 in the history of the city. Cypriot tanker spilled off the coast of Norway, 370 tons of oil in the beginning of the year off the coast of Norway collected oil spill.

The Exploiters

If this fact is understood, For example, only the exploiters – the "struggle" is seen only in the form of propaganda of the exploiters, where the existing relations of production that make the operation are presented as the acme of perfection. AND only when there is awareness of the exploited the fact that they use when there is knowledge of the possibility of opening up new relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, only after that comes the "struggle" in the form of some concrete ways to fight exploited for the transformation of production relations. The exploitation of man by man accompanied mankind from the very outset of his inception. For example, in hunting, pluzhnozemledelcheskih, pastoralist tribes, ie, the tribes, where basic foods were made men, carried them through the exploitation of women defined matriarchy ravnoobespechivayuschego () distribution of products in an unequal contribution of labor between men and women in their production. It is in these tribes came first in the history of human society, the social revolution that shaped the transition of these tribes from matriarchy to patriarchy – from the power of mothers to male power leader, from primitive communism to the primitive socialism. The exploitation of man by man can not be done except by means of various well-organized power of the exploiter and the exploited. This fact is most evident in the stage of the class society where the rule of the exploiters over the exploited is fixed by the state apparatus. This slave-owning states, feudal and capitalist states, the period of the so-called classical capitalism.

Traveling In Spain

Toledo: Toledo ancient weapon a few kilometers from Madrid on the River Tagus, is the ancient capital of Spain – Toledo. ‘Crown of Spain and the light of the world’ – the ancient name of the former capital of Spain. This is a city of craftsmen, City gunsmiths and artisans. Praise Toledo – edged weapon. Deposits of iron ore nearby, and the constant wars in the Middle Ages led to the development of weapons trade, which has glorified the city and Toledo steel throughout world.

It is known that the famous Toledo steel is made in the medieval Arabic recipe. Cold steel of Toledo is dedicated to all. You will not find a single street, which would not have been at least one – two gun shops. Toledo – exceptional city, worthy of admiration. And long trips. City and continues to forge edged weapons and not just for tourists but also to special order the armies of many countries. The tourists can buy in Toledo cheap souvenirs – and simulate the real Toledo Blade made of steel, which is not worse than this Damascus steel. Here you can buy the original souvenir weapon within 100 – 150 euros, which is not prohibited taken out of Spain.

Moreover, the jewelry display cases, to the delight of tourists, the master, as of old, weaving gold and silver ornaments on a black enamel. Highly prized as Toledo silk and ceramics. In Toledo you can enjoy Spanish wines. Wines of the region (La Mancha) have a wonderful and unique taste bouquet. Domenico Teotokopuli Greek, known to the world under the name El Greco, Greek by origin, is considered to be a great Spanish artist. He lived and worked in Toledo, where he died and was buried. His works are kept in the Museum of Santa Cruz (Museo de Santa Cruz) in the Jewish quarter of the city. It kept his famous painting ‘The Ascension’, but the most impressive of his works – ‘The Burial of Count Orgaz’ – in the church of Santo Tome (Iglesia de Santo Domes). In the foreground is El Greco painted himself with his son, and Cervantes, the author of the famous adventure Hidalgo. Cervantes called Toledo honor and the light of Spain and burst de Vega – the heart of Spain. Which is not only the epithets bestowed Toledo, calling it a Stone fan of Spain, the Spanish and the Spanish Pompeii Kyoto! Today Toledo is officially a museum. In whole town was almost not changed for centuries. Until now, the narrow streets of Toledo chivalrous spirit soars. This city is remembered for ever to all those who visited him at least once in their lives.

A Gift For A Wife

"What pleased to give than to receive." This is a fairly common phrase known to have first-hand the people who, in response to a carefully selected and bought gift, get not just dry words of gratitude, and sincere and genuine emotion relatives, their joy and delight. And what if the gift must give a woman who has been for many years is close, sharing the joys and sorrows of life together? A woman who steadfastly Make testing borne by families? The woman you once were in a white dress down the aisle? What to give her his own wife, when in front of their wedding anniversary, March 8 or her birthday? Perhaps it hints or even openly talked about the desired gift? Of course, in this case, the surprise is unlikely to succeed, but her answer to be offered in a Promotional genuine gratitude. But there can be other than "ordered" her gift, present something else! And it will triumph and memories of it even nicer. In that case, let's think about what should be a gift for my wife, and that a better choice. Flowers – that's what should accompany any gift for a woman. Notice to maintain. If you still do not know what her favorite flowers, then gave the roses: These flowers, as a rule, like virtually all of the fair sex. Do not underestimate them, "only accompanying "role and neglected flowers. After all, if you want to really make a nice wife, you do not need to spare money for so called among men "broom".

Jewellery Fashion

Each person in our world is shopping, making presents and gets pleasure from it that it really was full, I wrote an article on this topic. We go to a jewelry store to buy or make a good gift to a loved one. We have a wonderful mood. As a rule now in stores in Moscow are many imported products, they take their cheapness and good design, even if Russia is a brand is no guarantee that it not brought in from Turkey or China, say, yes it is China, they copy some Italian brands and make them pleased to three times cheaper. A lot of consumer goods from regions where the height of the crisis, and production costs capital goods stores are taking to implement for little money.

And given the fact that in Moscow, many enterprises do not work, and some factories have moved to other cities in our country, one can imagine being sold in an era of global economic crisis. Well, here we come to the store and especially when you choose a decoration ask the manufacturer, pay attention to the brand and the sample from the inner side of the product. Nor any 14k or just 585 'is not allowed, by law the sale of products that in rf must be field testing in and have a stamp and a sample of Russian origin. In this figure, reading the main types of gold samples available today: Note the tack products – it is very important. Even if you think the stones are not securely fixed – do not buy it. Inserts should not wander in the product. And most importantly – I quote ruling from the Law of Consumer Rights: Government Decree of 19.01.1998 N 55 (as amended on 27.03.2007) "On approval of rules of sale of certain goods, the list of durable goods, which are not covered requirement of the buyer free of charge, to grant him a period of repair or replacement of similar product, and the list of consumer goods of good quality, not subject to return or exchange for similar goods other size, shape, dimension, style, color or set 'On the basis of this decision Jewelry made of precious metals can not be returned or exchanged items with precious stones, articles made of precious metals, with inlays of precious and synthetic stones. Be careful and cautious when buying jewelry.

Foreign Tourists

Both those creatures of the animal kingdom as the exotic vegetation attract many tourists to take their vacation trip to another world. On the other hand, traveling by train or by plane costs a lot of money because the city of Moscow and are separated by distance of 10000 km. What are the most attractive places for foreign tourists? In the main, most foreign tourists are scheduled to travel to Russia, choose the capital of Russia as a destination. From the point of view of foreigners Moscow is considered one of the most beautiful cities, as is noted for its attractive, especially to St. Basil's Cathedral and other places that are in the center of the capital.

The other party enjoys flights and cruise ships whose destination is the city of St. Petersburg, which is usually regarded in Russia as the northern capital. This capital is known for its beauty, its suspension bridges every night give way to vessels sailing by Ela Neva, museums, etc. . . Unlike Moscow all highways in St.

Petersburg are the most clear because most of the population re Russia has been concentrated in Moscow. A consequence of that the air there is cleaner, less polluted. In addition to the destinations mentioned some foreign tourists prefer to travel by train through Russia from the west to the east, this saying, go by train across Russia by the Siberian, and other cruise lovers, travel the Volga in the boat but costs 3550 euro or more. As for public transport buses circulate in Moscow, troleibuses, trams and metro which is defined as the Underground Railroad. Go by bus or tram troleibus costs 17 rubles. The subway costs a little more expensive-19 rubles. Tickets are sold at the box office. At the conclusion of the article makes no mention that prices in Moscow are considered as one of the highest in Europe. I think the page dedicated to his interests these days I'm in the creation and promotion of the web. I have desire to present useful information for everyone. In order that I created the website in question in Russia and especially the city of Moscow. You may be interested in particular.