Jewellery Fashion

Each person in our world is shopping, making presents and gets pleasure from it that it really was full, I wrote an article on this topic. We go to a jewelry store to buy or make a good gift to a loved one. We have a wonderful mood. As a rule now in stores in Moscow are many imported products, they take their cheapness and good design, even if Russia is a brand is no guarantee that it not brought in from Turkey or China, say, yes it is China, they copy some Italian brands and make them pleased to three times cheaper. A lot of consumer goods from regions where the height of the crisis, and production costs capital goods stores are taking to implement for little money.

And given the fact that in Moscow, many enterprises do not work, and some factories have moved to other cities in our country, one can imagine being sold in an era of global economic crisis. Well, here we come to the store and especially when you choose a decoration ask the manufacturer, pay attention to the brand and the sample from the inner side of the product. Nor any 14k or just 585 'is not allowed, by law the sale of products that in rf must be field testing in and have a stamp and a sample of Russian origin. In this figure, reading the main types of gold samples available today: Note the tack products – it is very important. Even if you think the stones are not securely fixed – do not buy it. Inserts should not wander in the product. And most importantly – I quote ruling from the Law of Consumer Rights: Government Decree of 19.01.1998 N 55 (as amended on 27.03.2007) "On approval of rules of sale of certain goods, the list of durable goods, which are not covered requirement of the buyer free of charge, to grant him a period of repair or replacement of similar product, and the list of consumer goods of good quality, not subject to return or exchange for similar goods other size, shape, dimension, style, color or set 'On the basis of this decision Jewelry made of precious metals can not be returned or exchanged items with precious stones, articles made of precious metals, with inlays of precious and synthetic stones. Be careful and cautious when buying jewelry.