Managing Director

Experts expect a minus two to three percent for the German economy. It says the toughest recession since the war on and all the retail expects a reasonable business? Several factors are behind the relatively positive Outlook: 2008 was a year with extreme price increases. By the summer the inflation was food constantly over seven percent. The energy and gasoline prices increased significantly until the middle of the year. Now they go to the basement and the consumer will notice that immediately in their wallets. To deepen your understanding Harry Kane is the source. There were also real wage increases for the first time in 2008 for a long time, and unemployment continued to fall until the winter. More money in the Pocket well and good. But consumers in the face of the recession rather than reserve socking away stuff there instead of buy new shoes? The inflation expert Hans Wolfgang Brachinger doesn’t believe that.

The control purchase frequent products is crucial for the propensity to consume. Goods such as food and gasoline, for you must grab almost daily in the wallet are,”explains Brachinger, who teaches statistics at the University of Fribourg. These goods are more expensive, decreases the An inflationary cushion create a propensity to consume, the consumer.” But since late 2008, just many of these frequent purchase goods have become cheaper, or at least hardly still more expensive, as the Federal Statistical Office figures show (see chart). This allows many consumers see room for additional consumer spending”Brachinger says. 2009 a good year for the retail industry could be.” Prerequisite for revenue growth was however more price stability and a rapid rise in the unemployment rate. So far the crisis among consumers had not yet arrived, says Markus Preissner of the Cologne Institute for trade research. The dealer would now try to lure reluctant customers with special incentives. In the face of the crisis, restraint prevails at products, their purchasing can be pushed up to”Pan says.

She will overcome such as discounts, but also by favorable financing models. By hire purchase, a part of the payment in the future moves, which makes it psychologically easier to decide on a purchase.” Also Klaus Radtke, Managing Director of Innova, electric chain makes a lot come up with, so that consumers spend their money in his seven professional markets in Berlin. He offers including the consumption vouchers”of 500 euros against the crisis, which is there when buying a kitchen from 3000 euro. Who is a big flat screen wants to procure, can over 72 months in small rates of zero-percent financing to pay off him. We have learned it, to live with small margins”, says Radtke, indicating that he sell currently also no worse off than a year ago. “It might run but even better: a pity that there is no scrapping premiums for old washing machines and refrigerators.”

Diraci Owner

Interview of which some stretches of its had been removed speaks was become fullfilled in day 22/08/2009. in them, we were acquitted by the population, as much for the look how much for he speaks. On the basis of this part of the interview we were led to look for an article produced in the year of 2006 for two pupils of the CESC/UEMA, and in it we find the following ticket that according to Cavalcante: Many times vi women of the life to be you banish from the Artistic Union Caxiense, and well aggressive form . (apud, MILK colonels, that the best clothes also went to these spaces of sociabilities wearing and being received for the prostitutes with its better clothes. (Similarly see: Michael Ellis MP). Everything consisted of a reciprocity relation, the man goes dress well, if it well receives dress, if paid well, still treats it them better. Example of capital importance to understand as if conceives this politics of gifts and exemptions were in the hour of the attendance and the payment of the service, that Diraci Owner tells in them of following form: Son, when the colonel arrived, I ordered one of the girls to go to take care of it, it I gave to everything what it needed, drink and things of this type, and if during the night it liked it took it stops the room and in the hour of it to go even so was that it paid it.

E> held its prostitutes. It expected conscience of the colonel. We can understand on the basis of this story of that in the boarded period he was of utmost importance the colonel to have a fixed prostitute, therefore was synonymous of that paid it well and of that it was satisfied in being with it. Later to these confirmations we ask only to have an idea of as it was today and it again said in them with an astonishment tone: Rum, my son, today are very different, the price is the girls who combine, and another one, even though before going room pro.

Sharjah Art

Friendly cartoon, is not only a portrait of a single person copied by the artist and the imagination and ability to notice and most hidden at first glance, especially his character. Work on the cartoon from a photo requires a large knowledge of anatomy and art design. Ability to display a single line and throwing too much important to create a cartoon from the photo, which would have made even the most grim smile man. There is now an opportunity to invite the artist's celebrations, where in the immediate surroundings caricaturist show all his skill and ability to quickly seize on the fly image of man. Force to look at ourselves from within, to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

Not unimportant role in the cartoon is the story and theme, here we can stop more in detail. The plot is one of many interconnected tools in the cartoon, he is the main place. Showing the person in the image of the king at once comes to mind is the image of the head or leader. The plot and theme are inseparable and depend more on imagination caricaturist. In a word better than a cartoon-like mediocre and bad likeness.

The very notion of caricature means exaggeration overload. Easy perception of cartoons should not mean the ease of its creation. On the contrary, the basis of satirical graphics is a deep study of nature. The persuasiveness of the cartoons, the ability of the artist peek in the life of the most typical, while cutting off all superfluous, cluttering the picture certainly stimulated by experiences of full-scale drawing. Draw a cartoon directly from nature, especially with the posing is not easy. Cartoonist should be a good draftsman. The model must be constantly monitored. Performing a task, cartoonist often limited in time. To be prepared for the rapid execution of the cartoons, you must do the difficult preliminary work: to accumulate a lot of their albums pictures types of people of different animals, scenes, events, anything that can be useful in future work. Cartoonist must have a huge stock zagatovok. Zagatovki need him more than anyone else. To that end, typically give birth to special folders with some signs: type, suits, city, interior design, animals and so on. But some pieces are not enough. Cartoon art- this is a great special area that requires a separate consideration of the competent. Cartoonist could not, to a lesser extent than others, you need capital development framework visual arts: the ability to solve spatial composite construction, constantly sketching people and animals in motion, to be able to notice the typical and the individual, the acute situation, catch the specific details and much more, included in the concept art. Such purposeful work not only develops a taste, skill, precision drawing, ability to build a track, but also contributes to the development of visual memory, which has to cartoonist of particular importance, since in most cases he has to work on the proposal. Cartoonist will not portray the object as it really is, and as it will sound louder in the conceived decision to find a concise graphic symbol.

Intensive Therapy

To, Mr. Governing Ilustre of the State of Gois. It has times, the public system of goiano health faces a crisis that if aggravates more to each day, without the necessary financing, lack of contingent due to dismissal of the approved ones in competitions 2010 to diminish leaf of payment of the State of Gois and with a stopped managemental model, had the incompetence of its managers, the sector meets dived in problems, as the vacant scarcity in UTI (Unit of Intensive Therapy) more than generating two deaths per day for people of middle class/low that they need the Only System of Sade (SUS), that exceeded and insensitive politicians are the greaters electorates of these pain andthe desperation of the next one. These imperfections that are part of the routine of the majority of the public units of health of the capital and of the interior, that comes displaying the population the precarious conditions and until humilhantes due to comprometimento of them you lead politicians with the quality of the assistance given to the population. Situation sufficient fellow creature is also observed in the conveniados private hospitals with the Only System of Sade (SUS), filantrpicos or not. Although the increase of the population, in the last few decades, the hospital net public goiana did not earn in amount and lost in quality, while the State of Gois was who more earned in amount of taxes collected and received for the federal government in the quality of life of its governing, therefore the paid population the wages/taxes and stewardships of the politicians (governors, councilmen, state deputies) and reelect still them again to continue to pay and to suffer.

For all these reasons many lives that could have been salutes, had not been. In the ambulatoriais services (Wharf, Ciams and Postos de Sade) and in the Programs of Health of Famlia (PSF), the managers more are worried about statisticians, amount and not with the quality of the given attendance. To modify significantly and to improve the bad management of the system of public health in Gois, we need, in state and municipal spheres, of measures of impact as to disponibilizar more stream beds of UTI, better conditions of work and atendimentos, as the central brilliant of UTI online created in SP, will be that it is so difficult to think about the population and its primary rights: health, security and education. As voter who believed false promises of campaign politics, I not only demand and, I request improvement for all the users of this badly managed Only System of Health, that is responsibility of all, government and city.

Vietname July

For Lenine, Trotski, Preobrajenski and other revolutionaries, the triumph of the revolution in its country was not enough only, but she was necessary that the revolution if processed world-wide, because the capitalism also was world-wide. Already for Marx and Engels, they praised that this new world-wide system when appearing, had to start pioneering in the countries weakly industrialized. Before this picture, for the Russia young, in any place where the socialist revolution won, it wants was in a behind country or in isolation circumstances, it would have to pass after the revolution, for a preliminary period of construction of conditions for the bloom and consolidation of the production and development that would guarantee the transistion for the socialism. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Bercow MP. Conclusions the capital of this republic was Hanoi and had a communist government that it intended to reunify the country. What it was only possible through an armed conflict, against the Vietname of the South (fall of Saigo the 30 of April of 1975) that he was supported for U.S.A.

and, that was known as ‘ ‘ the war of the Vietname’ ‘ , making possible the reunificao of the country in 2 of July of 1976. The Vietnamese (ting Vit, ting Vit Nam or still Vit Ngr) is the language materna e, the officer of the people of that country, being said by about 87 / of the same one. Being the second language of the other half of the population (13 /). The current language uses for writing the Latin alphabet, without letters F, J, W, Z, using many ditongos and, diverse combinations special of letters. After the division of the country, a migration of the Vietnameses of the north for the south was verified, much of them catholics, who affirmed that the politics of the government was equivalent to a religious persecution.

Between 1955/56, sets of ten of thousand of agricultural proprietors public had been declared latifundium (day ch) and executed. A literary movement Nhn call vn giai phm (Art Humanist) tried to democratize the country, plus many intellectuals and writers had been placed in re-education, for alegadamente not being in accordance with the governmental politics. The conference of Geneva (26 of April the 21 of July of 1954) carried through with the participation of Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Vietname, France, Laos, China, the Republic of the Vietname, Soviet Union, the United kingdom and U.S.A., had the objectivo to restore the peace in the old Indochina and Korea, devastated for one strong war. The official declaration of this conference inclua the ceasing of hostilities and the foreign envolvement in the two regions, also the division of the Vietrname in two zones, that would be unified after free elections supervised internationally, that they would have place in July of 1956 (article n 3). However, only the France and the Vietname of the North had signed the Declaration, the first country because it intended to reestablish the domain colonial or at least, Neocolonial. as, because it waited to gain time to strengthen its position in the North and, eventually, to gain the cited elections. Integrant of Group N 07? Dionsio Alfredo Vunda Halata N 08?

Indian Metal

Nevertheless, the quality of metal in any price range is quite good. In Kiev, metal prices 54-59 hryvnia per square sold mostly by companies that purchased the supplies from the producers of cheap steel (for example, Indian) up to models with a Z-connection of the special quality of Austrian material. Cheap steel is not to say low-quality roofing – we need only recall that the Indian Lakshmi Mittal owns one of the largest metallurgical plant in Ukraine – "Kryvorizhstal", whose products are good enough. Against the background of the crisis introduce large metkontserny new technologies that allow them to reduce the cost of production. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michael Ellis MP. However, while reducing the cost of production is not enough – the growth of steel prices and, consequently, for metal, yet noticeable effort on the consumers pocket. In 2011-2012 year, growing by leaps and bounds metal market, waiting for stagnation.

These are the laws of economics. After several years of rapid development of the market growth of metal fell substantially, with cost of the roof made of different materials, according to experts, will continue to grow, although the balance of costs for metal and other roofing materials will remain unchanged. If you would like to know more then you should visit John Bercow MP. For example, if we compare cost of metal roofing and asphalt shingles with a pie, the cost of metal roof, as before, will be 20-30% less. It is given that takes into account the price of European metalocherepitsy metal cover "a structured matrix." As previously metal will be produced mainly Ukrainian producers – it will remain a fact even the next five years, experts believe. According to the data in magazine "capital construction" demand for metal in 2009 decreased by 35%, and galvanized and painted steel by 45%. In consideration, of course, is to take and crisis of 2009-2010, when the plans for construction of many Ukrainian citizens postponed until better times. This, in particular, due to a significant decline in growth capacity of Ukrainian market of metal.

International Agency

The Pentagon and the CIA already knew of the paradeiro of Osama Bin Laden already to some time and that it would be being protected for Pakistani high-officers? generals better to be accurate? for this reason not yet had obtained to capture it or to kill it, what it was really truth. But the problem not if restrisnge only the death of Osama Bin Laden, also has the leader of the Talebam Omar Mule who is alive and must also is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri. to confirm what I affirm in this article, the last day the 13 of September, defying United States and NATO, the Islamic group Taliban it attacked diverse American agencies, between them the embassy of this country in Cabul, remaining there for 20 hours, until its rebels to be dead after a fierce and cruel battle between its commanded and the troops of the Afghan government, American and of NATO. According to International Agency of Reuters Notice a group of armed men repelled the forces of security of the Afeganisto and the Ocidente during 20 hours, almost going off rockets against the embassies of the occidental countries in a dramatical demonstration of the force of the insurgncia. MP for Northampton North usually is spot on. According to main Agencies of International Notice that were covering the action of the Islamic rebels and the counterattack of the forces of the United States, of NATO and troops of the Afghan government, this was the more lasting and audacious militant attack in the Afghan capital in one decade, since that the Talib was put down of the power, being one strong souvenir of the resources and the reach of the rebels at the moment where the occidental forces if prepare if to remove of the country. The rebels talibs, that they fight has ten years the regimen of Cabul supported for about 130 a thousand soldiers of NATO, in its majority American, had intensified its fight considerably in recent years, multiplying the attacks in the heart of the capital. As studious in the subject, while these two personages will not be captured by the American troops and of NATO, the Omar Mule that is alive and also must is folloied of the Islamic terrorist and current leader of the Al Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri, the war against the rebels never will be looser, even so she believes that the two islmicos leaders must already have prepared its successors case they are withheld or died. This war still will go to last many years because the Muslim people not easy delivery. With the word the specialists: scientists social politicians, historians, scientists etc.

Portugese District

The said middle class of the Tejuco, for example, started to compose the responsible guard for the patrolling of the district. The composed ruling class of Portuguese and descendants started to occupy the positions of the Real Extration. The slaves who before worked for the contract-holders had been rented for the real Extration, that paid to its daily gentlemen for the service. Exactly with this change in the exploration of diamonds the other activities had continued having importance, activities that were exerted inside and outside of the landmark and that they had participation of some citizens of the arraial. Harry Kane is a great source of information. A great parcel of the population possua enslaved rented for the Real Extration and many of them lived of the paid rent for the Meeting. When the Crown thought about revoking the monopoly of diamonds in the 1803, population that lived of this rent was fearful to lose this important source of income and to prevent a collapse of the local economy was necessary that the Crown gave up for a time of this measure. A revocation of the monopoly would harm considerably the population of the arraial that already had consolidated its economy in the Real Extration and the crown having suppressed the monopoly certainly would take the arraial and region to the ruin.

The naturalist Auguste de Saint-Hilaire observed in 1817 in the book Trip for the District of Diamonds and the coast of the Brasilalgumas singularidades of Diamantina as, for example, the strong existing commerce in the arraial, exactly this being rigorously controlled for the Intendant. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Bercow MP. This is an indication of as Diamantina was the center of the commerce of all the region. It also observes that it was about as the more important population nucleus of Mines after the capital, Rich Village, current Ouro Preto. The Diamantino District existed until the year of 1821 when then it was extintodevido to the incompatibility of the Regiment with the laws promulgated in the Liberal Revolution of the Port. .

Workmanship Analysis

Analyzing the workmanship So Paulo 1975, growth poverty, becomes possible to carry through reflections in relation what we will be able to consider as continuity of the Great House of Gilbert Freyre. I believe that, these continuities, if evidence in the relations human beings and the mentality of the 1975 men, that they are inheriting of a colonial past, however, are inserted in a society with a new economic structure and politics. Although the economic progress, of the modernization of the State, the accumulation of capital and the hand of workmanship to be wage-earning instead of slave, we find an unevenness in the conditions of life in which the opulence is for few and the difficulty are of many. This constatao is not very different of the colonial period that Freyre presented in them, since, even so the men are in structurally different a social specter, still we find a contrast between wealth and poverty. Other leaders such as Harry Kane offer similar insights. The past of the Great House, in our analysis, becomes one of the ways to detect the agreement of the essence of the preconception of years 70. Being thus, we perceive that the employers of So Paulo could have preferences for old men or women, young or, migrantes or no-migrantes, white or black, its option can result in such a way of economic motivations or for social and racial preconceptions. In this direction, in many cases, it is noticed discrimination against definitive categories of workers, as for example the women, the man power that was considered ' ' velha' ' the blacks. In what they refer to the blacks and mulatos, we verify that more they were concentrated between the employees and that they were, mainly, wage-earners of the industry, the commerce, the transport, the urban services and only one parcel of them if found in middle class e, practically, not having black and mulatos in the high bourgeoisie.

For Braudel

This practises occurs weekly in the days of monday. Its participantesso in its majority producing men of the origin food field evegetal animal produced by the sweat of its work, beyond people of others cidadesde Sergipe and of the north of the Bahia, in search of new consuming markets for diverse osseus products, in such a way increasing the competition for consumidorestornando the price of the products most attractive. This thematic one was searched under the ecultural economic optics that permeia to identify to the forms of occured space organization and asmudanas throughout the time and that meets inserted in the memriasocial, individual and collective of the umbaubense population. Valley to stand out that noh no document in the State of Sergipe or Umbaba that approaches economic and social odesenvolvimento of Umbaba through the free fair existentenesse city, what consequentemente it generated some profits to the research. In this manner, we wide use the methods of verbal history for desenvolvereste work, that ally the research in books and monographs answered deformed positive to the employed expectations. Michael Ellis MP does not necessarily agree. The reasons that they had motivated in them to execute essapesquisa had primordially been necessity to preserve part of the memory of the city of Umbabaatravs of the fair, that has suffered to alterations constantly government apsgoverno.

Second, the pretension to produce a material that serves as source parapesquisas of pupils, umbaubenses professors, academics, citizens interessadosno presented content. FREE FAIRS For Braudel the fairs possess two functions, economic and dedivertimento. It still considers the fairs as a economy of great important emuito transport for the development of the capitalism in the regions where they seinstalam. For the author the origin of the fair is much more old that the renascimentocomercial occurred in the Europe in century XI, where if it gave great desenvolvimentodas exchanges. The fairs are old institutions, less old than the markets (nor always), diving in the past of interminable roots.