Sharjah Art

Friendly cartoon, is not only a portrait of a single person copied by the artist and the imagination and ability to notice and most hidden at first glance, especially his character. Work on the cartoon from a photo requires a large knowledge of anatomy and art design. Ability to display a single line and throwing too much important to create a cartoon from the photo, which would have made even the most grim smile man. There is now an opportunity to invite the artist's celebrations, where in the immediate surroundings caricaturist show all his skill and ability to quickly seize on the fly image of man. Force to look at ourselves from within, to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

Not unimportant role in the cartoon is the story and theme, here we can stop more in detail. The plot is one of many interconnected tools in the cartoon, he is the main place. Showing the person in the image of the king at once comes to mind is the image of the head or leader. The plot and theme are inseparable and depend more on imagination caricaturist. In a word better than a cartoon-like mediocre and bad likeness.

The very notion of caricature means exaggeration overload. Easy perception of cartoons should not mean the ease of its creation. On the contrary, the basis of satirical graphics is a deep study of nature. The persuasiveness of the cartoons, the ability of the artist peek in the life of the most typical, while cutting off all superfluous, cluttering the picture certainly stimulated by experiences of full-scale drawing. Draw a cartoon directly from nature, especially with the posing is not easy. Cartoonist should be a good draftsman. The model must be constantly monitored. Performing a task, cartoonist often limited in time. To be prepared for the rapid execution of the cartoons, you must do the difficult preliminary work: to accumulate a lot of their albums pictures types of people of different animals, scenes, events, anything that can be useful in future work. Cartoonist must have a huge stock zagatovok. Zagatovki need him more than anyone else. To that end, typically give birth to special folders with some signs: type, suits, city, interior design, animals and so on. But some pieces are not enough. Cartoon art- this is a great special area that requires a separate consideration of the competent. Cartoonist could not, to a lesser extent than others, you need capital development framework visual arts: the ability to solve spatial composite construction, constantly sketching people and animals in motion, to be able to notice the typical and the individual, the acute situation, catch the specific details and much more, included in the concept art. Such purposeful work not only develops a taste, skill, precision drawing, ability to build a track, but also contributes to the development of visual memory, which has to cartoonist of particular importance, since in most cases he has to work on the proposal. Cartoonist will not portray the object as it really is, and as it will sound louder in the conceived decision to find a concise graphic symbol.

Intensive Therapy

To, Mr. Governing Ilustre of the State of Gois. It has times, the public system of goiano health faces a crisis that if aggravates more to each day, without the necessary financing, lack of contingent due to dismissal of the approved ones in competitions 2010 to diminish leaf of payment of the State of Gois and with a stopped managemental model, had the incompetence of its managers, the sector meets dived in problems, as the vacant scarcity in UTI (Unit of Intensive Therapy) more than generating two deaths per day for people of middle class/low that they need the Only System of Sade (SUS), that exceeded and insensitive politicians are the greaters electorates of these pain andthe desperation of the next one. These imperfections that are part of the routine of the majority of the public units of health of the capital and of the interior, that comes displaying the population the precarious conditions and until humilhantes due to comprometimento of them you lead politicians with the quality of the assistance given to the population. Situation sufficient fellow creature is also observed in the conveniados private hospitals with the Only System of Sade (SUS), filantrpicos or not. Although the increase of the population, in the last few decades, the hospital net public goiana did not earn in amount and lost in quality, while the State of Gois was who more earned in amount of taxes collected and received for the federal government in the quality of life of its governing, therefore the paid population the wages/taxes and stewardships of the politicians (governors, councilmen, state deputies) and reelect still them again to continue to pay and to suffer.

For all these reasons many lives that could have been salutes, had not been. In the ambulatoriais services (Wharf, Ciams and Postos de Sade) and in the Programs of Health of Famlia (PSF), the managers more are worried about statisticians, amount and not with the quality of the given attendance. To modify significantly and to improve the bad management of the system of public health in Gois, we need, in state and municipal spheres, of measures of impact as to disponibilizar more stream beds of UTI, better conditions of work and atendimentos, as the central brilliant of UTI online created in SP, will be that it is so difficult to think about the population and its primary rights: health, security and education. As voter who believed false promises of campaign politics, I not only demand and, I request improvement for all the users of this badly managed Only System of Health, that is responsibility of all, government and city.


The images are several with which the city of Parnamirim if makes remembered: the urban and agricultural Church of Santana, families, towns, farms and its environments in which it was custom to have annual celebrations and parties as the Parties of Are Joo, Parties of July, Vaquejadas, Passover, Christmas, New Year and Carnival. Beyond the first families who represented the cultural life of Parnamirim, already cited in previous chapters, also it has the agricultural places that, in the past, very they had been commented: the farms and properties that had always had prominence for being addresses of picnics, excursions and vacation of students of the region. Beyond these farms and towns of Angicos, Caiara and Poo of Fumo, rivers and streams of the Well of the Door and Barrage of the Brgida, next to the headquarters to the city, they had other places for where was custom of children and grandsons of the pioneers to come back of the capital in vacation. Among these they are still distinguished Humait, Belmonte, Quixad, Mandassaia, Spring, Quixaba, Palestine, Canafstula, Sipaba, Surubim, Timbaba, Are Joaquin, Are Domingos, Guarani and Farm of the Pear trees, these last most distant ones of the headquarters, in the direction of the New Land city. In the urban zone of Parnamirim, some commercial establishments that before had in the main streets, today are only souvenirs or possess other names, such as: the Store of Z Magalhes, the Market of Manoel Lopes, the Restaurant of Elcira, the Coffee of Anazite and the Bar of Give, points that symbolized the nocturnal urban life of the 1962 city the 1972.

Showing its resistance, the only store that still if finds, in the same place, ampler and brought up to date it is the Store of Lurdes Owner Rasp. However, the public places of functioning of the public agencies and building, such as: City hall, Public Library, schools and pharmacy, as well as squares, gardens, hotels, restaurants, bars, road and dams, which are part only of the memory of some. Everything moved of place, even though the building of colonial architecture that represented the memory of the city more does not exist. But it remains the souvenir of the Club Recreativo Bosom that started to be school and today it holds the Secretariat of Education and the Public Library. The Clubs Dawn and the Palhoa still receive the livened up ones from the city in festive occasions, however, although what it exists, perceive that it lacks the preservation notion and the incautiousness for the common wealth, beyond the absence of commitment in conserving the historicidade of these environments, these factors are capable to erase monuments, erasing lives, with the danger to lose the cultural identity and to signal for the threat to have that to recriar a reference any as history.

Historical Construction

But in the truth this settling did not bring benefits for they, therefore the indians had been expulsos of its lands, taking off all its rights. The didactic books do not show the other side of the annihilating settling, it aim at it shows the parts of conquests, of the huge and glorious moments, the miscegenation that had after the contact as the black and the indian in the period of slavery. It is possible to see the influence of the marxists in history, through its theoretical chains that the society took to reflect the spaces existing its return, something that remained throughout the centuries. We perceive the presence of the positivista and tecnicista education that aims at an objective education, direct of fast formation of people who if prepare for the demands of the markets of works. Therefore in the present time few changes had occurred, therefore each time more the people if prepare for the competition and qualification of the work demands existing, searching the capital, primordial factor of the social reality, politics and economy of our society. In the present time we can notice that the school is a way of construction of social identities, that if destines to the intention to place the main values of a society in emphasis. However we notice difficulties in the implantation of such ideas in the schools; therefore we do not perceive the desire of the pupils in the search of the concretion of the national values. Thus it is clearly the importance of history, in the transferences of information, a primordial factor in the development of the society, that obtained to orient through data politicians, social and religious, a study of behaviors of the past, which are reflected in the daily life.

The history education is favorable for construction of critical and constructive a society, that obtained to identify to the ruptures and paradigm in addition in the o process of development of its nationality, of the social environment where it lives, of facts that must be considered excellent in the maintenance of the order of social group. From this fact we notice the importance of history as something of great value in transformation of the cultural space. In way to the historical construction the historian has the paper to transfer and to fix the identities, through pedagogical and didactic methods; becoming essential in the formation of individuals that at least has the citizenship notion; having the conscience of its duties and rights which had later contributed for the identification of its native land or nation that for happiness remains as reflected through the times. However the time is not something basic, in this process, thus notices that we do not need to worry about the chronological spaces placing in I exaggerate, as something vital in the history that is present in its evolution and construction of a permanent identity. Therefore it is visible that the historical landmarks and the metamorphoses that the societies had suffered throughout the centuries; something basic in the construction and formularization of our nation, been it and of the present pertaining to school education is in the present time.

Industrial Revolution

In 1723, in the Esccia, was born one of the most important economic thinkers who the world had notice? Adam Smith. Son of a typical family of middle class, since very early the figure of Smith characterized itself for its distraction and to the 16 years he was to study in Oxford, in England. It is considered the father of the modern Economy and the most important theoretician of economic liberalism. In full Industrial Revolution? 1776? it published a book that is considered the landmark of the Economic Theory? ' ' The Wealth of the Naes' ' , which served of theoretical base for the expansion of the industrial capitalism. In accordance with Adam Smith the auto-interest of a free society would provide the form fastest of a nation to reach the progress and the economic growth. In its liberal opinion the biggest obstacle to this economic progress would be the interventionism of the State in the Economy; therefore, for it, would exist one ' ' hand invisvel' ' that auto-it would regulate the market. That is, for Adam Smith if the market it was left in peace for governments it would always remain itself in balance. This it called of ' ' Laissez-Faire' '.

For it would fit to the State only three functions: (a) the establishment and the maintenance of justice; (b) the national defense; (c) the creation and the public maintenance of certain workmanships and institutions, which were not of private interest. It was radically against any restriction to the economic freedom that led to the monopoly of market. ECONOMY? Basic concepts the Economy studies the way for which the society distributes the limited resources of the Land for the insaciveis appetites of human beings e, in this scene, ' ' oferta' ' ' ' demanda' ' (it looks for) they are the operating forces. In what it is called ' ' point of equilbrio' ' , the market price allows that the offered amount is equal to the demanded amount.

The Mobile Phone As A Professional Tour Guide

5000 + free tours on topographic maps. Good news for all bikers and hikers who don’t quite know where. Over the phone, they now have access to over 5000 professionally prepared tours with description, attractions, distance and time information on high-quality topographic maps. The GPS function of the phone is used by the free application particularly helpful. The Swiss online service with its approximately 125’000 visitors per month brings GPS mobile its professional tours service now also on Windows Mobile phones.

The Clou: Thanks to the GPS integration not only the tourists know always exactly where’s to go. About the protected friends feature can also cantons or route contrary follow always, where is the mobile owner just penetrate. Official topographic maps of pleasure preparing the detailed topographic maps, which are transmitted continuously and automatically align itself at the location of the user the contact, geo-Cachern and nature lovers. For little money also fixed on the phone stored that maps (Topo Germany maps free of charge). The tours were all tourism editors checked and edited. In addition, the user but also their own tours, and status reports can upload and download. Easy to install of GPS-tracks mobile can be the easiest way to install on Windows Mobile phones (from version 5.0) via SMS: SMS with keyword Guide target number 966 (Switzerland – CHF 0.40/SMS) or 42444 (Germany – 0.19/SMS).

The four-language application and the use of the data are free of charge; the costs for the data transmission are marginally suitable Telecom contract. More information under: mobile phone via is an online tourist service of the Chamer GEO tracks GmbH, the leading supplier geo-referenced data for mountain bike, bicycle, hiking, Alpine, ski and snowshoe tours. The GEO tracks GmbH operates data services for tourist organizations and private users online. In addition to the two main shareholders Also the Swiss cycling is Christian Steiner and Eduard Amrhein (Swiss cyclists federal) involved in GEO-tracks. This media information are available together with appropriate photographs and illustrations on the Internet at. Are happy to provide further information to media professionals: Christian Steiner, GEO tracks GmbH, Seestrasse of 5, 6330 Cham email: Cham, 15th April 2009