Historical Construction

But in the truth this settling did not bring benefits for they, therefore the indians had been expulsos of its lands, taking off all its rights. The didactic books do not show the other side of the annihilating settling, it aim at it shows the parts of conquests, of the huge and glorious moments, the miscegenation that had after the contact as the black and the indian in the period of slavery. It is possible to see the influence of the marxists in history, through its theoretical chains that the society took to reflect the spaces existing its return, something that remained throughout the centuries. We perceive the presence of the positivista and tecnicista education that aims at an objective education, direct of fast formation of people who if prepare for the demands of the markets of works. Therefore in the present time few changes had occurred, therefore each time more the people if prepare for the competition and qualification of the work demands existing, searching the capital, primordial factor of the social reality, politics and economy of our society. In the present time we can notice that the school is a way of construction of social identities, that if destines to the intention to place the main values of a society in emphasis. However we notice difficulties in the implantation of such ideas in the schools; therefore we do not perceive the desire of the pupils in the search of the concretion of the national values. Thus it is clearly the importance of history, in the transferences of information, a primordial factor in the development of the society, that obtained to orient through data politicians, social and religious, a study of behaviors of the past, which are reflected in the daily life.

The history education is favorable for construction of critical and constructive a society, that obtained to identify to the ruptures and paradigm in addition in the o process of development of its nationality, of the social environment where it lives, of facts that must be considered excellent in the maintenance of the order of social group. From this fact we notice the importance of history as something of great value in transformation of the cultural space. In way to the historical construction the historian has the paper to transfer and to fix the identities, through pedagogical and didactic methods; becoming essential in the formation of individuals that at least has the citizenship notion; having the conscience of its duties and rights which had later contributed for the identification of its native land or nation that for happiness remains as reflected through the times. However the time is not something basic, in this process, thus notices that we do not need to worry about the chronological spaces placing in I exaggerate, as something vital in the history that is present in its evolution and construction of a permanent identity. Therefore it is visible that the historical landmarks and the metamorphoses that the societies had suffered throughout the centuries; something basic in the construction and formularization of our nation, been it and of the present pertaining to school education is in the present time.