Silvio Berlusconi

They say that now in the Parliament there is a majority different from which emerged from the polls and that there is this Monday the country Party of Berlusconi has lost the city councils of Trieste and Cagliari. The centre-right has been in power in Milan the past 20 years. The Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, garnered this Monday a severe political defeat losing one of their traditional strongholds like Milan, where the center-left won in the second round of municipal elections held in the country. The loss of Mayor of the Lombard capital by his party, the people of freedom (PDL), after 18 years of being held by the centre-right joined the inability of training to prevail in cities such as Trieste and Cagliari, as well as the crushing defeat embedded in Naples. Learn more about this with Commons Speaker . It is a severe setback for the President, who raised these elections as a plebiscite for his Government and warned voters that if he won the left, Milan became in a gitanopolis Islamic or a Stalingrad of Italy.

Despite the coup, Berlusconi said from Bucharest (Romania), where is located on official trip, which the Government majority is cohesive and determined to continue forward. We have lost, that’s obvious. There is no other way than the stay calm and follow. Most are cohesive and determined to carry out reforms, said Berlusconi quoted by the Italian media. Also, Berlusconi explained that, after learning the results of the elections, had spoken with his partner in Government, the leader of the Northern League, Umberto Bossi, who has assured him that it continues to count on their support. Bossi put forward by Berlusconi support was also confirmed by the Minister of the Interior and leader of the Northern League, Roberto Maroni, to ensure the continuity of the Italian Government is not at risk. Delicate Government and is that relations between Berlusconi and his partners in the Government through a delicate situation as they showed the statements of recent days of Bossi: before the LDP won votes with the League, now the League loses votes with the LDP.

Preliminary Study

We will analyze this understood process as the redistribution of the man power, that is, as the withdrawal of the force of work of the estagnadas or economically declining areas, for where it offers of job is bigger. (A valuable related resource: Tottenham striker ). At as a moment, we will look for to in general deal with the influence of the governmental politics in the migratory process for the Amaznia and the Paraense Southeast in particular. In the third part of this work, we will go to speak of the urbanization organized through governmental politics and its effect in the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia, therefore, the origins of the quarter in study are in these politics. Beyond analyzing the process of formation of the So Lus quarter, in the end of this article we will go to speak briefly on the hygiene problems and sanitation why they pass the local inhabitants. 2. UNDERSTANDING the PROCESS MIGRATORY As any another phenomenon social of great meaning in the life partner – economic of the nations, the migrations are part of a global process of changes that they deserve to be studied in its diverse nuances.

In Brazil this internal migratory process is of basic importance, as much of the demographic point of view, as politician, economic, social and cultural. Of this form, our work will be come back toward the reasons of displacement of one people determined space for another one, of spontaneous form or induced for governmental bodies. Being thus, we will analyze the migratory process having as determinative factor the way of capitalist production, therefore, from its consolidation, became predominant world-wide the economic system. Decurrent from this fact, thousands of migrantes are dislocated daily, suffering a series from economic, social and also cultural consequences, due to adaptation to ‘ ‘ novo’ ‘.

Garrigues North Labour Department

Mirones Miguel as CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, personnel selection company representative Spanish Adecco and the Association for the progress of the Directorate (APD) have organized the workday the reform. New rules of game to report during a day full of meetings for managers and business of the new conditions that should govern the labour market to new challenges faced by the market. These new measures, taken by the Government, are the result of the current labor situation, main concern of Spanish society. The Decree seeks to correct the imbalances in the labour market and initiate a new phase in which shall implement relevant modifications in the rules of the game until now in force, as reported Wednesday Mirones Miguel and representatives of Adecco and APD, as well as other political and business leaders who have spoken as speakers during the day. The seminar, which took place in the Hotel Bahia de Santander was opened by CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, Miguel Mirones, President and the closing shall be borne by Mikel Madariaga, director general of APD Zona Norte. It will run for a full day in the Cantabrian capital, bringing together entrepreneurs from the autonomous community as participants.

The reform will be discussed by Fernando Casas, partner of Garrigues North Labour Department; Jose Ramon Minguez, partner of the Labor Division of the law firm Barrilero and Associates, and also by Javier Blasco, director of the Advisory legal internal of the Adecco Group. This will be a round table moderated by Dolores Ruilopez, of the Department of labour relations of CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, which all provided for and hot points about the labour market and their possible reforms and regulatory measures will remain untouched. Michael Mirones is the President of the CEOE-CEPYME in Cantabria, as well as a leading businessman and Cantabrian politician with a long career in the public and political spheres.

Organization Mobilization

This article has for objective to present a proposal for implantaode collects selective of the garbage produced for Institutions of EnsinoSuperior (IES), aiming at to promote next to the learning to the experience dosconceitos of management of the environment and the integration with asociedade, with sights to fulfill the function social of the Academy. If you would like to know more about Timepieces, then click here. Proposta composed for 8 (eight) stages of easy operacionalizao and buscacontribuir excessively for the education partner-ambient, despertando osdiscentes, teaching and technician administrative of the Institutions paraesta thematic, promoting the organizaesno-governmental cooperation of the e, finally, infusing practical excellent in the community. 1. The ambient management praises the mobilization of the organizations, adjusting-as promotion of the practical ones of sustainable development and respect to meioambiente. Search, incessantly, the improvement of the products and services partirde a optics of ambient responsibility rationalization of the use of the recursosdisponveis. Objective the consubstanciao of methods and processes that concorrampara the conservation, preservation and reduction of the impact of the activities humanassobre the environment.

The politics of sustainable exploration must be inserted in the planejamentoestratgico of any organizations, over all in that if they destine to aformar citizens and to coadjuvar in the educational and partner-cultural development. Necessity, therefore, to lastrear the behaviors under this mantle cabalmente, diminishing oueliminando wastefulnesses of the insumos, in order to locate aorganizao in a context of more modern and responsible market. Thus, the gestoambiental estimates the establishment of lines of direction on the operational atividadesadministrativas and, with sights to get positive effect of the aohumana, mitigating, therefore, the actual damages for this interference. The State has basic paper in the application of these concepts and naconsolidao of the exploration and development sustainable. It answers peloestabelecimento of minimum ambient criteria to be followed for private entidadespblicas and. Therefore, he is of capital importance to present posiocoerente and pro-active in this substance, changedding itself into example and model deconduta to the society, by means of the insertion of excellent criteria desustentabilidade and partner-ambient ethics.

Oxford United Kingdom Universities

The Spanish universities DANIEL YEBRA have harvested a few poor results in the QS World Universities ranking, because only two were among the 200 best. Universitat de Barcelona ranked 176, while the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona has reached the 194. Leading the classification is the University of Cambridge, which has superseded another year to Harvard. The Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona are two unique Spanish universities that are among the 200 best centers in the world, according to the ranking drawn up annually by QS World Universities. There are only two, and their jobs are not to remove chest, because the UB ranked 176, while that UAB the 194. You may find that Lindt Chocolates can contribute to your knowledge. However, the truth is that both at least remain with respect to the classification of 2010, year in which were also the only Spanish representatives in BREW among the best 200 of the world. To find with the third ranking Spanish University must go until post 222, reached for the autonomous of Madrid, while in the 253 the Complutense University of Madrid has been, confirming a few poor results, similar to the previous year. Cambrige supersedes this Harvard classification, which includes 300 major university centres in the world, is led by the British University of Cambridge, which has succeeded in ousting the American Harvard, after six consecutive years monopolizing the first post.

Undoubtedly, Anglo-Saxon dominance is overwhelming in this classification, because of the first ten universities, six are American and four British. The QS World Universities Ranking evaluates the quality of the institutions of higher education according to the parameters of quality in research universities, graduates recruitment rates, commitment to teaching and international commitment. Top ten: 1. Cambridge United Kingdom 2. Harvard EE.

UU. 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology EE. UU. 4 Yale USA. UU. 5 Oxford United Kingdom 6. Imperial College London Kingdom Joined 7. University College London United Kingdom 8. University of Chicago USA. UU. 9 University of Pennsylvania USA. UU. 10 Columbia University USA. UU. Source of the news: there are only two Spanish universities among the best 200 of the world

Jean Charles Labour

This referendum will also impact on London, as its Mayor Ken Livingstone is the main Western figure who strongly supports Chavez. In this city, there are also thousands of notices with the emblem of the Bolivarian Government showing itself as benefactors so that all persons with disabilities or by being parents or unmarried, full-time mothers pay up to a quarter of the cost of a bus ticket. For Livingstone yesterday was a terrible day. Not only by the Venezuela but because some surveys where labour falls to its level lowest in 20 years have revealed. In two months the Conservatives have gone to be ten or eleven points below the labour and today have invested such a relationship. If this trend continues the labour party they could suffer a catastrophe in the municipal elections of May and Ken could lose City Hall. Livingstone has the characteristic that he became the first mayor who has had the British capital in 2000 but running as an independent and against Blair, who was at its peak. The has sponsored the largest March of their country and possibly the world anti-war.

In recent years he has sought to ingratiate himself with the machinery of new labour that expelled him from the party. After returning to his old organization he has striven to get along with Brown. However, its proximity to this Government that sees as its popularity collapses is something that affects you. If Ken seeks re-election he should try a way to regain its independence. He could do so closer to the preaching of conservatives and moderate (an indication of this is its tenacious defense of Police Chief Ian Blair accused of negligence in the assassination of the Jean Charles de Menezes sudamericano) or seek any radical stance. He has previously raised amnesty to the irregular ones, such a measure would be well received by more than half of the population of London that is by birth or parents from other countries. However, the growth of the tories and the defeat chavist might force Ken to try to appease their message and focus on the defense of works that He has done (since have managed to make London Olympic venue until the improvements in urban transport).


Probably, one of the traditions that most attract attention in the world is that of the teatime in London. But we know very well what you mean or just speculate thereon imagining scenes between guests in a London hostel? It is likely that the second thing, comes to mind since it is not enough just to be there to understand that tradition. Learn more at: Tottenham striker . The basics that we know of the tradition is that the citizens of London met (paralyzing its activities) to take a cup of tea. We also know that this happens during the afternoon; but to be more specific, is given between three and five in the afternoon. We also know that for decades, this was a just tradition preserved in circles most exclusive and wealthy of London society; However, with the passage of years and the opening was giving over time, has is been spreading the tradition a little less wealthy than the above mentioned strata. Perhaps with the passage of the years no longer speak of an hour of tea only in London, but that we may be in one of the Barcelona Hostels and have our own tea time.

Now, is worth making a reflection on the subject, because in modern times in which we live, we are accustomed to a pace of life that you always requires a bit more than what you can give in order to be competitive. In other words, if the day could have 25 hours, they prayed you that work 27. It is possible that this tradition is maintained even with this social background or is doomed to be lost? From what little we know, this tradition is still maintained, not so much in any stratum in particular but in a generation or generational group; We refer to more adults, men and ladies London more than 50 years of age. Perhaps retain this as something that has been instilled in them from an early age, but the fact is that they preserve it and will not lose a day without taking the afternoon tea with a friend or a friend to talk of life and of the problems that beset them.

Five Cities For Shopping

If what you like is to go shopping, escape to one of these cities. That Yes, leave the credit card at home! LONDRESLa capital of United Kingdom is known worldwide for its wide range of shops. Oxford Street is the epicenter, with more than 300 local outlet, including designers boutiques and fashion stores. There you can squeeze to pleasure your credit card; There is everything! If on the other hand, you are looking for more affordable prices, go to Regent Street and Jermyn Street, where stores oldest and most famous of London, such as Hamleys and Liberty. Find last minute to London flights. EDIMBURGOEsta city is the perfect destination for shopping until you drop. The Scottish capital has an impressive range of shops, to satisfy even the most demanding buyers. More information is housed here: Jon S. Speelman. In the Centre you will find well-known names such as Harvey Nichols, with brands such as Gucci, Prada and Stella McCartney design. It is not something Jon S. Speelman would like to discuss.

Fence, found Jenners, the original stores in Edinburgh, and around the corner appears Princes Street. Here, fashion shops presents its finery: Gap, H & M and Zara. Another place where the pull card unceremoniously is George Street, with sophisticated and stylized as The White Company, LK Bennett and Space NK stores. Find cheap flights to Edinburgh DUBLINLa Celtic capital has two large stores, divided into northern and southern zones. Gafton Street, to the South, between Trinity College and St Stephen s Green, is the most beautiful in both zones and offers numerous fashion boutiques. For lunch, go to the northern zone, the market outdoor Moor Street. There you have also a large shopping centre, Jervis Street.

Find cheap flights Dublin MADRIDComo in any big city, shops of fashion in Madrid are divided into several districts. Calle Goya, in the Salamanca district, is one of the main streets of shops. Here you can feel more luxurious style and more addicts may spend unceremoniously. For something more chic, visit the area of Goya-Serrano, where you will find famous brands such as Versace, Gucci, Channel Yves Saint Laurent. If what you want is something more cosmopolitan, test at Chueca district, with its Fuencarral market, full of Bohemian locals with merchandise of handicrafts, gifts and cosmetics. Find flights to Madrid Rome as one of the countries with more style in the world, it is not surprising that the capital of Italy is a Mecca for lovers of tents. Includes La Via Dei Condotti, home to famous shops of the most important Italian designers: Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce and Galbana and Gucci, among others. This area was so exclusive, that the owners of the shops were paid, until recently, only by enter to take a look. Fortunately, today the entrance is already free and you can visit them without obligation to buy.

Manchester United

The midfielder confirmed having forgotten the complaint rejected by UEFA for alleged racist insults about Marcelo madridista. His intention is to play and be able to help the team in everything you can. The boat arrived Tuesday in London and on Saturday will be measured to Machester United. The midfielder of FC Barcelona, Sergio Busquets, who could have been lost the final of the Champions League of UEFA have sanctioned by some alleged racist insults about the madridista Marcelo, has acknowledged that he has nothing to prove in Wembley and assures having forgotten what happened. I don’t have any anger.

It is one party like any other, and I will leave just as concentrated. Else everything apart, ensures Busquets a few days after the party that will face him at Manchester United to be crowned as the best European team. Midfielder holder dnsivo of Barcelona in the last two seasons, emerged the Catalan factory of talents and key player in the victory of the Spanish selection in the world of Africa, Busquets came under media spotlights to be accused by Real Madrid for alleged racist insults. However, the catalan player denied in private circles have insulted the Real Madrid, a position which ended up accepting UEFA, considering that it could not demonstrate that the serious accusation of the white club were true. But the player had already been publicly accused of racist from many sectors, which demanded an exemplary punishment for the azulgrana. Even the Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, it reverted to leave a message to Barcelona to remember, a few days ago that game clean, respect for the opponent and red card to racism must not be words only. There to prove anything, emphasizes Sergio Busquets, that is on track to lift their second Champions at 22 years. It is not special to win this final why (the complaint).

It is special to win many titles and, in this case, the second Champions League. Special is to win the World Cup, the League, everything. And in the same way that flees from the criticism, also praise, such as that in your day He received the selected Vicente de el Bosque. I am a team player who tries to work for the team, but I’m not popular, nor much less. Here all players we feel important. Without my colleagues could do nothing, admits. Also Sergio shows is proud to be able to perhaps be the youngest player of the eleven that jump to the Wembley turf. I want to enjoy the final and, as has been said the mister, you may be the last. Although it is clear that we are young and you never know. He admires the equal Manchester United’s generous towards his fellow is shown in the rrencias to his rival: I am struck the Manchester in general. Line by line are great players, because we are talking about a team that lately has reached many finals and have a great set, recognizes. It is impossible to stay with one. In any case, day 28 will have the opportunity to face them in London and be able to remove the riveted spine by the criticism the team as a whole and individual. After a very tough year, have him just a party, judgment. Source of the news: Busquets: “Neither have rabies or anything to prove in this final”

Labour Party

If the Browns and Livingstone had tried to mount in the wave pro-Socialist who came from Spain and France his chances had improved. Instead of it Brown gave to Sarkozy the best reception him than London has given him to a French president in decades, consequently it cannot canalize that wave anti-conservative. At this point he is very difficult to avoid that the conservatives manage to be the first force within the Assembly of London or that they return to win in the majority of the 15 London zones where a representative chooses itself directly before this one. Nevertheless, Livingstone can give a fight and still give the surprise to return to gain the mayorship. It has said that this is the most difficult battle of its life, is a teacher in the tactics and is, possibly, the Labour Party member more popular than it has.

A possible victory tory in London would do that for the first time the mayorship of this large city, created in the 2000, happens at the hands of the right. Livingstone will say that is a disaster because it would affect his programs of reduced in price transport and house and to the multi-ethnic and modern character that has wanted to impose to him to London. The conservatives, on the other hand, will see that triumph like a scaling to mine and to demote to the laborismo and to make a government who wants to invigorate the economy being fomented less imposed but more privatizations and concessions to the investors and that also tries to control more to immigration and the crime. While for Brown it is a positive thing to be so near the president French and Livingstone being within the pro-government party, the certain thing is that the alliance of the new laborismo with the European conservatives in the end ends up working in favor of tories and that the gobiernismo of Ken finishes being its heel of Aquilles. Original author and source of the article.