Nothing can be explained without Leo, is the backbone of this team. But Leo doesn’t play only, says Guardiola. At the time, is heard in the locker room: Messi has played better than ever. The feeling of the Barca is Messi has done many more things that score goals and, although it has gotten more than ever, the players know that it has chosen better, the site and the move, which has read the game like never before. He understands the game, he interprets the match.

Choose when you put the turbo, assumes Xavi, the first hug that sought Leo when the referee whistled the end of the match at Wembley. The flea is the box of all the treasures, but knows the Argentine who without peers in the locker room, nothing would be the same. They make me well to me, says happy to have a gang like yours. Source of the news:: the gang of Leo

Beauty Outside

When you suffer from acne, the only thing that you think is how eliminate your dictionary acne forever. If you there is no suffered from acne, let me explain that is that, and why it is so important to delete it. Acne is a condition that usually affects adolescents ages when they are entering puberty, until just youth many times. It is normal that affects people in a manner varied throughout these stages. And all those agencies, is presented in different ways. It is most common in this condition, is that they occur throughout adolescence, rashes commonly called muds or pimples. These are generated on the face and some surrounding areas of the body.

Like the neck or chest. Sometimes these eruptions can be painful. And also suffers his presence in esteem. But this is not something difficult. It is somewhat slow and hardly at will. But with time and appropriate treatments, it is possible to eliminate acne in his life. There are many treatments to remove acne, and they will have to be reviewed properly, each and every one of them day by day. However, it is mandatory to prepare with the proper attitude.

Without it, it may be very far, since acne is a problem that arises due to hormonal imbalance. This makes it part of a stage. Once accepting this, can be directly attacked in their symptoms. Professional trained to give a diagnosis and definitive treatment, is the dermatologist. But, in addition to your treatment, to begin to eliminate acne, follow this simple step. Wash your face three times a day with a mild soap exactly. By simple as it may seem, this will help combat the problem. The attending physician, also indicate you treatment to follow. A method there are 100% natural try and guaranteed to eliminate acne in days, not months. To get rid completely of acne forever, read as I couldn’t do it by clicking here.

San CristobalRegulus Cayuela

EUROPA PRESS the Church repair work would begin this month, but will have to stay ahead of this week by the damage caused by the storm. The aim is that the temple is restored for the Holy week of 2013. The ceiling of the chapel of St. Anthony for the Church of San Cristobal de Lorca loosened this Sunday because of heavy rains in the area. The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, has moved to the temple along with technical specialists from the Department of city planning to analyze state that the Church presents after detachment. Jodar, who has been accompanied by the President of step incarnate, Fulgencio Soler, and the pastor of the Church, Regulus Cayuela, has agreed that the work of emergency to check and repair damage start already this Monday. He also anticipated that the works will not cease until the Church was restored in its entirety, with the objective of the temple to be restored for Easter in 2013, as reported by municipal sources in a statement. And is that the beginning of These works, whose funding pledged to assume the Generalitat Valenciana for the amount of 357.000 euros, was scheduled for this month and therefore anticipates its execution. The Mayor attend this Monday the temple to oversee the start of the work of emergency at the temple. Jodar is next responsible of the Department of culture of the CARM, as well as the Manager of the Foundation Luz de las Imagenes, Carmen Quintero, the architect who drafted the restoration project that will be carried out in the temple, Carles Boigues, technicians from the Department of urbanism, as well as the President of the incarnate step, Fulgencio Soler, and the parish priest of San CristobalRegulus Cayuela. See more: part of the ceiling of the Church of San Cristobal de Lorca collapses by the intense rain