Nothing can be explained without Leo, is the backbone of this team. But Leo doesn’t play only, says Guardiola. At the time, is heard in the locker room: Messi has played better than ever. The feeling of the Barca is Messi has done many more things that score goals and, although it has gotten more than ever, the players know that it has chosen better, the site and the move, which has read the game like never before. He understands the game, he interprets the match.

Choose when you put the turbo, assumes Xavi, the first hug that sought Leo when the referee whistled the end of the match at Wembley. The flea is the box of all the treasures, but knows the Argentine who without peers in the locker room, nothing would be the same. They make me well to me, says happy to have a gang like yours. Source of the news:: the gang of Leo