Language power coupled with success to the power of the flower form a magnificent marriage, a healthy barrier against any environment that can be negatively influencing. Many times family and friends do not understand personal internal times to produce an experience of failure in a way that will be helpful and even when not propose it will become the first barriers against progress. Finally, when it comes to dealing with acting energies in the experience of failure, it is of crucial importance know use the momentum of Gentian in its entirety. A little like take it as remedy and vaccine at the same time. One must be immunized to some aspects of the experience. Using Gentian in its entirety guarantees lasting success and installs a positivist attitude.

This must be taken into account especially in those cheats cases and accomplices of those who, for example, manage to replenish a failure but after a while something that cannot be explained or explained (and that comes in the form of forgetfulness or distraction), drives to make those fatal mistakes again. This something is an energy negativity still open. It is not realistic to aspire to a life without problems or failures. As food, failure is part of life and essential for growth, but the good assimilation of the failure is another matter. It is not a matter of life or death but to obtain the magnificent product of good energy management, or the resulting emotional collapse leaving energy issues fought randomly.

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