Commercial Announcements

One scores at the planning of the product; one is to find a concept winning, without this is not successful. Conceptual test; they are soundings in search of the concept that is the identification characteristic. The information looks for if that is emitted, is perceived as it is tried, according to diverse parameters. These parameters are: the 1 – attraction: a warning that does not draw attention is dead. This becomes by means of diverse test; by means of a false magazine, a magazine with certain things is to him people to see that they choose, this way is moderate " Atraccin".

2 – intelligibility; that is to say, the announcement must be understood. People act based on which she understands. 3- creativity; aid to that the product is accepted with greater firmness. 4- persuacin; the publicity must convince, is not enough to present/display a benefit. For it a reception test is realised, in which several followed announcements of purchase maneuverses appear. The election is the index of purchases or persuacin that have a product. 5 – parameter of the retentive one; the recollection test is applied.

It is requested to him to name different marks and if it is not the exhibited product, that warning is a failure because it does not have to be able of retentive. A warning has to be: attractive, understandable, persuasive, memorable and credible. How they arise good ideas? ; there are prescriptions no to conceive good ideas. What yes it has is an informative prefeeding, that is to say, we must consider: to know the product exautivamente, or reading, informing to us, technical interviews of the company. Therefore so that they appear the good ideas it is necessary to know the product. The advertising communication has two functions: " informar" and " convencer". Here you will find, like constructing Commercial Announcements, musical phrases for jingles, commercial of radio (Podcasts, Spot, Opening); besides other sections in central page: Sports, Computation, Health, Painting, Languages and, articles of quality verified more for your personal and spiritual development. Original author and source of the article.

UN Security Council

In 2003 Washington led the invasion on Iraq on the grounds that this Republic possessed weapons of mass destruction that could launch on Europe in minutes. When he is was discovered that causal bliss of war was false, Bush, Blair and their allies were discrediting and the Iraqi resistance was Mediterranean. A few days ago 16 U.S. intelligence agencies have revealed that Iran since 2003 abandoned its efforts to equip itself with nuclear weapons. This is to be tapped by the ayatollahs to demonstrate that Bush tried to lie to prepare to attack them again. Despite the fact that today France has turned toward support line takes us to Iran, lose weight go towards an offensive military against the Persians.

Bush has been losing popularity and elections to relieve it are in less than 12 months. U.S. is stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has friends like Russia, China, Viet Nam and Libya on the new UN Security Council and his regime has more money, weapons and domestic support that the that Saddam Hussein had. International analyst original author and source of the article.

Chief Economist

It is totally different What is happening in much of the developed countries. In England, public debt is currently located about 54.8% of its GDP. For the worse, the projections for 2010 anticipate that gross public debt in England will reach 66.9% of GDP. But if you are concerned about the volume of debt of England, I must tell you that still does not tell them the worst. Let’s take a breather and see these numbers of public debt to GDP arising from IMF Statistics: France has a public debt of 74.9% (80.3% is expected in late 2010), Germany 79.4% (86.6% for 2010), Italy 115.3% (121,1% for 2010), U.S. 86,98% (97.5% for 2010) and Japan 217,2% (and 227,4% in 2010).

The increase in public debt in developed economies has been really amazing. In an article in five days, Marcos Ezquerra says the amazing case of Spain which has come to have a debt of 36.2% of GDP in 2007 to the current level close to 60% in terms of the product. Does may think that these levels of? debt are sustainable? The reputation that the developed economies have gives them by the time margin to coexist with these levels of debt that had been unleashed already same a crisis in emerging economies. But the reputational capital that have economies is ephemeral and should be reinforced with an urgent change in fiscal policy which tends to reverse deficits urgently. Kenneth Rogoff, who was Chief Economist of the IMF, were encouraged to anticipate the next crisis: is very likely that the public debt will be the trigger for the next crisis.

The Governments of developed countries are currently in a tough crossroads. The warnings made by personalities like Rogoff collide with the need to keep an expansionary fiscal policy to sustain the economic recovery. A fiscal policy that seeks to narrow the deficit can lead to economies to reverse the recovery to return to a recessive context. In this context takes higher value order of Obama addressing global imbalances and ask for a greater commitment to countries like China that have the capacity to contribute to global equilibrium. I imagine that it will have to wait until 2010 where the recovery has begun to gain strength to know what direction take the developed countries in the management of fiscal policy. While the coordination of policies at the international level would be the best result, at least I believe that any signs of fiscal discipline by most committed economies would be positive. A final reflection: the man is the only animal that stumbles twice (and many more) with the same stone. As if were bunnies of india, underdeveloped countries warned with her past experience, many of the situations that are going through the developed world that has failed to capitalise on the experience person. Arrogance or inability? When will suggest them the IMF these economies that take care of the fiscal discipline as it did with Latin American countries? Horacio Pozzo OPPORTUNITY of investment advantage of this crisis to buy. How did the subscribers of our newsletter of investment overall value, than already recovered its cost by investing in companies that we recommend. Do you want to know what? You can try entering here to find out and start investing in our recommended actions that carry 60% of suba. Soon leave the October! You can write me at or for more details. Original author and source of the article.

Internet Online

Many people do not understand why so much savings, perhaps the quality, the refined, protections and are maintained without trust in buying jewelry online. First and foremost, you must remember that each one of the jewels has a seal of guarantee, whenever you purchase a jewel on the Internet, ask your original certificate, it is a safe guarantee. In Navas Joyeros we seek Manager Raul Martin, by inequality in relation to a normal shop price and its main Foundation, is the absence of operational expenses, rent a downtown local, employees, security personnel, among other factors. If to this we add the absence of mediators, the result is a savings, and many times a 60%. Generate competitive values in a market so dilated to a buyer interested and impulse buying diamonds.

And if we gather a few items of great quality at these prices, the purchase becomes much more striking. Another benefit when we talk about buying a diamond over the Internet, is that there are several facilities that we encounter when it comes to deliver the diamonds. Can be sent to the location to be determined, if for example, it is a present from anniversary and not found in his vulgar home. You can also receive it in his work, to prevent the surprise is discovered. For those more dubious and that not be convinced by a picture to acquire the jewels of diamond in the center of Madrid has a showroom, where you can visit to observe previous CITES any particular copy. Subsequently, they will open another in Barcelona, and before the summer, also in the Andalusian capital. In addition, another advantage is that we have two comfortable and secure forms of payment. You can make the payment by bank transfer or by credit card. Raul Martin says that when you make a purchase online, you need to make sure that met certain requirements indispensable, as for example be subscribed in the distance selling companies registration, or have the certificate of entities of known reputation in ecommerce in the factor of trust online.