American Assembly

On Wednesday 8 the London Assembly voted asking the British Government to approve an amnesty to illegal immigrants. The proposer of this motion was twice that Darren Johnson, Green Party mayoral candidate, who was nominated in may Vice-President of the London Assembly, but who will preside over this this month and then year-round from incoming may. Darren Johnson welcomed us beside Mital Patel and Willy Keenan of Minka News at his house in Lewisham, the same that is symptomatically painted inside and outside green. He told us that he felt flattered by that he was the first leader of the Green party who would command the London Assembly (this October and after 2.009 to 2.010 may may) because he is one of the few representatives who has been in the Assembly since it was founded in 2000. We told him that his period in May 2.010 just the same month Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of its independence and the period that starts where other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile celebrate their 200 years of life. He told us that he would do everything possible to make London celebrate such events taking into account that several of these independences were fought by Latino exiles in London. He said that would like him to have streets or monuments in favour of such heroes (such as Bolivar, Viscardo and Guzman, etc.) in this city, although the final decision is up to the District Councils, while the Assembly is a factor of influence. For the Latino community contributes greatly to the economy and culture of this city. He proposed to support in all censuses and ethnic questionnaires allow place option Iberian or American latino because so far all the people should choose what kind of white, black or Asian are, but there is an entry for the million or more people who speak Spanish or Portuguese.