Foreign Tourists

Both those creatures of the animal kingdom as the exotic vegetation attract many tourists to take their vacation trip to another world. On the other hand, traveling by train or by plane costs a lot of money because the city of Moscow and are separated by distance of 10000 km. What are the most attractive places for foreign tourists? In the main, most foreign tourists are scheduled to travel to Russia, choose the capital of Russia as a destination. From the point of view of foreigners Moscow is considered one of the most beautiful cities, as is noted for its attractive, especially to St. Basil's Cathedral and other places that are in the center of the capital.

The other party enjoys flights and cruise ships whose destination is the city of St. Petersburg, which is usually regarded in Russia as the northern capital. This capital is known for its beauty, its suspension bridges every night give way to vessels sailing by Ela Neva, museums, etc. . . Unlike Moscow all highways in St.

Petersburg are the most clear because most of the population re Russia has been concentrated in Moscow. A consequence of that the air there is cleaner, less polluted. In addition to the destinations mentioned some foreign tourists prefer to travel by train through Russia from the west to the east, this saying, go by train across Russia by the Siberian, and other cruise lovers, travel the Volga in the boat but costs 3550 euro or more. As for public transport buses circulate in Moscow, troleibuses, trams and metro which is defined as the Underground Railroad. Go by bus or tram troleibus costs 17 rubles. The subway costs a little more expensive-19 rubles. Tickets are sold at the box office. At the conclusion of the article makes no mention that prices in Moscow are considered as one of the highest in Europe. I think the page dedicated to his interests these days I'm in the creation and promotion of the web. I have desire to present useful information for everyone. In order that I created the website in question in Russia and especially the city of Moscow. You may be interested in particular.