The Exploiters

If this fact is understood, For example, only the exploiters – the "struggle" is seen only in the form of propaganda of the exploiters, where the existing relations of production that make the operation are presented as the acme of perfection. AND only when there is awareness of the exploited the fact that they use when there is knowledge of the possibility of opening up new relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, only after that comes the "struggle" in the form of some concrete ways to fight exploited for the transformation of production relations. The exploitation of man by man accompanied mankind from the very outset of his inception. For example, in hunting, pluzhnozemledelcheskih, pastoralist tribes, ie, the tribes, where basic foods were made men, carried them through the exploitation of women defined matriarchy ravnoobespechivayuschego () distribution of products in an unequal contribution of labor between men and women in their production. It is in these tribes came first in the history of human society, the social revolution that shaped the transition of these tribes from matriarchy to patriarchy – from the power of mothers to male power leader, from primitive communism to the primitive socialism. The exploitation of man by man can not be done except by means of various well-organized power of the exploiter and the exploited. This fact is most evident in the stage of the class society where the rule of the exploiters over the exploited is fixed by the state apparatus. This slave-owning states, feudal and capitalist states, the period of the so-called classical capitalism.