The Organizacional Culture

3. Orientation for results. The degree where the controllers focam the results more than what the productive techniques and processes. 4. Orientation for the people. The degree where the decisions of the controllers inside take in consideration the effect of the results on the people of the organization. 5.

Orientation for the team. The degree in the activities of work is organized but in terms of teams of what of individuals. 6. Aggressiveness. Click Tottenham striker to learn more. Degree where the people are competitive and aggressive, instead of docile and accomodated. 7. Stability. Degree where the organizacionais activities emphasize the maintenance of the current situation of the things in contrast to the growth.

All the organizations develop a culture. The specific content of each culture depends on the learning in the process to decide problems of adaptation to the environment and internal convivncia. The more explicit element simplest and of the culture, that exemplifica this process and the language, as well as the societies creates languages. The language it integrates ' ' Kit of tools of sobrevivncia' ' of any person in any organization. (MAXIMIANO, 2010, p.440). The Organizacional Culture rests on a system of beliefs and values, traditions and habits, an accepted and steady form of interactions and typical social relationships of each organization. The culture of an organization is not static and permanent, but it suffers alterations throughout the time, depending on internal or external conditions. Some organizations obtain to renew its culture constantly keeping its integrity and personality, while others remain with its moored culture the old and exceeded standards. The only viable way to change an organization is to change its culture, that is, the systems inside of which the people live and work. Beyond the organizacional culture, the authors of the D.O put emphasis in the organizacional climate, that constitutes the half intern of an organization, characteristic the psychological atmosphere in each organization.


STIMULATONS OF the SYSTEM OF SURMOUNTINGS FOR ENTREPRENEURS the main stimulaton for the made available ones is the potential best acceptance on the part of the customers. In accordance with made available the customers have a bigger receptividade for the surmounting because of the standardization, that is perceived through the format and ambientao found in all the made available ones. He is in such a way that the customers associate it marks to one definitive performance of product, service or attendance, exactly in different and/or very distant places. The standardization is a very interesting factor for the entrepreneurs, therefore most of the time the consumers relate the mark with the commercialized product, characterizing bigger credit to the surmountings, that most of the time work with a standardization of services and products. COMPARATIVE DEGREE BETWEEN MADE AVAILABLE FRANQUEADOR AND. In relation to the difficulties faced for the entrepreneur in the search to undertake, the franqueador it faces more difficulties to undertake of what the made available ones, therefore the franqueador is responsible for the decision of what and where to vender, while the made available ones believe that the regulation is its main difficulty. A comparison between the franqueador and the made available ones for better understanding was carried through. It is noticed clearly that the bureaucracy was not considered as a difficulty, for being seen in the question of the franqueador that defines the sales point, the products to be offered, the price, ideal market the white public. Already in the question of the attractive factors of the system of surmountings, similar between franqueador are perceived and made available opinions, which both believe that some of the attractive factors are mainly the power of the mark of the surmounting and the easiness to undertake soon with know-how. The franqueador that believes that the attractive ones of the surmounting are know-how and tested formats previously and that can become a benefit for the made available ones that they count on lesser risks, easiness to undertake, correspond to the expectations of the made available ones that they believe that the standardization of the surmountings brings greater acceptance and that the mark is a differential.

The Descriptive Research

The exploratria research uses sufficiently ample and versatile methods. According to Aaker (2001), when a research is projected, exists an ample variety of methods to be considered, either of individual or combined form. Follow others, such as Francesca Segal , and add to your knowledge base. For the exploratria stage the method of collection of secondary data was used. Malhotra (2001) affirms that the secondary data are of easy access, relatively little dispendiosos and of fast attainment. Although rare the secondary data give to all the answers for a not routine problem of research, them they can be useful in some ways, such as: to identify the problem; to define the problem better; to develop a boarding of the problem; among others.

The Descriptive Research, according to Aaker (2001), is characterized by possessing objective well definite, formal processes, being structuralized well and nullified for the solution of problems or evaluation of alternatives of action courses, it groups a series of research whose processes present important common characteristics. Differently of what it happens in the exploratrias research, the elaboration of the research questions estimates deep knowledge of the problem to be studied, that is, the necessary researcher to know accurately what he intends with the research, as what he desires to measure, when and he will make where it, he will make as it and why he will have to make it. People little made familiar to marketing research find common that to carry through she is enough them to construct a questionnaire quickly and to leave the field being collected thousand data, but when findar this immense work, is certainly selected with the uselessness of the majority of the collected data of this disordered form. The amount of options of possible data to be collected in a research is infinite, therefore it is necessary to know which before are the excellent data for that particular type in fact or phenomenon. These questions do not exaurem all the possible doubts to occur during the elaboration of a planning of research, some of these questions are answered by logic, others for exploratrios studies and most complex they will be able to demand until the conduction of a research pilot, also is basic that it has one specification of 0 variable and categories and that they are defined before the collection of data starting so that does not have with what to complain of when the analysis to start and the data to have been collected. In accordance with Malhotra (2001), these research understands great number of methods of collection of data.

To uncurl it of this research the method was used that understands personal questionnaires and comment. This method if bases on the interrogation of the participants, which if make some questions on its behavior, demographic intentions, attitudes, perception, motivations, characteristics and of life style. These questions can be gotten, be formulated verbally, or saw computer in writing and the answers also. Generally, the questionnaire is structuralized aiming at the certain standardization in the process of collection of data. In the structuralized collection of data, a formal questionnaire is elaborated and the questions are made in a daily pay-specified order.

Internet Constructing

As to construct its proper website, of descomplicada, gratuitous form, using a professional tool very. This tool is so bonanza that I entirely possess many coonstrudos sites with it. I am speaking of: WordPress. Then, what it is the WordPress? If you will be a person made familiar to blogs, you probably you know very well the WordPress. But for that they do not know what it is, the WordPress is one ‘ ‘ engine of sites’ ‘. An engine of sites is a tool that can be installed in a server, and from it you can add and manage the content, the appearance and all the too much aspects of its site, through simple interfaces, many times similar to text publishers who we costumamos to use (former: Microsoft Word). Of this form, any person can create, bring up to date and manage a site complete, of descomplicada form. As to create its site with WordPress First I want to remember that to have a really professional site you must have a proper domain (for example:).

To obtain this, you will have to contract a lodging server and to acquire its domain. But, in the case of you, for the time being, not yet to make question to have its proper domain, you will be able to use any one of the two options below to create its site with WordPress still today! In you can create an account in the site, (as if she was creating one of email) and have access a WordPress directly its, without the least to need to install nothing. He is to hiper simple, none does not have difficulty, and you can start in 3 minutes. The only problem is that this site alone offers the service of WordPress and you will not be able to house more there nothing (for example: it will not be able to house images, archives, or to install other tools). To another gratuitous option it is This server offers 1 GB of space, and in it you will be able to install and to house everything that to want. It still offers some tools that can be installed with one simple ‘ ‘ click’ ‘ , between them if it finds the WordPress. It finds more tips in.

Partner Or Customer

Partner or Customer? Perhaps inside of the enterprise way to know to choose the reply for is question is the key for the healthful survival of a company since the final result of the products or services that we deliver depends on as we enxergamos those that we contract. Perceiving the differences When we have partners the priority it is to always satisfy the confidence deposited in the assumed searching to extend the bows and if possible commitment to become them still more strong. When we commit some imperfection with a partner () the first one to feel discomfort we are we ourselves, therefore to arranhar the deposited confidence is the last thing that we want if this to occur repetidamente can until destroying a partnership, leading damages many irreparable times, without counting that with certainty it goes to re-echo negative in the way that we will be involved either personal or enterprise it. When we have customers the priority and to make the service or to deliver the product ready e, to only wait to receive for what it was made and to break pra another one. & ldquo; It seems until way promiscuo& rdquo; , but customer is independent customer of the activity branch. When we commit some imperfection with a customer we deal with justifying in them soon & ldquo; we go to improve our services or produtos& rdquo; , & ldquo; we offer discounting in next entregas& rdquo; until we invite for a lunch trying to brighten up the climate. But when we disconnect the telephone still we complain after all that the customer is demanding excessively and that the quality of our services and products do not deserve such judgment, & ldquo; in them we are the best ones in what fazemos& rdquo;. If amount is its focus you has customers, now if quality will be the focus you has partners the problem of if thinking in amount it is that the variation of the mood of that contracts in them depends on the performance of our products in its internal process and the risk that we are making it and its mark to run.

Private Capitalizaton

For such, an analysis through documents of the company was carried through in order to get viable information to demonstrate to the readers through tables, graphs and texts. 3 ENTERPRISE ANALYSIS IN the SCOPE OF the PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE In the modern model of management, the companies opt to a transformation in the processes, techniques and technologies to identify and to capitalize the challenges of the current market. As general data of the National Federacy of the Private Capitalizaton and Insurance companies, are evidenced almost 40 a thousand deaths transit in it Brazilian, what it is equivalent 3.4% of the total of deaths and considered the second bigger cause of deaths in Brazil. Following the same line of reasoning, the Union of the Industry of Repairing of Vehicles and Accessories of the State of So Paulo (Sindirepa), it tells that lack of maintenance of vehicles is one of the factors most important of causes of accidents. The data show that 48% of the accidents in urban perimeter and 14% in the roads, are caused by bad been of conservation. According to Program of Reduction of Accidents in the Roads (IT STOPS), the traffic accidents in Brazil are as the bigger problem for the Brazilian government, losing only for the malnutrition.

Being thus, Brazil spends 5 billion on average of dollar per year with accidents of I transit. This factor occurs due some problems that could be corrected not to cause accidents or vehicle in additions, before exactly to arrive until its destination. To prevent these types of problems, the companies and the drivers must carry through one check list in the vehicle, and then to make the preventive maintenance, what she would reduce the indesejados expenses. Following the same line of reasoning, in accordance with Potential company RH has three basic costs that they cannot pass unobserved in the companies whom they deal with transports: Fuel, a time that, if to supply I propagate it in a rank me the quality can cause future problems in the engine, generating an unnecessary expense; Tires, that stop preventing accidents or even though to damage equipment and parts of the trucks, it is important to prevent to recapar them; Maintenance, that is directly on to the transport, therefore if a vehicle will not be in good conditions to transit will be able to break and consequently to cause one accident, providing damage and expenses for the company.