Partner Or Customer

Partner or Customer? Perhaps inside of the enterprise way to know to choose the reply for is question is the key for the healthful survival of a company since the final result of the products or services that we deliver depends on as we enxergamos those that we contract. Perceiving the differences When we have partners the priority it is to always satisfy the confidence deposited in the assumed searching to extend the bows and if possible commitment to become them still more strong. When we commit some imperfection with a partner () the first one to feel discomfort we are we ourselves, therefore to arranhar the deposited confidence is the last thing that we want if this to occur repetidamente can until destroying a partnership, leading damages many irreparable times, without counting that with certainty it goes to re-echo negative in the way that we will be involved either personal or enterprise it. When we have customers the priority and to make the service or to deliver the product ready e, to only wait to receive for what it was made and to break pra another one. & ldquo; It seems until way promiscuo& rdquo; , but customer is independent customer of the activity branch. When we commit some imperfection with a customer we deal with justifying in them soon & ldquo; we go to improve our services or produtos& rdquo; , & ldquo; we offer discounting in next entregas& rdquo; until we invite for a lunch trying to brighten up the climate. But when we disconnect the telephone still we complain after all that the customer is demanding excessively and that the quality of our services and products do not deserve such judgment, & ldquo; in them we are the best ones in what fazemos& rdquo;. If amount is its focus you has customers, now if quality will be the focus you has partners the problem of if thinking in amount it is that the variation of the mood of that contracts in them depends on the performance of our products in its internal process and the risk that we are making it and its mark to run.