China And Russia

Two decades back both were the majors communist powers. In order to overcome his economic stagnation Moscow it was liberalizing his political system and Peking was abriendo its market, but without resigning to the dictatorship of the unique party. The first way lead to that the Kremlin lost all partners of the Warsaw Pact, who went to NATO or the EU, and to that the Soviet Union was divided in 15 republics, decaying its economy in much more of 50%. The second way maintained to the plan and the monopoly of the power of a communist party that went returning best the encouraging one of the capitalist growth in the world. Peking, like before Moscow, administers to several national minorities. However, these do not have many recent independentistas traditions, China is more homogenous (92% of its inhabitants have) and Peking has obtained that from Dalai Lama to their separated Taiwan refuses to raise to split itself of China..