Amnesty International

The two main global organizations pro human rights are Amnesty International (well-known by its own translation in each language) and Human Right Watch (that everywhere its name in English uses). AI was based on 1961 in Great Britain and gained Nobel to La Paz in 1977. HRW was created in the USA in 1978 to watch that Moscow fulfills the agreements humanitarian of Helsinki. AI finances with collections and has more than 2 million members anywhere in the world. HRW is based on the USA and private bottoms. If within the first impellers of AI she were people ligature to the communist movement or pro nuclear disarmament, HRW always was ligature to groups that asked to fortify the military power before the Comunism. While the AI reports concentrate more in concrete facts, those of HRW have more political developments. The USA has questioned some information of AI but it has used several of HRW to justify his armed interventions in the ex- Yugoslavia or Iraq.

While rightist they question to AI of being antiwestern, leftist they label to HRW as being an arm of the guerreristas western. HRW is part of a network of organisms that gear with the strategy of democratic interventionism, which promotes warlike incursions of the USA in countries to those who it requests to democratise . .