Within societies there are a number of entities and organizations that drive constant movement of economic resources, but among all these is a group that has a greater presence for their great contribution and the field in which it operates and is the bank that as both public entities, private or mixed, largely involved in various activities related to money, as is the management and execution of thousands of claims that are constantly driving the movement of money between different hands, allowing development at many levels of society, to such an extent that may be working because of the public authorities is to manage money or to meet expenses through large loans. No doubt the figure of the bank has a large role in the world today, so it is appropriate to know its scope and all it represents in the development of a society. As a starting point, mention the basics that means talking about a bank, ie the entity that is dedicated to working through money, which is constantly receiving deposits of different people, who see an excellent bank for the proper handling of money, but these deposits do not stay there, since these are the medium that enables the bank to perform the various loans and credits to the person requesting such service, they receive a profit on account of the operations, allowing them to repay the depositors with interest. For a bank to operate within this classification, must be organized following certain laws governing their actions in a special way, in relation to money management at both deposits and loans, weaving and the activity of financial intermediation. Either way, the figure of bank deposits is driven by, for without these it would be impossible for a bank to do one of its main activities and to generate higher profits, which are loans and credit the various presentations, as to some extent the deposits are a usurae loan that the bank made, so is the capital of the bank which provides loans for individuals, companies or public entities that request, so the figure of the bank repays the trust through some interest. From everything I have seen can be distinguished two main activities of the bank, which are: The recruitment, is the means or set of transactions which the bank manages to receive and collect money from different users, and uptake is a person when that materializes through the deposits, either through a checking account, savings account or fixed deposits. The placement, means the introduction into circulation of money, so it is an active time with loans and credits to accommodate the entry of money into the economy.