President Dutra

The gotten values of the fretico level are compared with data of the monitoramento carried through during the period of February of 1980 until April of 1982 (War 1986). 1,4 DEGRADATION OF the WAY IN the REGION OF 1.4.1 IRECE Localization and Characterization of the Region microregion of Irec consists in the economic region n 11 of the state of the Bahia, and bes situated enters 1012? 1220? of South Latitude and 4120? 4317? of Longitude West, in the Northwest of the State, total inserted in the Half-barren one. Figure 01 – Source: I KNOW, 1996. The region bes situated in the State of the Bahia, the mesorregio Center-North of the territory of the State, called Microregion de Irec, codified with number 135, and meets inserted in the Chapada Northern Diamantina in the right edge of the Lake of Sobradinho. Geographically the georeferenciada localization points out the region of the campus in the central part of the State of the Bahia between the coordinates 956' 1228' of south latitude and 4047' 4253' of longitude west enclosing the cities of Irec? city headquarters – Golden America, Bar of the Mendes, You sprout of Macabas, Heathen of the Gold, Ibipeba, Ibitit, Ipupiara, Itaguau of the Bahia, Golden Joo, Jussara, Lapo, Are Gabriel, Xique-Xique, High Adobe, Cafarnaun, Canarana, Central office, President Dutra, and Uiba, which is, total or, partially inserted in the hidrogrficas basins of the rivers Green and Alligator. The rivers Green and Alligator are affluent of the right edge of the river San Francisco, being that its hidrogrficas basins enclose in its totality, the Sanfranciscana Depression, Plateau of Irec and the Chapada Diamantina, corresponding to a 18,150 surface of approximately km (Bahia, 1995). Figure 02 – Source: Committee of Basin Hidrogrfica of the Rivers Green and Jacar (CBHVJ). Having as reference the capital of the State, Salvador, reaches Irec for the BR-324 until the city of Fair of Santana, following for highways BA-052 (Road of the Beans).

FSC Paper

Costumamos to consider the recycled paper as the best alternative to paradiminuir the ambient impact, but with the dissemination of papelproveniente of manejadas areas sustainable famous white stamp FSC opapel certifyd has obtained to equalize the impact ambientalatravs of the sustainable manejamento of the substance cousin and arrives umponto where it is practically equal. In accordance with Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, director of the Bracelpa, the white paper deorigem certified are equivalent to the recycled paper, in terms deimpacto ambient, therefore both have origin in planted forests. Thinking about this, the Bagnews company, launched in Brazil, a bag depapel reutilizvel Kraft, reciclvel, biodegradvel and with spaces parapublicidade, that start to be distributed gratuitously paracomerciantes of the region of Amaro Saint, South zone of the So Paulo capital. The objective of the partners is to talk back in Brazil the carried through experience> nEspanha, where the project was launched has three years and must reach onmero of 100 million distributed bags.The Brazilian project gained apoioda City hall of So Paulo, that included the initiative in the campaign ' ' Euno I am of plstico' ' , that it has the objective to reduce the consumption plastic deembalagens. More information can be found in the daprpria site company in the address.