The Current

In debates, workshops on the topic of leadership, Professor of managerial topics of the graduate of Faces of the UC., concerning quality and productivity program, noted, the personification of the real leader or development agent must combine knowledge and professionalism with human quality, as M. Desiato, emphasized an interest note, which indicates that: recovery of a strong institutional framework passes through the formation of a number of capable professional politicians and, of course, honest; men connoisseurs not only politics but also the economy, sociology, gifted of a healthy sense of reality and flexible when dealing with the pluralism of our collective (the national, 24/02/2002). In relation to the above above it is possible to say that, as regards the political environment, the Government of the current President of Venezuela, Hugo r. Chavez f., this must not neglect that you deteriorate which involves a participatory leadership, a leadership, which secure the union and not division, a democratic leadership, that unifies criteria, which not incidentally to which economic weaknesses are manifest, financial, cultural, educational, managerial, among others; We need a consistent team, with ethics, values, moral knowledge, able to unify efforts towards goals where everyone is committed, more, with the goal of building a socialism that ensures changes, justice, equity, transformation, development, participation, without affecting anyone else, all this on pro give Venezuela that course necessary to rewrite it in a real power that can be if actually manifests the will to collaborate and define programs that guarantee results. Is needed to encourage more the union, cooperation with various actors and national sectors in order to avoid contradictions, often manifested, even in officials who constitute his team, as very well knows the President in connection with the Venezuelan managerial aspect, both public and private sector, as participants, indicate the fundamental leadership weakness lies in demotivation and devaluation of the human resource to highlight the professional quality in detriment of human quality, promote individualism and economic profit sustained by falter and bureaucratic social welfare systems, which operate without a vision and shared a true strategic planning mission.