The Wall Street Journal

After the first failed attempt, the Congress of the United States.UU. He is again debating the approval of rescue megaplan. Already surpassed it successfully the first litmus test that was the Chamber of senators (74 votes to 25) and Friday will go for revenge in the House of representatives. One of the first to celebrate the good news was neither more nor less than George Bush. The London newspaper Financial Times saved the following words of the President of the United States.UU., once approved the plan in the Senate: applaud the Senate for its strong vote of both parties for the financial rescue plan. Bush added: the American people expect and our economy demands, the House pass this good Bill this week and send it to my desk.

But contrary to what Bush said, the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal yesterday showed the manifestation of American citizens against the approval of the rescue plan. They had gathered 23,000 signatures against This plan in just two days. Many Americans angry with the possibility that their taxes will be used to save the financial system initiated contacts with some senators to avoid the initiative to flourish. For the Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama understood that, in case of reaching the Presidency, it was best that this rescue plan will materialize to thus avoid having to take the mandate of a country in ruins. Therefore, you could see it in recent days taking an active part in achieving the project to prosper as soon as possible. The problem with Obama was how not to upset voters after supporting the use of their taxes to the rescue plan for financial institutions. Is for this reason that rehearsed the following declarations: this is not simply to save a few banks () is to prevent falling the crisis into a catastrophe this is not a crisis on Wall Street, is a crisis of the American people can disagree respectfully with the project but is of course this is what we have to do.