The Elite

Our parents, only to teach us the truth of life that they know more, have lived their own, have seen each and concluded that the best out there who would pay more, and nothing else to do. Here we strive, as young chicks – wet behind the ears in the direction in which they showed us. Completely forgetting all about the dream not so long ago. And on that road, it turns out, survives whoever resourceful, agile, opportunistic, one that has there is no sanctity in the soul, or principle, call it what you want.

Here is a literary Ukrainian is the word that fully combines all the qualities listed above, pdlabuzniki, that’s who they are. The remaining are those who so brazenly was pushed to the side going to look for ways to easily and thus the life they will have a much more modest, and they carry themselves will be like a person who does not respect all that is happening here. They are called the people gray mass, or simply losers. Although at the beginning of their lives, they were much cleaner for the soul of those who then overtook and is now called the elite of society. But there are people on the characteristics are similar to the “gray mass” that is less ambitious, less zealous in the direction of that shown to us by our ancestors. These are the people with capital from the outset that stand behind my father’s broad back, while studying in the institute, which gave their father, but who still pulls no dead dream.

Here they are then, as time and engaged in its implementation, when the Pope is not there. They just and reach the last stage, that separated them from their dreams. And those people – fans, of course, though, are not going to forget that, despite the thorny path starvation and lack of understanding, even the closest, all – did find their dream. So let’s change, people in the direction of your dreams! And those of us who have children, I let two of them, we will not cover them oxygen their homilies, and provide a choice in their future profession by itself, then we are for it again and again say thank you, you’ll see!