Security TIC

The number of groups of ciberintrusos seems to increase per moments, and their objectives always are of great importance. This is what it has happened with the American page Gannett. The objective of the attacking ones was the one to obtain data on the publication subscribers that follow civil servants and the military of the Government of the USA. After an exhaustive analysis on the mounted attack, it has been confirmed that the ciber-intruders could accede to names, passwords and directions of electronic mail of the subscribed people. The funcionarizado military profile and of of the subscribed people, causes that the data of their electronic mail are of great importance for the attackers, since the computers you affect of them will be prone to contain confidential information of great importance, reason why the attackers could try to obtain this data, sending post office to the affected ones that they contain some type of malicious program that jeopardizes the equipment, and allows to realise a information robbery. This attack it is possible to be added to the rest of attacks undergone in the last months (Sony, Codemasters, Bethesda ), and that makes once again safety measure them implanted in the services published in Internet clear are insufficient in the majority of the cases. udea Security of Information S.L Department of Security TIC Source:.

The Accountants

The Madrilenian, fifth in the Gallic round of this year. Evans happens to him like new king of the Tour of France. Alberto Accountant, fifth classified in the Tour of France, has begun to think about the recapture of the Tour from France when indicating in the Elseos Fields no that next year Tour will be and return " for ganar". " And l year that comes I will return to gain the Tour and I will concentrate exclusively for this race, that is most important. And for it I will not go to Giro. To Giro never ms" , it indicated the triple winning of the French test. Accountant, who saw cut a gust of wind of six great consecutive ones like winner, lived in Paris a little habitual sensation.

He did not raise podio at least. " It is a different year, a sensation that did not live from 2007, but it leaves a good flavor me of mouth. The year has been exceptional and with that I remain. Of all the forms I am going to ask that they let raise to me awhile to me podio" , it indicated to Alberto Accountant ironically. The Madrilenian cyclist valued the fact of to have made a race of less to more. " I began contrapi and the last days I was better. I have not gained stages, but I go away with good sensacin" , it commented. Source of the news: Accountant announces that next year Giro will not run to go " to the Tour to ganar"

Accountant Follows Leader

Italian EP were dominated the Davide Apollonio (Sky) and Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre). Stage were no significant changes in the general after 12. The British runner Mark Cavendish, of the HTC-High Road, adjudged the twelfth stage of Giro of Italy, disputed between Castelfidardo and Ravenna on 184 kilometers, after beating to the Italian Sprint to the Davide Apollonio (Sky) and Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre), secondly and third party, respectively. Cavendish obtained his second victory of stage in the present edition of the Italian round. A fall produced in the squad in the last kilometer benefitted the Italian, since it caused that the group cut itself and caused that other sprinters, as Windy the Fran Spanish (Team Movistar), would stay themselves without options to fight by the stage. ‘ sprint’ they hardly ended up disputing it a group of ten cyclists who remained cut in race head. Besides Cavendish, another specialist as Alessandro Petacchi were strained in this privileged group, although finally finished third party.

Although the victory of stage was decided to ‘ sprint’ , an escape, forged from kilometer 5 of race, was not far from ending up fructifying, since the escaped cuatros were neutralized to 15 kilometers of goal. The Spanish Miguel Mnguez (Euskaltel), the Michal Pole Gullets (Vancasoleil-DCM), the Dutch Stef Clement (Rabobank) and the Italian Davide Ricci Bitti (Farnese Vini-Neri Sottoli), ended up yielding to the strong rate with which they were throwing of the squad the companions of Cavendish of the HTC-Highroad. With this second victory, seventh that obtains in all the editions of Giro that has disputed, Cavendish takes leave east year of the Italian round, since from now on the level stages open the way to the mountain, where the Briton is not especially comfortable. On the other hand, in a stage in which there have been no differences in the general, Alberto Accountant has not had problems to dnder ‘ maglia’ rose one more a day. Now the mountain arrives, land prrido of the one of Pinto and where it can increase the advantage with his pursuers. And it is that this Friday thirteenth stage will suppose, after the ascent to the Etna, the second acid test for the climbers. The cyclists will cross 167 kilometers between the localities of Spilimbergo and Grossglockner, arrival in stop to almost 2,000 meters (1.908) of height.

National Commission

Six million immigrants in the world are smaller of 4 years. Many are victims of kidnappings, deals with people and segregation. Near 17,000 juniors, all of them Mexican and Central American immigrants who traveled single, were repatriates the year last, according to informed east Monday the National Commission into Human rights (CNDH) into Mexico, whose president, Raul Plascencia, noticed that east type of migration has grown. According to Plascencia explained, in 2010 the migratory authorities of the country registered near 14,000 " events of repatriation of not accompanied Mexican minors from the United States, original in its majority of the states of Oaxaca, Michoacn, Guerrero, Sonora and Puebla". In addition, in that year almost 3,000 foreign minors were detected that they traveled single within the national territory, who were given back to their countries of origin, in their majority of Central America, but also of the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. The president of the CNDH presented these data during Forum the International on nonaccompanied or separated children, children and migrant adolescents of its family, inaugurated east Monday in City of Mexico and that will conclude the next Wednesday.

The appointment, that reunites to international experts in the Museum Memory and Tolerance, was summoned by the CNDH, the Organization the International for Migraciones (OIM), the High Commissioner of United Nations for the Refugees in Mexico (ACNUR) and Bottom of United Nations for the Childhood (Unicef), among others. Plascencia said that before this panorama in Mexico, the CNDH fortifies their programs of vulnerable attention to groups s to investigate possible violations to the rights of the juniors, that go from the kidnapping, deals with people, discrimination, I mistreat, segregation, until the loss of the life. In recent days a Salvadoran girl of eight years who was transferred by dealers of people from El Salvador to the United States was violated and left in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. The minor was rescued by the Mexican police and given to its grandmother, who took finally it to the USA. In the Forum one inquired into which in the world there are 214 million immigrants, of whom 11 million have of 15 to 19 years, 9 million from 10 to 14, 7 million of 5 to 9 years, and 6 million of zero to 4 years. Source of the news: The USA repatriated in 2010 17,000 Central American and Mexican children who traveled single

Omega Madrilenian

Alex Herrera 20m the Madrilenian activated the end of stage in the Wall of Britain with an attack to two kilometers of the goal, in which Cadel prevailed Evans (BMC). The cyclist of the Saxo Bank did not win by centimeters, but she recovers 8 seconds. Hushovd maintains the leadership in spite of the demanding end of day. The Alberto Madrilenian Accountant reactivated the Tour of France and was able to reduce the difference that he accumulates with the other main favorite, Andy Shleck (Leoprad), thanks to the attack that activated the end of the fourth stage with arrival to the Wall of Britain and that concluded with the triumph of Cadel Evans (BMC). Accountant proved luck to two kilometers of the end, where asphalt rose high excessively with slopes of until 17% (average of 6.9%), and caused that the favorites were put in Indian row. They held Phillipe Gilbert (Pharma Omega), Cadel Evans (BMC), Franck Schlek (Leopard) and until Hushovd (Garmin), leader of the general.

Finally, Accountant could not maintain ' hachazo' and he relaxed the rate. Then he took the relief Gilbert, without too much faith, and finally Evans, who managed to prevail by centimeters to the Madrilenian in the goal, when the cyclist of the Saxo Bank threatened the final reaction. That yes, the effort was worth to him to trim 8 seconds to Andy Schleck, that did not hold the attacks and it slipped down meters. To the margin of the frenetic end, the stage was carried out by bad weather, the pinchazos and the cuts of the squad, something that did not influence the best ones and candidates to the final triumph Evans only had to change of bicycle. The escape of the day was developed in kilometer 9, thanks to the push of the French Jeremy Roy (FDJ), that followed their compatriot Biel Kadri (AG2R), the Spaniards Imanol Erviti (Movistar) and Gorka Izaguirre (Euskaltel), and the Dutch Johnny Hoogerland (Vacansoleil), that got to have up to 4 minutes of advantage.

Without Pau Gasol

Daniel Mateo 20m terrible a last quarter condemns ' roja' (57-65). Pau Gasol did not play any minute due to annoyances. Spain accedes to the second round with a partisan of 1-1. The next rival of Spain will be Germany Wednesday (14,30 h). Thus we lived the party in direct. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Spain took the party against Turkey playing with fire and it was ended up burning.

Playing they tran tran, those of Scariolo, always with mini rents of advantage throughout the party, saw as last a fourth horrifying one condemned to them before the Ottoman equipment (we lived therefore it in direct). ' roja' round accedes to second first of group and with partisan of 1-1 (victory and defeat), whereas Turks, that could be eliminated if Poland gets to win to Great Britain, also put in the following phase with the same partisan who Spain. With the surprise of the suplencia of Pau Gasol, to which Scariolo gave rest by precaution, it started party. Spain had to win with a view to the crossings of quarters of end. Without great shows, to the selection, with a Marc Gasol very connected and assuming gallons, it was put soon with advantage. But the Turks, with but future who present/display, did not occur by won and with great Emir Preldzic they overcame until even equaling the marker before the rest (35-35). During the first 20 minutes, without hardly tension on the part of Spain, and without the mentioned Pau, Spain it seemed not to be put absolutely at no moment of the party. But as soon as it tightened a little (with good actions of Rudy or triples of Navarrese), those of Scariolo went away easily in the marker. With more rigor dnsivo took Spain the second part of the party, but little it lasted to him to those of Scariolo.