Without Pau Gasol

Daniel Mateo 20m terrible a last quarter condemns ' roja' (57-65). Pau Gasol did not play any minute due to annoyances. Spain accedes to the second round with a partisan of 1-1. The next rival of Spain will be Germany Wednesday (14,30 h). Thus we lived the party in direct. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Spain took the party against Turkey playing with fire and it was ended up burning.

Playing they tran tran, those of Scariolo, always with mini rents of advantage throughout the party, saw as last a fourth horrifying one condemned to them before the Ottoman equipment (we lived therefore it in direct). ' roja' round accedes to second first of group and with partisan of 1-1 (victory and defeat), whereas Turks, that could be eliminated if Poland gets to win to Great Britain, also put in the following phase with the same partisan who Spain. With the surprise of the suplencia of Pau Gasol, to which Scariolo gave rest by precaution, it started party. Spain had to win with a view to the crossings of quarters of end. Without great shows, to the selection, with a Marc Gasol very connected and assuming gallons, it was put soon with advantage. But the Turks, with but future who present/display, did not occur by won and with great Emir Preldzic they overcame until even equaling the marker before the rest (35-35). During the first 20 minutes, without hardly tension on the part of Spain, and without the mentioned Pau, Spain it seemed not to be put absolutely at no moment of the party. But as soon as it tightened a little (with good actions of Rudy or triples of Navarrese), those of Scariolo went away easily in the marker. With more rigor dnsivo took Spain the second part of the party, but little it lasted to him to those of Scariolo.