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Belgium – country of the Kingdom, located in the western part of Europe. The main and most of the population are Flemish and Walloons. Belgium is divided into three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. It was officially adopted bilingualism of the country and flomandskoyazychnogo frantsuzoyazychnogo population, but only in Brussels. The remaining nationalities such as German-speaking (eg 1%), guaranteed by law authorities. The form of governance in Belgium – constitutional monarchy. Belgium is one of the largest manufacturers of metal products and textiles in Europe.

Antwerp – the world center of diamond trade. Yet it is called the diamond capital of Europe. It is a city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, as well as the economic center of world importance. Antwerp port – the second largest port in Europe. The population of Belgium is about 11 million people. Cultural life concentrated within the linguistic communities and diasporas. In Belgium, there is no nation-wide television, newspapers and other media. Belgium is famous for its cuisine.

There are several gourmet the kitchen, brought in a very prestigious and influential gastronomic guide Michelin Guide. Belgian food, as well as Belgium itself is a mixture of Germanic and Latin influences. The Belgians have earned a reputation fans of wafers and chips. Besides the beautiful buildings and many museums, you will be pleasantly surprised by the national delicacy – hot corrugated, special Belgian waffles. Also country is famous for its production of beer, which has more than 500 brands. Some of them are already in 400-500 years. It is widely known throughout the world marks the Belgian chocolate and pralines (chocolates with fillings species), such as Callebaut, Cote d'Or, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Guylian, and Godiva. The main souvenir, exported from Belgium is the chocolate, the tourists are trying to take him in huge amounts. Still it is possible to buy and bring back a souvenir fondue. This is a special utensils to melt chocolate, but it can dip fruit, cheese, cookies. It is also famous for Belgium and for its carpets. The most prestigious and high-quality carpets in the world are from Iran, Belgium and Turkey. Another wonderful souvenir of a long memory can become famous Belgian lace world-famous and unique Belgian tapestries. They are sold in every corner of Belgium. Coffee and chocolate masterpieces are born in Belgium in Antwerp and Belgium are the symbol of impeccable quality, as well as masterpieces of art and diamonds. Belgium faithfully remembers founder Francis Rombouts. Rombouts Coffee Company is one of the symbols of Belgium. Head office and factory in roasting coffee company located in Antwerp Rombouts. In This company has been operating for four generations of family Rombouts. For a unique taste of coffee and excellent quality products, the company received the highest award Rombouts – the title of Official Purveyor to the Court of His Majesty the King of the Belgians and special emblem. Belgium became a country of one of the founders of the European Union. In Brussels, the headquarters of NATO and European Union government. Tourism in Belgium is quite popular. The largest share of tourists in Belgian tourists are coming to the location of countries. This is mainly France, Germany, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands and other countries. On the cultural history of the Belgian tourists can tell you more Bruges Ghent and Antwerp. After a cold and prim British, French, heat and open the Dutch the Belgians at a party you least feel like a foreigner.