Business Administration

“Product managers (FH)’ evaluate her further education studies with very good for graduates of secondary study product manager (FH)” January 30, 2009 was a special event. ” In both festive and welcoming environment, students at the Kunsthaus in Schmalkalden old market received their certificates from the hand by Prof. Dr. Hubert Dechant, Scientific Director, and Peggy Schutze Centre for continuing education (CCE). The ten graduates and graduates had started her part-time absolvierbares studies for the summer semester 2008 and can now after two semesters as product managers (FH) “or product manager (FH)” call. After the official part the excellent in the vaults of the art house to the dinner could can arrive and finish off the evening and the study with the one or other drink with their families. In the anonymous evaluation of her program, the product managers (FH) made “clear that with the course of studies more than satisfied” were.

The overall grade of 1.3 in fact speaks for itself and confirmed the previous experience in assessing the education studies of the fhS. This statement is increased however by stating that all students would recommend the study. Best reviews were given the questions about content, concept and application reference (Note 1,2) studies, as well as the ratio of lecturers of science and practice (Note 1.4). Care before taking up his studies (see note 1.4), as well as during the course of study (Note 1.3) through the CCE achieved very good results. The study rooms and technical equipment were known as very good to good (Note 1.5). The quality of teachers and content quality of teaching materials has been rated the note 1.6. Goal of the part-time absolvierbaren course to the / r Product Manager (FH) “it is to give scientific expertise related to the application for a product-oriented corporate governance.” The study programme is divided into the following modules: Business Administration, strategic product management, information brokering and market research, product marketing and sales, profitability assessment and controlling, soft skills, project management, management of product innovation. More information to the conditions, to the BEWERbung, to the end of the study, as well as to the audit services are available at the Centre for continuing education at the fhS: University of applied sciences Schmalkalden Center for continuing education Asbacher Road 17 c 98574 Schmalkalden phone: 03683 688-1762 fax: 03683 688-1927 E-Mail: Web: product manager