TCM Work Group Neat

The recent acquisition of Neat Group of the Australian company TeleMedCare has enabled the creation of a new division of telemedicine that can offer innovative solutions of telemonitorizacion as the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity or COPD, to improve their care and quality of life. The investment carried out in your product of the same name, TeleMedCare, is more than 10 million euros. It has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada, countries in which telemedicine projects, is being carried out both public administration and private companies. Adolfo Tamames, President of Grupo Neat, explained that the implantation of TelemedCare in the public health sector would allow substantial savings in a so delicate moment like the present, where the cuts are causing disturbances in attention to patient. This system is a breakthrough in the follow-up of patients with chronic diseases or elderly. One of the applications of the new service offered by group Neat for the business environment is TCM Work that allows to monitor and tracked the health of employees over time. With TCM Work employees can monitor their State of health, continuously strengthening them in this way to reduce risk through consistent information, motivation and education factors by which the benefits start from day one. Biometric identification and encryption ensure the security and confidentiality of the data of employees. Some data that can be used for anonymous statistical purposes in the workplace with the consent of the workers. Users receive immediate information in real time and they themselves can control the data and submit reports to the health professional.