The Bible

The time required to worship God, the time required by the neighbor, family time, and even the time that the same individual requires to be better and better able to take advantage of the time of his life; they are bills to be paid. Unfortunately irreversible time ido is causing greater nostalgia or pain in man; of course, experience and old age are incidental elements in our temporality. Time as need. How long and full of mortification must have been for the first couple that first day outside the Orchard? It was the first day of its existence subject to the time, and the sentence dust you are and to dust return reached significant fullness when to pass the days in that first marriage introduces an element alien to his circumstances, death came to be a permanent part of your experience. And it came to pass that while they in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him (Genesis 4: 8) death is becoming a kind of antithesis to the time of man, many have pondered the death as the end of time; and between their Musings considered that paradoxically, the more man lives, more it shortens your time on this earth, same effect produces live little; This confirms the conclusion or premise of the wise, all is vanity; though viva man in its temporality on Earth the time of its existence isn’t him enough, death denaturalized time originally offered to human beings. Everything happens in the same way to all; a same event happens to the righteous and the wicked; to good, clean and not clean; sacrifices that and not sacrificed that; to the good, as well to the sins; who swears, as who’s afraid of the oath (Ecclesiastes 9: 2). The Bible and secular history show us the man in the relentless pursuit of time.