October Rains

Caused by the worst torrential rains disasters affected in early October, large areas in the province of Garda, 600 km to the south from the Algerian capital. At least 2 people were killed, one missing and about 50,000 were evacuated in the area of floods caused by tropical storms in the southern Chinese island of Hainan. Eleven people were killed floods in central Viet Nam, caused by torrential rains, hundreds of homes were damaged. Heavy rains in Portugal have caused severe flooding – flooding was Lisboa. Movement of tens of city streets is difficult or even impossible. The water level on the roads up to five feet. Suspension of the work of underground, ground floors were flooded hundreds of homes.

Losses which element caused the city, already estimated at several million dollars. Environmental savings: in Europe prohibit incandescent lamps in Japan give gifts for the eco-friendly shopping in the near future in the eu could be banned trade in incandescent lamps. According to eu Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, the rejection of light bulbs and switching to energy-saving lamps will allow a 60% reduction in electricity consumption by households and will also help set the eu goal to reduce by 20% by 2020, annual energy consumption in Europe. In Japan, a population that is ready to move to energy-efficient products, promote special gifts. Twenty Japanese banks, hotels, shops, electrical appliances, railway companies announced last week the introduction of 'eco-points' – epa (Eco Action Point) for consumers who will be charged at purchase energy-saving products and environmental friendly service.