For inland ECOS (EDTA) – David Norman L. You may want to visit Leo Noe to increase your knowledge. Foronda In today's society, complex and contradictory, but sometimes it seems that faith, spirituality and religion represent or occupy only a small part in the lives of most people, certainly, I think these are still becoming the transcendental strength that gives meaning to the existence of people and gives hope for a life in harmony and peace, whether earthly or spiritual. During Lent religious practices such as fasting, prayer, meditation, preaching, study of the word, and so on. bring people together in their desire to express their faith as well share it with others, reflecting the great debt of mankind to God who in His goodness and everlasting love sent his only son to atone for the sins of the world. The society is called to conversion, reflection, repentance, reconciliation, the unwavering affirmation of faith in the Lord and a complete and sincere spiritual renewal. Time Lenten expressions of love for Jesus are more latent, the adoration of the Cross, the different processions which portrays the passion and death of the Lord are just some examples of what happens during Lent and Easter.

All the above makes Christians believe with deep conviction but on the other side in a secularized world, with loss of values and sunk in consumerism are pedophilia scandals which unfortunately involve clergy and like it or not resulting in, among other , the distancing of the faithful of the Church and even of faith coming to practice a kind of religion "particular" in which he claims that the person does not need a third party to be "right" with God coming to become that, I think, in a purely subjective and personal action by the practitioner who rejects the teachings of the church but kept at the same time, a "deep faith" that certainly keeps to himself, which, personally, do not I think it shows or has conviction or certainty of what really is preached. This thinking could to some extent undermine the faith of society and their need for the church and religion, but we inevitably remember that as mortal beings of flesh and blood we are bound to err from the simplest to capital cases someone will say "is freedom of choice", but this definitely does not mean wild. So we are all alike in appearance but different in thinking, reasoning and action. The falsity of one or several church does not affect our spirituality, faith and the concept of the church that has struggled over time to unite societies around faith in God. In Lent, soon to culminate in the resurrection of the Lord, as true believers perform a real insight about our lives, our actions and goals in life on earth, we reaffirm our faith more than ever and we emphasize the virtue of being happy when the others are, in giving to others rather than receive for therein lies the true happiness and pray for the eternal creator forgive our sins in his endless kindness and wisdom, taking into account the evidence of human life make us better cope with and overcome knowing them with the help of God, because anyone that is our idea of Him, we must always be at peace with our Heavenly Father and do not forget at any time which is why we exist and that He is the only friend who will never abandon our life and destiny. By David N. L. Foronda – Echoes of inland (EDTA) Url:.