Steve Alpizar

To receive or to live certain circumstances should be prepared, for example look at how a musician can get any Melody with ease, why? Because he is musician, is information that is recorded in your subconscious mind, simply makes it, as an artist makes a drawing with ease, with the money the same thing happens, wealth is a State of mind, is an inherent to an individual condition, implies being. In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve success you will learn the mental processes that break all negative beliefs about money and thus will be rich, is placed the word be capitalized because it implies a spiritual condition, that will allow you to enjoy a splendid life. For example many people have heard about the law of attraction and the various forms of attracting things in life through our thoughts, that certainly works, but it is necessary to be first to then materialize, for example someone won’t inventor if first it is not at the subconscious level, how we can promote the mental state required to realize the things that do we want?, is necessary to absolutely focus on the things that we want, also not one should wish too many things at once because the mind will confuse or goals will take much time to materialize, to reach to be abundant the key it is to modify our mental set, Steve Alpizar in his book changing our system of beliefs for success shows us that we need to understand our life and the universe and with real power information you will see how it begins to conquer the world. We actually create all that our senses perceive, information is fairly difficult to assimilate at the beginning, another aspect we focus all our attention on what we want, convey our mind about what exactly we want to and finally is personal action, do everything that is related to our purpose, for example someone wants to be an athleteYou should focus your attention on that, see programs related to the sport, read books about the life of athletes and their power, etc.