Central America

One of the major gods of the Aztecs – a symbol of divine wisdom of Quetzalcoatl. His name means serpent, feathered Quetzal – the sacred bird of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. And the Aztecs, and many other tribes, lived in Mexico and Central America, tied with him all his achievements – the calendar art, crafts, cultivation of maize, Policy and Management State All this has taught people Ketsalkoatl. He was never human sacrifices – just flowers. But the most puzzling in this manner was that he was a tall, white-skinned and dark-haired. According to legend, he sailed from an unknown country, accompanied by bearded people in a long robes. This gave grounds for a variety of assumptions about what is really the god of Indians was the Vikings, if not entirely representative of the legendary Atlantis. Whatever it was, the legend of the 'good white gods' was so prevalent among the Indians, that when Mexico emerged the Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes, accepted them for messengers .

In many ways, it contributed to the rapid conquest of the kingdom Aztecs. Several years later, a huge Aztec empire collapsed under the pressure of a few hundred conquistadors. Tenochtitlan was razed to the ground, its channels are filled, and the treasures looted. On its ruins rose Mexico. Long being preserved in some places the remains of ancient buildings did not attract attention. Archaeological interest in the vanished Aztec culture emerged after 1900 was inaugurated the very corner of the destroyed temple. More Later excavations revealed by the Mexican capital has a number of ancient structures.

Now they are landmarks of contemporary Mexican capital. But here's the curious. Nearby are the ruins of Mexico City another ancient city, so ancient that it was a mystery even to the Aztecs. This Teotihuacan – the capital of an unknown civilization. Scientists estimate it is about two thousand years. And once he was also the largest city in the world, here lived more than 100 thousand people. But even when the Aztecs came to Mexico, they found the town deserted. According to their legends, it was built by giants and is designed to turn people into gods. Teotihuacan, which preserved many buildings of gigantic size, and still holds many secrets. But that's another story.