Paseo Marketing Shows Ways

Presentation to human resources to social media marketing Soren Munk, founder and CEO of Paseo marketing, holds on Wednesday, March 6, a lecture to HR managers about the value of social media marketing in the fight against the shortage. At the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Karlsruhe, he talks about how Facebook, Twitter, XING and co. improve opportunities in the competition for the best brains, shows up to practice success strategies and explains what social network for whatever purpose is suitable. The shortage is the number one obstacle to growth. The problem, not missing orders.

Missing employees who work through the orders are the problem,”Soren Munk clearly and adds: new challenges require new forms of recruitment. Social media marketing is such a new form”, said the Chief of Paseo marketing, the region’s largest social media agency. Social media marketing is suitable for short-term use as well as as part of a medium and long-term human resources strategy. There are so many possibilities, is so crucial to the success of the targeted use of the instruments. Every company needs its own concept, its own strategy.

A thorough analysis forms the basis for all subsequent measures. The companies have the greatest success, which in advance took enough time, exactly to determine the short, medium and long-term personnel needs and then set the respective target groups. This is the basis of every successful social media marketing. What complicated and expensive sounds, is not both in practice. As a good tax advisor or a good lawyer pays for itself quickly, so also with the involvement of external social media specialists. The profits and keeping skilled workers is increasingly becoming a matter of communication. It was for many businesses so far really necessary, especially in the B2B sector, operate image care and make themselves known to the times have changed completely. Seek so far the company from its employees, the employees will choose your company. The ticket to participate in the new competition for the best brains is solely the reputation and image of the company. Without this so-called employer branding, it is ever harder, ever more applications to get. Employer branding is nothing but consistent and long-lasting communication. Soren Munk