Modern Politics

Express the transformation of what he is of the private scope in class actions in the space pblico' '. For Saule (1998), they assign to all the performances of the State, covering all the intervention forms of the public power in the social life. Under a social perspective, Pear tree (2006) admits that the public politics are enrolled in the scope of the social fight and aim at to face or to answer to the social matters, over all to that one decurrent of the capital relation versus work or the resultant assimetrias of this relation. Important to detach the definition of Schiochet in verbete? Public politics? in the related workmanship most recent to the solidary economy? International dictionary of the other economy? , where it recognizes that the public politics are ' ' the proper initiative of the government (or Been) that it is organized in plans, programs and aes' ' …. The author still strengthens that, in ' ' Modern state and its democratic governments, the scope of the public politics is the citizenship, understood as the relation between State and civil society mediated by direitos' ' (SCHIOCHET, 2009, P.

268). In this direction, the binomial? public politics and solidary economy? it means a promising combination for the economic development and social just of the Country, mainly when one says respect to the questions related to the work generation and income and rescue of the citizenship. It constitutes thus, according to Saravia (2006, P. 35), ' ' a sectorial contribution for the search of well-being coletivo' '. 2.2.2. The Brazilian reality: of the federal dimension to the municipal theatre From the previous consideraes, this sub-section consists mainly of an indicative picture of the state and municipal administrations who adopt the solidary economy as public politics. Ademais, under a concise story, we present the federal dimension saw Secretariat National of Economia Solidria (SENAES).