Life Partner

There are couples in which lies a great addiction to drama, conflicts, problems and also to not solve their basic problems. They spend his days and his nights and his years without resolve. The most interesting thing is to be engaged in his life full of conflicts and problematic. Neither good nor bad, so are. But if you you want to have a life of quality in all aspects, and above all, in your emotional life, you have to take into account several factors:-your relationship makes you grow up, or conversely, feel with low self-esteem, perhaps now is the time in which thoughts you want from your life partner. -If your relationship does not help you to resolve conflicts, and conversely, you created more that they have, then you need to rethink your life as a couple. -If you’re obsessively thinking that your partner will change so that you’re well, then, are suffering from a severe Codependence. -Maybe, you consider that if your partner were more considered your you’d be better, then, perhaps, need help Professional. Nobody can offer you what you do not you are able to give yourself, and therefore, I invite you to visit our blog you will understand why they act this way, but above all it is a space of reflection, by the way if you are interested to publish your story, write to us, or better enters our site: thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. Original author and source of the article