Life Partner

You do not envidiaras the life of anyone, because you can build yours. Envy, longing, be attentive to what others do, do not do or cannot be achieved, is to focus our lives on the experience of others. Some couples, sabotage the triumph of her lovers. Others die of envy for what your partner has achieved. Enjoy the triumph and success of both members of the couple, is a condition of living the equality and equity partner. Some people with marked narcissistic traits, are not willing to take into account neither the small nor the great achievements of their partners. There are other couples who are indifferent or distant from what your partner you are interested in, what lives or dreams. They are cold, distant and full of a total indifference relations.

At other times, couples, do not share their triumphs, their promotions because they consider that your partner is going to ask for more and they are not willing to give them, for example, one penny more, then reserve, how much earn and what you spend. Some couples share with MOM, with the Pope, with the aunt, sister and partner is the last to know the situation of his great love. Or he learns by others of what your partner brings between hands. Other couples are unaware, they know it, they are certain that wife or husband will have a prize, but do not attend or because they do not invite them or because they decide not to attend. On what basis we are building then our so precious relationship. When we can not focus on our development, we spend life pining for what they would like to be, do or have, but not actions we undertake to do so. We just sigh, only we yearn for, we just want to, we only envidamos, only we feel miserable and full of resentment, but we charge to our partner, that nothing may need to do with it. The couple is a project, is a feeling and is a decision.

Live in couple is a style of life that we need to know in order to generate a love of truth. If you think that the relationship is given by itself, probably need to rethink your ways of love and relate. Worth reflecting at this point of the couple in our newsletter you can download complete, the book: the ten commandments of the life partner. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.