Golf As Exercise

Warming rays of the sun fall from the azure sky of eternal green of the golf course. This panorama is offered every golfer in the land of the Pharaohs, Egypt. Not only with ideal weather that you will find all seasons here are privileged to Egypt a dream destination for golf lovers, a picturesque environment and a diverse range of which is still affordable, make this paradise. A golf holiday in Egypt offers the tourists but even more. A seemingly never-ending selection of golf courses you can find all kinds here, from Cairo to the Red Sea.

But in Cairo offers seven golf courses of which five are championship courses that can open to any professional challenge. Here you will find strategically placed bunkers, as well as water hazards and desert rough, which additionally adds to the variety of golf. So that these places are suitable for all levels from beginners to tournament players. Thus Egypt is not only as a vacation paradise for vacationers an exciting world, but also for the golfer, Egypt is a dream destination that has to be experienced. Whether the golf capital Cairo, the brilliance is not only limited by your luxury equipment in golf, but also takes visitors to a distant, mysterious world around pyramids and pharaohs. Or, Luxor, Egypt is the cultural center where you will find a golf course that is developed from the middle of the desert. Egypt is a must for any golf lover! Use the most diverse offering that you will be given in one of the Golfresevoirs.

From an individual support of German-speaking, golfkundigem staff, to tournaments where you can compete with other Golfbgeisterten. In addition to these generous offer, you can relax with a soothing massage or a detoxifying sauna from the strenuous workout. So you can be one of the adventure and stay at either a dream lagoon or near the sea. Enjoy the first tee on the doorstep and the ubiquitous Incomparable atmosphere of Egypt. A golfing holiday very special is waiting for you!