Current Leaders Mexicans

If we use the sources of information that we currently have and are looking for the definition of a leader or leadership will find a number of definitions, these definitions explain which seems to me seemed more clear or better, I repeat, to my taste: person who has unusual vision and a security, the capacity to achieve that people follow it; the knowledge to act with determination and some other qualities that are recognized normally different from the rest of the population, if this same way we search for Mexican leaders of today will find a huge list of names covering different areas, such as the following: Carlos Slim (business), Hugo Sanchez (sports), Enrique Pena Nieto (politics), Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (policy)Octavio Paz (literature), among others. If we stop a moment to analyze each one of the names listed in the preceding paragraph, most complies with the definition of exposed leader somewhere in there, all have highlighted in each of its fields of action, so that they have earned the title of leader, but without a doubt, when we hear the word leading the first thing that comes to mind is someone that is followed by a large crowd of people. This last condition is true in the majority of platicados cases, these leaders are followed by a large number of people, but I think that a leader must find that every one of the people that follow them exploit to the maximum each of their qualities or strengths, i.e. should seek their collaborators or supporters to be converted in leaders of each of the roles that have within society, if we perform an analysis of the compliance of this last premise by our current leaders, we will see that the list is slimming. I think that this makes a difference to that great leaders of humanity have achieved transcend to throughout the generations. Despite all the conditions that might prevail in our training as human beings, we can get all the title of leader, but we must be aware that this appointment carries a great commitment with the people who will be in our sphere of influence, something that we should highlight of the leaders that set out in this article, is that each of them have sought to remain within the top of each of their area, seeking to prepare every dayinnovating and/or making efficient use of the resources available. But the important thing is that we should seek that positive influence in each one of our partners, this is what succeeded the great difference in our achievements.