Western Union

One of the sociological changes has been the phenomenon of migration, is that during the last decades the number of migrant women of any marital status, has risen precipitously, either by himself alone or accompanied by other women or not family migrants. The procedure to cross to the other side is terribly dangerous. In deserts, drowned in the rio Grande, assaulted and murdered migrants die of thirst or hunger. Risks are vast, it is so dangerous to be found when no one wants, as not being when it is needed. They are in average Mexican 500 deaths a year (Schwebel, 2008). Yet attempts do not stop. While the Government and the media disapprove migration, our country’s economy is widely benefit by remittances, capital that our countrymen send from United States to their families in Mexico. Eduardo Gonzalez in his book with everything and trinkets us He pointed out that these remittances make up 2.5 percent of gross domestic product in Mexico.

They are approximately 17 million adults who receive remittances and of them 40 percent live only of them. In the 2006 remittances were used by 57 percent to first necessity expenses which helps the mobilization of the Mexican economy. In that year came 23,054 billion dollars in remittances. During the first quarter of 2007 remittances fell at an annual rate of 3.4 percent, was a decade which were not recorded as low figures. This decline in remittances may be awarded to Bush policy anti-immigrant which exercised programs that made it difficult for undocumented workers crossing the border in sum to the slowdown that presented the industry of construction, area of high Mexican labor contract. While the remittances business seems quite profitable, much of the money earned by migrants is lost in the shipping process. In a study could see 20 percent of remittances earned him the companies in the business of sending money, such as Western Union.